Japanese TV Show Films Plant Life Mutations In Tokyo!


This story came from a website named Fukushima Diary– a useful source of information on the nuclear situation in Japan. Apparently this TV announcer has found ‘many’ fasciated dandelions around Tokyo- a very rare mutation where the stem becomes flattened and elongated…

Of course, this is just speculation. That said, according to Arnie Gundersen’s recent test of Tokyo soil samples, it seems quite likely. Sadness.

Example of a fasciated flower head, Wyethia he...

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  1. not that rare I’ve seen them before, they would have to actually get out there and run counts to make such observation quantified….. although there is this weird bit of edible clover my mother in law was growing in her garden and it sure did have lots of 4-7 leafed clovers, like literally, whole locks of them. Almost the whole fuckin plant. Not sure if that is normal.

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