It Is Always Deeply Disturbing When Glenn Beck Is Right! (but he is in this case)

But, it certainly isn’t too late to turn it around to what the people really want… (sorry Judy Rebick, we’re not in favour of a Marxist revolution.)

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  1. When you go as far off the beaten path as Beck does, it’s inevitable that one will sometimes be wrong, and perhaps even quite frequently.

    But it also helps Beck track down some truths that those who remain on the aforementioned beaten path will never find. I think it’s a big-risk/big-reward type of thing.

    1. Good analysis, makes a lot of sense. As someone who considers myself not at all on the right, it often amazes me when I see someone so far on the right hit the nail so perfectly.

      I’ll make a confession here. I’ve been watching videos from Fox News North lately (Sun)- a lot of the things they have said about Occupy are eerily correct!

      But, overall, it’s my belief that both the far left and the far right are both so stuck in their “isms” they regularly discredit themselves…

      1. I’m not making light of what these douchebags did to you, but it must have REALLY sucked to be banished by all those empty tents. ;)

        I joke, I joke.

        I kid, I kid.

        1. I enjoy a good joke from time-to-time. After all, I often watch PM Harper’s speeches! So, no harm & no foul! lol

          Please note that I was not banished- a small minority of occupiers decided to try and banish me, but they were not successful. I was at Occupy Toronto’s GA today, and we got a lot accomplished at our meeting!

          The majority of occupiers are good people. We are in the process of taking care of the few bad apples- soon they will be gone!

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