Socialist (Marxist) Agenda? Dave Vasey Strikes Again!

Dave from an article on his G20 Cop Baiting!

I came across this article today- Understanding and Learning from Occupy Toronto. It quotes Dave Vasey, and a couple of other people from Occupy Toronto giving very biased views on what’s happening at OT.

In particular, I find it somewhat disturbing how Dave makes the assumption that occupiers should agree with the “Anti-Oppression” agenda. Because, many people don’t…

All of us agree that oppression is bad- it would be very hard to find an occupier who wouldn’t. That said, many of us see the “Anti-O” agenda as one that is used as a tool by the far-left to repress people who disagree with them. Here’s an example of where it is being used against me by our friend Krazy Krystalline Kraus! (KKK for short)

People are telling me that Dave should be excommunicated from Occupy Toronto. I’ve had a hard time accepting that until this article- now I’m pretty confident it should happen. Read it, see the part where he suggests that the GA is evil for being concerned about Anti-O.

Then, ask him how many GA’s he’s been to lately- only one, the GA to get rid of yours truly! He seems to like the GA when it is convenient for him!

Then, ask Dave the last time he’s been around the Grange park. I think the answer would be never! Why is that Dave? Are you too ‘special’ to spend time with the homeless people in the Street Team? Guess that makes you a half-assed socialist, doesn’t it?

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about Dave’s strong political affiliations- very interesting stuff!

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