Officer Roadkill: “Do us all a favour and run them over!”

Today was a challenging day- both for Occupiers, and for the police. Fortunately, the majority of police acted in an entirely professional manner. And, yes, that was expected- after yesterday’s brutal violence, it was doubtful many cops would want to escalate further.

Should we name him Officer Roadkill?

That said, there was one police officer who was totally unprofessional today, Officer R. Outlett #95544 truly crossed the line- on two counts! Perhaps he was unhappy being given the ‘grunt work’ directing traffic- or, perhaps he had a bad experience in his personal life. Regardless, there was no excuse for his behaviour.

A couple Occupiers observed a disturbing interaction he had this afternoon. When asked “where should I go now?” by a motorist, he responded saying “Do us all a favour and run them over!”

I went up to take his picture when I noticed he had pulled-off his name tag from his uniform! So, not only does this guy try and incite violence with the general public- but the coward tried to hide his identity after doing it! Here’s the video of my calling him out on his cowardly behavior: (sorry for the sideways video)

Can I suggest that assholes like Officer Roadkill and Officer Bubbles have a lot of responsibility for the growing gap between the police and the general public? If they can’t handle acting like professionals, they should be thrown off of the force…

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    • bonnibrai on April 1, 2012 at 10:09
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    Really stretching things here.Can you please tell me what the difference in the comments would be had the police had a cavalry charge down College street? Fact is the police were extremely polite throughout the night and were much more civil than the squatters were.The squatters were getting up in the officers face,,something they would never do on a one to one basis with even a civilian.Also it would be a little more honest if you would have continued shooting on your clip instead of cutting it off when the officer was tackled at Osgoode hall.

  1. I agree with you- the police were, mostly, very professional and well behaved yesterday. And, a small number of the demonstrators were not (though the majority of us were.)

    However, this does not give any excuse for the behaviour of this one particular cop. He did not act like a professional in this case. And, if we can stop them at this point, rather than after they have beaten someone to a bloody pulp, perhaps we can avoid the latter?

    • bonnibrai on April 1, 2012 at 10:22
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    Total rubbish .What difference would it have made had the Police led a cavalry charge dawn College St? Fact is the police were much more civil than the squatters who were getting up on their faces,Something they would never do to a civilian .I guess having the police hamstrung brings out the best in them.Up until the Osgoode incident I enjoyed your blog and for the most part believed what you were saying was true but after you posting a heavily edited video and cutting it off when the officer was tackled I see that you are just manufacturing outrage.

  2. The police tend to be civil- yes. But, in the case of the beating this week they were far from that. The videos I posted were entirely unedited- raw, and posted only minutes after they came into my possession.

    Nothing has changed in my position with the police. I believe we must do our best to de-escalate with them, as they must do their best to de-escalate with the people. The last thing I want to do is to ‘manufacture’ outrage. That said, then outrage is due, I am not going to try and subdue it.

    I’m sorry we seem to have a misunderstanding here. Keep reading, and you will see that I am true to my word…

    • bonnibrai on April 1, 2012 at 10:30
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    I hope so Peace man.

    1. Peace to you too- and to everyone…

    • James on April 2, 2012 at 21:33
    • Reply

    The videos were unedited. The video that is 2:53 not only stops when the second officer it taken down in the background, if you look at the video at the 2:50 mark, you can see there is time missing because you can see it jump.

      • James on April 2, 2012 at 21:34
      • Reply

      Sorry that should read the videos were edited.

      1. None of the three videos are edited. They came directly from two phones into my possession. The only change that could have been made was YouTube’s service to fix a problem with shakiness of the video. Perhaps this is what happened? Which of the videos do you see the gap in? I can repost it without having YouTube anti-shake if you would like me to prove it.

          • James on April 2, 2012 at 21:50
          • Reply

          I have described to you which video and the part where it “skips”. And if those are your videos, I hope you have sent copies of them to the SUI, or at least linked them to that page. You have it listed as “Occupy Toronto Police Violence 1”.

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