Grey Cup: Results of the 99% vs 1% Game!

Go 99%

Occupy Vancouver continues to live- despite Mayor Plasticman’s efforts to quell our speech! Today we held the Grey Cup game of the 99% vs the 1%! Mathew was the referee and he did his job well- but, unfortunately, most of the 99% were lost thinking of the glory of the leaky-roofed Colosseum and they missed their own game!

We love you corporate mascot!

A corporate mascot showed-up to cheer us on- the 99% team couldn’t resist the opportunity to use his presence to promote the upcoming march for “Social Housing Not Condos”. The back of his head turned-out to be the perfect place to post a flyer!

And, our favorite reporter from the CBC, Lisa Johnson showed up to film the action! But, 10-1 they won’t air the footage- discussing politics and social inequality has always been discouraged at the Colosseum!

But, OV don’t need no stinkin’ MSM! We brought our own Livestream with us for a global broadcast of the game. And, the results! Well, the 1% won, silly! They always do, the game is stacked-up against the 99%…

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  1. Yeah, but if you’d Ustreamed it instead, you could have embedded the video into your blog. With Livestream, those chunks are gone into the ether.

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