Kevin Annett Publishes A Response About The Fake Mass Grave Allegations!

One of the bones

I’ll write a personal response later today- but, thought I wouldn’t delay sharing Kevin’s response with all of you now…

A Brief Response to the latest Facebook Fabrication, on the Mohawk school dig

By Kevin D. Annett

April 12, 2012

Kevin Annett (r), and Mush Hole survivor Geronimo Henry, October 2011

This past week, somebody calling himself “Greg”, whom I’ve never met, has never been to the Mohawk residential school (“Mush Hole”) inquiry and dig in Brantford, and who apparently has been asked to leave the Toronto Occupy group, posted a nasty bit of mudslinging about me on Facebook, claiming without any proof, naturally, that I have been “changing my story” about the bones that were unearthed last November at the Mush Hole. He also says that I’m a “psychopath”.

It’s odd, but I never remember undergoing any kind of professional psychiatric evaluation, with “Greg” or anyone else … assuming, of course, that my new and shadowy adversary is even qualified to make such a genuine judgement about someone like me, who he’s never met. But we’ll let that one lie.

As to the main body of his claim, Greg has employed the standard tactic of all misinformers, by planting suspicion about normal events and changing circumstances. So let me repeat, once more, what has happened at the Mush Hole and the state of the inquiry:

1. The bones that were unearthed during November, 2011 have been analyzed by four separate archaeologists, in Canada and the USA. Two of these experts think the bones are “definitely human”, and the other two claim they’re animal bones. I’ll leave aside for now why somebody appears to be lying. And since the six bones that were analyzed are only the first of many samples that are being unearthed, at the Mush Hole and now at two other former Indian residential schools, focusing on them and the conflicting claims about them is hardly the issue.

2. I have not, as “Greg” claims, altered my account of these bones. That claim is part of a wider sabotage and discrediting campaign against me and our work that began as soon as we unearthed the first bones: a campaign that was led by a government-funded native woman named Jan Longboat and those she’s recruited in Brantford. The kind of smears employed by Jan, and now “Greg”, have been circulated among our sponsoring elders for several months, creating much confusion and infighting, which is of course their purpose. But, despite this concocted mess, a group of ten Mohawk elders and others have recently re-affirmed their support and authorization for me and our work at the Mush Hole in a new written statement I received several weeks ago.

3. What “Greg” conveniently leaves out is any mention of the other artifacts found in association with the bones in question, which include bits of clothing and buttons positively identified by survivors as coming from uniforms worn by girls at the Mush Hole during the 1950’s. These buttons were tangled in the roots of a tree, confirming the claims of eyewitnesses like Geronimo Henry that “Whenever they buried a kid who’d died, they planted a tree on them. “ So we are obviously on the right track.

These facts have been posted on our website and all over facebook for months.

Our work at the Mush Hole is proceeding. It is historic, and deserves the support of anyone concerned about the truth of genocide by Christian Canada, and the need to bring home the murdered residential school children. I ask all of you to not give credence to “Greg” and those like him, whose purpose is obviously to disrupt and undermine our efforts.

Kevin Annett

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    This is pretty damning stuff. After watching that video I think it is totally appropriate to declare Kevin Annet a psychopath as no normal person would brazenly hold the bones of an infant and try to shock people like that. That is blatantly wrong, practically evil. It would be one thing if this was a low point and temporarily acting insane but it seems like Kevin Annet has been this offensive for quite some time.

    I’ve read books about the history of some of the atrocities carried out against First Nations. No doubt there were many many many mass graves for hundreds of years.

    Yet, I agree with the Church’s statement that ultimately this investigation into the mass graves claimed to be at residential schools is still making things worse and not in the interest of the healing process.

    The truth is that now as we debate the mass graves of a few decades ago (there is no debate of those older ones over the centuries) people are dying in massacres today. Drug lords lead some of the most lethal armies controling large amounts of North America. Our government may not directly be killing people like it used to but covertly is benefiting from these drug cartel deaths. The US Government on the other hand is directly involved: the CIA is smuggling the drugs in and the DOD with Fast and Furious was literally arming them. We need to do something to stop the violence now and I’ve given just one example of our governments involvement in violence today.

    We need a strong message today wherein we can learn from the atrocities and horrors of the past to prevent more from occuring.

