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Krusty Krystalline Kraus (KKK) Has A Mask Fetish!

Not only is KKK a boldfaced liar– but she seems to spend a lot of time promoting people wearing masks and other Black Block stupidity. Of course, what you would you expect from a close friend of Judy Rebick’s? Oh, and notice the ‘like’ by Trey Winney- he was on yesterday’s video with Dave Vasey …

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Compare This Guy’s Work To…

…Dave Vasey’s traffic blocking exercise from yesterday…

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Updated Chart of Canadian Occupations!

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And Who Said CUPE Didn’t Have A Black Bloc?

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Get Your Waffle On At The House Of International Socialists!

This is quite possibly the most important story I’ve ever written… Here’s an interesting video from 1969- just before the NDP convention, with a group of politicos self-identified as The Waffle. Notice the participants include (associate of Judy Rebick) Ed Broadbent, and a union leader! One can sense here the ‘usual suspects’ behind the Canadian …

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