Occupy Bearspray: Or, why do people think bad things about the VPD?

Occupying in Calgary Is Truly Courageous- fighting cold & nutcases!

I just ran across a story about an incident at Occupy Calgary where some idiot (probably one of Alberta’s many neocon redneck’s) sprayed pepper/bear spray into their Information/Library tent!

Occupy Vancouver had some threats back in October- some highly disturbed individual was trying to round-up a posse to ‘de-occupy’ OV. One of the occupiers met and labelled the guy “most likely to be a lone gunman”. But, with the invention if the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog.

When the threat was brought to my attention, I contacted Sargent Argent and he arranged for an investigation and for extra VPD on-site the night he was threatening to attack us.

A small number of people at Occupy Vancouver have anger with the VPD for our eviction. This seems rather misguided to me because the real culprit is Judge Anne MacKenzie who passed the injunction to have OV removed. The most that the VPD did to us was to politely ask that we leave after she made the ruling. And, of course, they arrested a couple of people who decided to resist the order a week later. (that said, I believe they gave them the option to walk away first…)

So, in reality, I’d estimate that about 99% of VPD (wo)man hours at OV were spent protecting us from the outside world! They helped keep dangerous people out, and did little things like make sure we weren’t hit by traffic while people decided to march and block traffic. Hardly oppressors…

But, still Chief Chu, you haven’t answered any of my questions I mailed, emailed and tweeted to you- not even a quick note to say you’d rather not answer. What’s up with that? Do you not think that this sort of attitude is why some of the 99% are so fixated on 1% of your activities at OV?

Time to engage with us- rebuild trust with the people. You owe it to us, and you owe it to your officers- because they don’t deserve that 99% of their efforts are overshadowed because of your petty politicking…

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