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OPSEU Backs The Use of Riot Gear On Autistic Children!

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) has backed Education Assistants using martial arts blocker shields to control their autistic students. Seriously folks, this is probably the most disturbing story I’ve heard all year!

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Smokey Will Feed You…

But the food comes with a condition- first you have to listen to his bullshit…

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Dave Vasey & Crowd Pissing Off the 99%!

Dave couldn’t have done a better job hurting the Occupy Name if he tried…

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Is York Professor David McNally (Former Head of the International Socialists) a Black Bloc Ringleader?

Remember I questioned how curious it was for the CBC to be using a professor from the ultra-radical York University as an expert on Black Bloc during the G20? Well, it seems my Spidey senses were right…

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Tear Off Their Masks!

If you see one of these inbred morons on May 1st- pull of their masks and take their pictures!

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