Follow-Up to My Posting on Black Bloc Terrorism…

It has been a few days since I posted my question about the Black Bloc– and, as expected, it seemed to have upset a person or two. It’s not that I have intended to offend them, I’d much rather write positive stories like the story in the Observer, or the Occupy Harper and Occupy Skytrain stories. I hardly find writing about the Black Bloc to be rewarding.

Though, I must admit, there is some personal motivation for this. I’m in Cortes Island now, came here to physically & spiritually regroup this winter. I arrived here to find that Black Bloc sympathizers had sent emails to some people on Cortes ‘warning’ them that I am ‘dangerous’. I’d been quiet for a couple of weeks, was hoping things would settle and get quiet. Now, it is clear that I have no choice to take this fight to the end…

The prize I seek is not the disappointment of fellow revolutionaries. Personally, I have only one goal- to get this re/evolution finished with as quickly as possible and get back to living a normal life. You see, I’m in this global movement to the end- but, like any reasonable person, it is important we minimize incidents where we are forced to stride backwards.

If you have doubts about this strategy, ask your partner, parents, kids, friends. I have no doubt the majority of them will want you back home sooner than later. While you’re at it, ask them if they’d sacrifice time with you in the interest of not offending Black Bloc supporters…

One of the most passionate arguments I’ve heard against my posting is that it is ‘dangerous’ for me to compare Black Bloc tactics to terrorism because it may enable the government to repress ‘us’. There are a number of responses I’d like to pose:

1.) If you read the article, you’d understand that it was not me who assigned this label- it was the Chief of the Toronto Police Department.

2.) Is it not a more pressing issue to ask Black Bloc practitioners to stop taking actions that put us at risk of being perceived as terrorists?

3.) How many of you who object to my discussing this issue have issued objections to Food Not Bombs, or the Anti-Poverty Committee, or others involved in Occupy Vancouver who engaged in Black Bloc tactics?

4.) Did you know that one of the principles of many Black Bloc philosophy is that they have no responsibility to keep to their promises, or comply to the requests of others? If you are familiar with the Heart Attack incident at the Olympics, you will understand what happens to movements that take-up partnership with the Black Bloc.

5.) Do you not find it odd that the current Occupy Vancouver ‘leadership’ have taken numerous actions to get me to stop talking about the Black Bloc, yet haven’t appeared to take a single action to at least ask them to stop attaching themselves to our movement? To my knowledge, all of them are members of OV- so, it is not unreasonable…

I’ve been reading a book that, from a spiritual perspective, discusses how one should approach encounters with the darker side of humanity- and, whether we should we do something when we see it:

“If I had tried to prematurely cultivate compassion…it would have been a ‘spiritual by-pass’, a strategy to evade responsibly dealing with the evil that was right in front of me. This prefabricated compassion, what Buddhism calls ‘idiot compassion,’ would not have had the all-embracing quality of genuine compassion, but rather,it would have had an underlying, fear-based agenda.”

And this is precisely what we have right now- a fear based agenda! The public are scared of us, and most Occupiers appear to be scared to speak out- some for reasons of ‘solidarity’ or Political Correctness, and others because of the backlash they know they will receive. (And, believe me, it is wickedly harsh…)

So, considering how the Black Bloc killed the Olympic movement and, watching the negativity they have brought to Occupy Vancouver- how could it not be imperative that Occupy Vancouver takes action to solve this problem? The situation has become so absurd that the vast majority of the 5,000+ people who showed-up on October15th have detached from the movement.

It is an easy proposition to get rid of the Black Bloc- the process is the same for taking control of our government. All we have to do is to collectively send them a message that we will not longer tolerate their antics. Basically, a collective, resounding, ‘NO!’ And, if they refuse to accept this, just surround them and/or pull off their masks.

Black Bloc demonstrators at J20

Any questions?

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