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Hate Mail From CUPE! (And my response…)

I got the most lovely letter today from Rob Chamberland, president of CUPE Local 2073. It sounds like he is angry and vindictive- could it be having to repeat “oh ye brothers and sisters” too often each day, or is there something more to the story? Here’s the letter, filled with all of the exaggeration and …

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David Eby: Politician, or Civil Libertarian? (And why he needs to resign..)

I was talking with a couple of people this morning who mentioned that someone had sent an email around Occupy Toronto that was trying to do some ‘damage control’ on my last blog entry. I’ve not seen the letter but I’ve been told that, as usual, Eby’s protectorate were trying to frame him as being …

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The Curious Case of Adam Smolcic, David Eby & the Occupy Movement.

I’ve been holding off on this story for a while- wasn’t sure where it would lead, and thought I’d give it some time to percolate more information became available. I’ve learned a few things since then- and, along with other stories I’ll publish over the next few days, it appears to have a some significance …

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United Steel Workers Made Me Feel Cheap Today…

Each time a union pulls-out a video camera at an Occupy event it leaves me feeling used. Not a good kind of used either- more the kind of used a prisoner would feel after dropping the soap in Coalinga State Hospital. We had a similar incident in Vancouver during CUPE‘s national convention. There was a …

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Now, This Is Interesting!

So I posted a link to the Media Co-Op page where they linked to me last night. I woke up today to find it was re-posted/shared by Bert Easterbrook. And, his comment nearly popped my eyes out- it seems we think alike! I think I’m beginning to like him… Then, I go to this blog’s …

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