99% play 1% in the Income Disparity Cup Football Championship! (Note: Time Correction!)

Meet at the Art Gallery on Sunday at 2:30 pm to head on down for some sporting, awareness raising fun! We will march, sing, cheer lead and drum our way to BC Place. Referee (and tireless Occupy Medic) Mathew will outline the (obviously fair and balanced, just like Fox news!) rules for 1% vs 99% football – while keeping us all healthy and safe, of course! Good times to be had by all, and for way less than the cost of a seat under that half-billion dollar leaky pineapple roof (free, even). A family-friendly event; costumes, music, and merriment encouraged! Kickoff to coincide with the game inside @ 2:30 pm.

Mathew Kagis: A medic of unshakeable integrity (who can be bribed with Bourbon) shall set fair rules for the game. The playing field will be leveled and the opportunity to win will trickle down to the 99%, just like Milton Friedman intended.

Bring: Drums, costumes, noise makers… We could really use some cheerleaders (especially for the downtrodden 99%).
See you there!!!!!!!


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