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More on Chris Waddell…

As suspected, Chris is up to something- and it doesn’t seem to be something positive. It is undeniable now- OV has been hijacked by people who are in it for their own agenda, not for the good of the 99%!Will share more information as it becomes available…

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A Letter to the CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health re: Attacks by Lauren Gill

Dear Dr. Ostrow,I am writing in reference to the behavior of one of your employees- Lauren Gill, who has misused her position as a mental health professional to attack me for political means…I met Lauren at Occupy Vancouver, and generally had good relations with her- I had even endorsed her campaign for city council in …

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Who Is This Guy, and Who Does He work for?

I’ve had my doubts about Chris for a while now- he has been involved in several incidents where people were summarily ‘banished’ from Occupy Vancouver. (Curiously, this list is now larger that those who still work with OV…)There is a curious coincidence between Chris’ name, and the name of a quite famous BC NDP member …

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Great Video on Occupy Vancouver

I have a lot of friends on this video- miss y’all. And, Captain Sweep speaks brilliantly about our cause. (Though they play his least great moment at the very end…) Related articles This picture of Occupy Vancouver is poetic… (www.genuinewitty.com) Occupy Vancouver Has Set the Mark (stevebeckow.com) Occupy Vancouver Protesters Assault Videographer (pixiq.com) Vancouver “Occupyers” …

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It’s Time to Be the Media, Not Just React to It

Seems to me that the BCFED is capitalizing on their investment like CUPE did…

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