A Bizarre Experience With British Columbia’s Version of the EFF!

Hundreds of harassing messages were sent directly to me today. Each attack was ad-hominim- logical falicy. “Greg should be removed from OV because he is racist and hates mimes!” But, not yet one concrete example- and a repetitive cycle of repeats. It was like watching Superchannel!

Despite having blessings from Roseanne Barr, Occupy Police & Occupy Canada- Harsha Walia’s associates felt it was unfair for me to ask that she confirms a single sentence. And, the punishment was relentless- constant accusations all day that I am assisting the police to be violent, and that my Clinton joke should take precedence people are violating the Occupy Movement’s social contract.(btw-the joke was a #SacredProvocation, and it proved it’s point.)

To condense: Writing the  phrase:”I did not have sex with that woman, @ChristyClarkBC” is considered to be a worse crime towards the Occupy Movement than the scene below:

There are people who have been so programmed to give preference to political correctness- they forgot the souls of our predecessors who had to die fighting for non-violence. To them martyrdom is trumped by gender politics. How could this be?

One of the reasons I called on the help of @MotherTheresaBC was because there is a growing number of people who are being attacked by a person he has authority over. I ran across a conversation a few days ago that was rather disturbing:

I’ve been aware of this problem, but haven’t had documentation since someone summarily wiped-out 7 weeks of our Facebook history in a #BlackBloc version of the Reichstag fire. So, shared my experience:

Then Kathy Heart shared this experience:

Sarah Buehler works with OpenMedia.ca- our province’s version of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

We gave-in last time, and it got us where we are today. There is one fundamental difference now- influential and goodhearted people from other occupations are watching our back! There are more of us them- millions of people wish to protect our social contract. Why do others see this as reason to have a revolution against our souls?

If anyone can help lead us the right direction here I’d truly appreciate it. I have been told by a reliable source that Sarah was busy tonight building justifications to remove free thinkers. This is unthinkable- feels like Tim Leary pulled another prank with my mint strips…

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  1. David Beatty has posted a similar concern independently on the Facebook page. If you also feel your voice is being oppressed- speak out to us here!

    • James on December 14, 2011 at 03:50
    • Reply

    A pack of rabid dogs always ultimately turn on themselves. Stand back, let them implode, all they are doing is showing the world their true colours. Go about your work and the honour you carry vs the dishonour carrying on in other places with give the average watcher a clear view of which path to follow. At least that is how I try to live my life….

  2. Is this OV’s list? Nobody has answered my request for a list…
    -Council of Canadians
    – Megaphone
    – NUPGE
    – Rabble.ca
    – VMC!!!!!!!!
    – Observer!!!
    – W2!

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