Chris Hedges And Occupy Debate “Black Bloc” Violence

All I’ve been asking for is the same as Chris mentions in this video: Transparency, Honesty, and a Rigid adherence to nonviolence. People who are suggesting we support Black Bloc and Diversity of Tactics are clearly working for the 1%. Occupiers! When will you finally understand this!

Please, realize this now- we need to move on and start making a difference!

Journalist and author Chris Hedges with a blur...


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    1. Hi Alex Hundert!

      First, no matter how many times you post on my blog, I still won’t date you. You will have to wait until you are in prison until you find a boyfriend…

      Second, I’d take this article seriously- but, there is one problem. The site WagingNonviolence is funded through the TIDES Foundation. So, sorry, thinking they are a little biased…

  1. you often don’t post my comments though… is that cause they reveal how absurdly out of touch w reality you are, and confirm that you are a liar and a scumbag? yeah, maybe that’s why.

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