Occupy Toronto! Did You Ever Wonder Why You Marched For The Robin Hood Tax?


Because OPSEU & Smokey (Warren Thomas, their leader) told you to! Didn’t you know you’d have to pay for those yurts they ‘gave’ you?

Like every time I research Occupy’s relationships with the unions, I feel cheap and used once more…

KY Jelly makes partnership with the unions much less painful for occupiers!

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  1. That’s really quite an offensive thing to say. Is there any evidence at all to support that allegation?

    Occupy is *inclusive*. That’s been among the core messages brought forward by the movement from it’s very birth. Everyone is allowed to participate. That includes the homeless, hippies, businessmen, cops, and those employed by unions.

    Occupy Toronto decided to support the Robin Hood Tax proposal, so they did. It was decided at GA, so it’s valid. That the union donated yurts doesn’t change that one bit.

    1. Everyone I’ve talked with about this march agreed it was “the march for which nobody knew why they were marching!”

      It is amazing what a bit of Delphi can get a group to do! LOL

      1. Alright, so assuming that what you’ve heard from the people you’ve talked to is in any way representative of how the rest of the participants felt, it shows the organizers weren’t well prepared for the rally. They failed to disseminated the proposal, and information about it, along with solid reasons for supporting the proposal.

        The dissemination of information is a problem many Occupy groups face, and it can be challenging with little or no funding, and little to no experienced volunteers. Not to mention that it’s something very important that people don’t like talking about; it’s boring. The same goes for process, structure, how to ensure accountability and transparency. Often in fledgeling grassroots organizations, these issues don’t receive adequate attention.

        But does this information necessarily indicate that the decision was a product of the Delphi technique? Not even close. The organizers didn’t do everything perfectly. You’re making a big deal out of nothing really.

  2. A) Can’t wait to watch them fill their ranks with more and more unions like this, paid activism IS NEVER GRASSROOTS.
    B) Ouch the ky jelly. May as well mix corn grits into your lube that shit is nasty, dries up in 2 seconds and does not really work unless you enjoy the thrill of fucking a hole for two seconds and having to share more bondage to a bottle of lube than any sexual partner.
    Trust me with the pounding these unions give “freedom” I would definitely suggest some vaseline or extra heavy anal grease.

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    I have a T-shirt which has the robin hood tax and other various info on it. Where it came from, who knows, oh wait, now I know. Do you think the other campers at the park had any idea? “Oh free Occupy T-shirts!”. Answer is, for the general populous, nope! Don’t be fooled people.

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  2. […] Occupy Toronto! Did You Ever Wonder Why You Marched For The Robin Hood Tax? (genuinewitty.wordpress.com) […]

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