Occupy Vancouver Is (Still) An Unsafe Place (Rather unsavory too!)

I think it is time to call-in the Crown Attorney


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    • James on February 2, 2012 at 11:12
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    The Crown Attorney? Why?

    1. There are laws about this sort of harassment and prejudice in a political organization- Canada’s are rather strict. Something needs to be done- too many people keep being deeply hurt. Don’t you think?

    • James on February 2, 2012 at 11:31
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    In your case, yes. But what, Dave got insulted? He is a big boy, and Lord knows he has thrown just as many “punches” as they have, if not more. And let’s keep in mind just what Occupy Vancouver is, if we are going to be completely honest. It is nothing. It is not a work place, or a place of business, it in not a “public place”,hell, it doesn’t even qualify as a social club. At best, despite what many would claim, Occupy really isn’t anything but a group of people getting together.
    So, if they decide to boot some one from their community, no matter in how stupid or puerile a manner, they can do that. If David thinks they are so stupid, it is not like he is forced to spend time with them.
    When Occupy Vancouver, which like I said doesn’t really exsist, per se, or more accurately, when an individual(s) who also associate with Occupy, start publicly spreading lies about you, which a case could be made for in your case, Greg, then yes legal action can and some say should be taken.
    But when a person goes to a group that he thinks is stupid, just to prove that he is right, they are still stupid, then rant about it? Sort of like watching The Bachelor, a show you hate, just so you can rant about how stupid it is around the water cooler the next day. Just change the channel.
    (I would also point out, as someone who was “fooled” by your “joke” involving MK and one of your prior posts, you may want to make sure that you are behaving better than those you criticise.)

    1. Thanks for your support- equally, thanks for ‘keeping me honest’ when I slipped with that posting you are referring to. I appreciate all constructive criticism…

      I’m not referring to David when I speculated it is time to call in the Crown Attorney- I was referring to the man who they printed out a flyer on saying he is dangerous. It sounds a whole like what happened to me, only even more vicious. And, if they continue to escalate their level of violence like this towards others, things could get really bad…

      And, yes, David can take care of himself- this is one of the things I appreciate about him. :-)

    • James on February 2, 2012 at 11:55
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    Yeah a couple things about that…
    That flyer, although incredibly ill-advised to say the least, was kept “in the community”. I would be curious to know what the legal ramifications of that would be. I am not saying charges shouldn’t be pursued, I am just saying I don’t know what the result would be. Also, I have read the correspondence between them, posted by the man in question. If it went to court and that correspondence was entered, he would probably lose. I know a couple of people who were on his side until he posted his correspondence on FB, including KH who is usually quite moderate, and ML. (I am only using initials, because, you probably know them Greg, but it is not my place to share their names.)

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