Rabble.ca Admits to The Error of Their Ways!

Even their tagline is arrogant...

If you read yesterday’s article about Rabble, you’ll know they seriously crossed the line in an article/podcast they published about me. It was from Alex Hundert’s Aw@l, so perhaps they just got screwed-over by them. And, perhaps they will learn their lesson this time- anarchists don’t play by the rules! lol

Here’s a copy of what was on their website yesterday:

(Click to Expand)

And, here’s what you get when you press that link after I wrote to them threatening to take action:

(Click to Expand)

Now you see it, and now you don’t! So, thanks Rabble for getting your act together. I appreciate that you removed this- that said, I have a copy of the audio file too- and will be sending it, along with these screenshots, to the Toronto police tomorrow. This will be used as evidence in the criminal defamation case I have filed.

This isn’t the first time I’ve asked Rabble to take-down content about me. They also published the slanderous letter that was prepared against me in Vancouver (you know, the one prepared with a list of names from No One Is Illegal- people who never met me.) I threatened legal action if they didn’t take it down- they did take it down, but also wrote telling me that my threatening legal action ‘proved how dangerous you are!”. This is your leftist website on crack…

Perhaps this link provides us with some evidence of why Rabble is so hateful towards me? Their link of sponsors includes a number of organizations I have criticized on this blog:

Can I make a suggestion Rabble? This isn’t the first time such a thing has happened, by far. So, perhaps you should make some changes to your editorial policy? Do it quickly, and let me know, and I may just let you off the hook for what you did to me…

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    • Sick of Narcissistic Liars on March 25, 2012 at 11:58
    • Reply

    That is not good enough. They need to issue a retraction and an apology. IMHO.

    1. Indeed, I will be asking them for just this…

  1. and maybe admit to the fact that they are corrupt communists begging for new world order underneath the united nations.

    1. Yep! Wonder why they have been attacking me then? lol

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