Occupy Toronto, International Socialists, The NDP & Robocall Rallies!

Hey, wait a minute! Doesn't this image look familiar?

I’ve been doing some research on the International Socialists lately, as it seems they have quite a strong impact on the Occupy Movement. I’ve known this for a while, but they escalated in importance to my investigation the moment I learned that Kevin Annett was a member of the IS. It seems this may be a missing link…

Curiously, a high-profile leader of the IS is also deeply involved with Occupy Toronto. Carolyn Egan (Hungarian Name, like Soros!) of the Steelworker’s Union is one of their leaders. Their connection is so deep that the IS published a book about the Steelworkers! So, it seems this is an important connection to investigate.

Then, today, I ran across this information on the Occupy Toronto webpage where they listed important events for Occupiers to attend:

That’s curious, I wonder who runs the conference– this could get interesting!

So, it looks like the International Socialists, right? So I confirmed the domain name registration, and it is registered by a Mr Peter Hogarth (Hungarian name, friend of Soros maybe? lol) of the International Socialists!

The address the domain name is registered to is 427 Bloor Street West Suite #202. This is the exact same address for the Socialist Worker Magazine! But, that’s not the most interesting part of the address. Have a look at this screenshot satellite image of the building:

Holy sheep shit! I know that building very well! When Jon Allan setup the first Robocall Rally, guess where the meeting was held? Yep, you got it, in the very same building! Talk about a coincidence! Too much of a coincidence if you ask me..

If you do some searching on the address, you’ll find that it is a hotbed of Socialist & NDP activities. I’ll be doing lots more research on the IS, and the other happenings in this building- hope you will join me in the fun!

Oh yeah! I thought I saw that image before!

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