April Fools! Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia Announce “We Love The Police Day!”

Alex Hundert makes a public apology to the police!

After witnessing the violence Toronto police officers imposed on Occupiers this week, and the reactions at yesterday’s occupation in front of the 52 Division police station- Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia have made a joint announcement that it is time for the people to find ways to make peace with the police.

“The cops have a difficult job” claimed Hundert, as he was seen early this morning at a Tim Hortons ordering a large stack of gift cards. “Today I will be walking across the city and apologizing for my aggressiveness to our city’s men & women in blue” he said, “every cop I see today will get a giant hug and a $10 gift card. I will be instructing my Black Bloc to declare peace with the cops from this point forward”

Harsha Preparing for a Pro-Police party at a Blenz shop on W.Georgia St.

Harsha Walia is enacting a similar campaign in Vancouver today- only with more West Coast flair. “It’s not about hugging cops, but it is about hugging cops” declared Walia. “Today I will be working to re-organize the Anti-Poverty Committee- only with a new name: The Pro VPD Committee.” Walia claims that, in additions to group hugs, members of the committee will be handing-out gift cards for Blenz Coffee outlets. “Alex, and people back east, think that Timmy’s is the shit. Here in Vancouver we believe our cops deserve better coffee than that!” she stated.

It appears we are entering a new era in Canadian activist communities across the country. Tonight members of the Black Bloc will hold special “Balaclava Bonfires” across the country. In a joint statement prepared by Walia & Hundert they pleaded “Our greatest hope is to see members of the Black Bloc engaging in romantic relationships with members of their respective police forces. If our plan for peace works out, one year from now we hope to see many ‘black & blue’ babies born across the country!”

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  1. Ok am I following this one straight….. somehow there is a massive budget for coffee cards and a complete change of face. Funny how money and opinions can change things. Sorry a leopard without its’ spots still is a cat that can kill you. If they really want to change than get them to join WHITEBLOC –

    The Original WHITE BLOC. WEAR WHITE and take back peaceful protest. Stand up to the violence hindering change!

    1. Hi Chris. Have a look at your calendar and get back to me. ;-)

    2. i find it extremely difficult to believe someone who behaves in the manner as does Alex can “change” overnight. its a nice thought, but hes got alot of issues and needs years of counciling before i could beieve he would be capable of possibly being “reformed”. were to he join whitebloc hed be a wolf in sheeps clothing…

  2. what a waste of money cops get paid a good wage for what they do. This is like a thank you for the oppression gift.

  3. I’m in shock that thatguy has funding to pay for coffee after this. somethings stinking i smell it all the way down here….

    1. Do you know what the date is today? ;-)

  4. oh yes, YOUGOT MEHA?HA?HAHAHAHA!!! Good one :)

    1. Yes, I know I waited until after noon to announce it was a joke. But, didn’t want to spoil it for my West Coast readers!

  5. it would be funny if word gets out and cops are walking up to occupiers hugging them for their coffee coupon…lmao…”wheres my timmehs, bro?” choas ensues….

    1. Police violence fighting for doughnuts! Lol

    2. i mean alex not occupiers in general, hes dont post this but hes gonna have a hell of a day lol, thats hilarious

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