Continuing My Investigation of Occupy, Black Bloc & the International Socialists…

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The investigation into the relationship with the Occupy movement and the International Socialists (IS) continues- and, the deeper I look the more obvious are the connections. But, before I continue, I believe it is important to make something clear…

This is not a McCarthyist witch hunt- nor is this a ‘red scare’ tactic. Like many people, I joined Occupy to build a fresh start- new ideas & concepts that aren’t burdened by the ideologies of the past. Additionally, I strongly believe that Occupy needs to be an independent movement- not a client to established organizations.

Considering this, it is problematic to find organizations that are deeply entrenched in Occupy- particularly when some of their leaders take claims to leadership in our leaderless organization. And, even more particularly when they are organizations that believe violence is necessary to establish a revolution…

A friend, and fellow investigator sent me an interesting link this morning for another conference on Marxism lead by the IS. It was interesting to look into the speakers list, as there were a few familiar names there from Occupy Toronto. The more I look into the IS, the more I can see how deeply they have infiltrated the movement.

First, we come across Carolyn Egan once more- the President of the Steelworkers, and the host for this weekend’s Activist Training being attended by many people from Occupy Toronto this weekend. Not so much of a surprise, I’d expect her to be speaking at a Marxism conference…

Okay, this one is interesting, and it answers some questions about Occupy and the banner I posted in the first image: System Change Not Climate Change which is a meme from the Council of Canadians! Clayton was a speaker at Occupy Talks, and he is another one of Judy Rebick’s darlings. Clayton’s organization, The Indigenous Environmental Network is funded by the TIDES Foundation– led by one of the world’s most prominent Marxists, George Soros!

This last screenshot is really interesting. Octavian Cadabeschi is a member of Occupy Toronto, a bully, and a vehement supporter of Black Bloc violence. It’s a natural fit for a Black Block person to be talking bout Trotsky’s theory of revolution- I learned this from a quote someone sent to me on Twitter last week:

You see, people who are Trotskyists (meaning International Socialists) strongly believe that there can be no revolution without the use of force. This is the meaning behind the Black Bloc- they are the militant arm of the International Socialists. I’ll explain more on this connection in another article.

So, I’ll leave you with this for now, and a message to the good people inside Occupy Toronto. You have been infiltrated by people who do not have the same goals as most occupiers. The 5% are there to create a Socialist revolution based on dusty old ideas that were created a century ago- and they expect there is a need to use violence to accomplish it.

This is hardly what we came together to accomplish when we started Occupy- was it? Can I suggest that, prior to instigating a national revolution, we should first have one inside Occupy? It is time to ‘Fire the Liars’ and make some change inside our own organization. First be the change we want to see, then ask the world to follow…

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    • bonnibrai on April 21, 2012 at 17:39
    • Reply Thanks Greg I found this article this morning very interesting as well.

    1. Thanks, I’ll read that now!

    2. Wow, just read this, very interesting. 10-1 I’ll bet the content of the Activist Training at Occupy Toronto in the Steelworker’s hall this weekend will reflect the same content.

      Curiously, it is also the exact same content as the International Socialists… ;-)

    • Harold Smith on April 27, 2012 at 12:29
    • Reply

    Of course progressive people and organizations are involved in Occupy silly!!! It would be highly irresponsible of them to not be. There is a lot to be learned from Occupy,
    new ideas of internal democracy which could eventually change the political discourse in civil society and in our state,
    Non violence…but remember that non violence is a strategic or tactical matter and not a matter of political principle. We use non violence as long as it WORKS in our opposition to the 1%.
    Inclusion of different kinds of people…handicapped, people of non white colour and religious background, gay, old, young etc…the whole. 99% and not just the highly politicized vanguard
    Laying the groundwork for a new future that does not come down to two possibilities either fascist corporate run small state or worker run large socialist state.
    Occupies must decide whether or not to include the IS etc in their movement. The litmus test is whether these groups are there to grow Occupy or to grow their own organizations. If the organizations in questions are sincere they will incorporate the lessons of Occupy into their own organizations.
    I support the inclusion of these groups because they too are in the 99%. Who would you have us exclude next? The Catholics and Muslims? How about the Chinese or the lesbians or those who use crutches?
    Harold from Kelowna.

    1. Where did I ever use the word exclude? I just want to have people understand that they are trying to take power over our movement. They need to be neutralized. My next couple of stories will explain more…

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