A Bizarre Experience With British Columbia’s Version of the EFF!

Hundreds of harassing messages were sent directly to me today. Each attack was ad-hominim- logical falicy. “Greg should be removed from OV because he is racist and hates mimes!” But, not yet one concrete example- and a repetitive cycle of repeats. It was like watching Superchannel!

Despite having blessings from Roseanne Barr, Occupy Police & Occupy Canada- Harsha Walia’s associates felt it was unfair for me to ask that she confirms a single sentence. And, the punishment was relentless- constant accusations all day that I am assisting the police to be violent, and that my Clinton joke should take precedence people are violating the Occupy Movement’s social contract.(btw-the joke was a #SacredProvocation, and it proved it’s point.)

To condense: Writing the  phrase:”I did not have sex with that woman, @ChristyClarkBC” is considered to be a worse crime towards the Occupy Movement than the scene below:

There are people who have been so programmed to give preference to political correctness- they forgot the souls of our predecessors who had to die fighting for non-violence. To them martyrdom is trumped by gender politics. How could this be?

One of the reasons I called on the help of @MotherTheresaBC was because there is a growing number of people who are being attacked by a person he has authority over. I ran across a conversation a few days ago that was rather disturbing:

I’ve been aware of this problem, but haven’t had documentation since someone summarily wiped-out 7 weeks of our Facebook history in a #BlackBloc version of the Reichstag fire. So, shared my experience:

Then Kathy Heart shared this experience:

Sarah Buehler works with OpenMedia.ca- our province’s version of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

We gave-in last time, and it got us where we are today. There is one fundamental difference now- influential and goodhearted people from other occupations are watching our back! There are more of us them- millions of people wish to protect our social contract. Why do others see this as reason to have a revolution against our souls?

If anyone can help lead us the right direction here I’d truly appreciate it. I have been told by a reliable source that Sarah was busy tonight building justifications to remove free thinkers. This is unthinkable- feels like Tim Leary pulled another prank with my mint strips…

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