  2. Kevin Annett is not a hero. He is a leech along with his cult followers. Marcia Lane should shut her mouth. Everyone is talking for us. I didn’t ask Kevin Annett to talk on my behalf. I didn’t ask him to use my suffering. What is Marica getting out of this? She posts on blogtalk advocating for Kevin who is a liar and who abuses us further. Kevin is a psychopath and anyone supporting him needs help. Marica and those other Indian followers are helping Kevin betray us. Kevin acts like he made the discovery of the suffering. Marcia posted that Kevin tells the truth, Kevin’s truth is lying and using Indian suffering. Kevin posts and makes it seem like he is the only person that knew about the suffering. He is not that intelligent. He is making money off of our pain.

    1. You hit the nail on the head in your last sentence- Kevin is making money off of other people’s pain. He is a con artist who needs to be stopped…

        • carollois65 on April 27, 2012 at 12:47
        • Reply

        He isn’t making any money at all. He works nonstop, unpaid. He travels on the supercheap with what he can scrape together thru sporadic little donations and honorariums, couch surfs, gives free lectures, has the film and book (full of evidence) online for free download by anyone, anywhere.
        You are painting a very wrong picture of someone you’ve never met.

        1. I’ve met him, and I watched him try to convince the First Nations community to invade churches and do something that would have turned-out very negatively for them…

    • Pte Hinsila Ska on April 21, 2012 at 10:38
    • Reply

    My husband, Royce White Calf – full blood Oglala Lakota – has asked that I speak for him with regard to this matter. It will be to the grave dismay to Mr. Annett that he lives at home with me, his wife of 20 years, and our two sons. Mr. Annett has in desperation among 18 years of other accumulated lies, for which factual proof rests with our attorneys, attempted to misinform deliberately the international community that my husband and I are ‘estranged’. Royce is a humble but beloved leader to his People and speaks for his Elders in international capacity. He wishes me to state on his People’s behalf that proof of Mr. Annett’s grand international fraud has been exposed to Native Elders and spiritual leaders in North America. They have chosen to remain non-confrontational so as to deny him attention (that he so craves). All agree his crimes are eggregious, and his behavior is clearly pathological. It is an accepted social moray to assess pathology without the assistance of psychiatry – though all agree psychiatry would be a wise avenue for Mr. Annett. My husband has asked me to speak up here to invite any that desire information and factual proof of Mr. Annett’s fraud and documented slander, lies, theft and crimes to Native Peoples in North America and Canada to contact us via this site. Royce has chosen to speak up now due to the nature of the crimes regarding lies perpetrated about mass graves – and at his Elders behest. I have always served my husband in this capacity as assistant. It may be noted here that I have already- among countless other good people- been labeled by Mr. Annett as a “BLACK OPS”, whatever that means. Finally, my husband and I were chosen as honorable jurors for the IHRAAM Tribunal of 1998, where we met Mr. Annett. Our participation during the Tribunal has been gravely lied about in his most recent ‘book’, DISROBING THE EMPEROR. Careful planning and strategy to protect ourselves and all other Native Peoples from this terrifying predator ( I am Caucasian) has led us to proceed with grave caution. Thank you.

    • Alison on July 24, 2012 at 12:42
    • Reply

    I’m from the UK and recently watched Kevin Annett’s documentary “Unrepentant”. I had been under the impression that Canada was the Scandinavia of the American continent, i.e. a land of supreme democracy and common sense, but the subject-matter of the film clearly painted a different picture. It was shocking to hear that there had been a campaign of deliberate extermination, a claim which appeared to be backed up by oral and written evidence presented in the film. However, it was clear that the film only presented one side of the story.

    Annett seems to have produced quite a lot of information on film and in writing, thus incriminating himself if it is untrue. If he is a liar and fraudster, as claimed here, it seems strange that the criticism seems to be confined to online discussion and that in 20 years no-one has sued him in court for libel or for misrepresenting the facts. Or have they?

    Another thing that seems strange: if native Canadians are still suffering discrimination and trying to redress human rights abuses in a country where whites still have the upper hand, aren’t they doing themselves a disservice by objecting to someone championing their cause (assuming he is not a fraudster) just because he is white and did not suffer abuse himself? If they don’t want whites supporting them, or supporting them volubly, their cause is surely going to be even more difficult.

    1. You make a really good point that natives would be working against their own interests by rejecting Annett (if he were real). They obviously think he isn’t. And he’s not.

      Canada is not quite a Scandinavia, but we are awful close in many ways. But, we do have our problems. And, in many ways, native people are not treated well.

      That said, as I’ll expose in an article tonight, we have a comprehensive plan to compensate residential school survivors – the average victim has received over $100,000.

      It’s shameful how Annett sanders our country’s good name. People are awakening, and I expect we’ll see cases filed against him soon….

    • henny on September 29, 2012 at 16:53
    • Reply

    Kevin. Get a job. First rid yourself of anger at united church? You are only for yourself. Mohawk woman.

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