May 1st, Hour 1: Assaulted By Dave Vasey & Greg Cipryk! (With Special Guest- Judy Rebick!)

"Copsickles" gathered waiting at Bay & Kings St W.

So, here I am covering the events of Occupy Toronto’s May Day celebrations- live and on the spot! I started waiting at Bay & King Street where the ‘Human’ chess game was announced, but it turned-out to be a decoy.

I talked with a group of the ‘copsicles’ who made the trip down there worthwhile. It seems that they have a nickname for me! I’m known by the Toronto Police as “The Lawyer!” I can assume this is because of my work helping the re-occupation at Osgoode Hall.

The "Human Chess Game" In front of City Hall

So I hopped over to Nathan Philips Square (City Hall) and caught-up with the action there. It didn’t take 5 minutes of my presence before I was assaulted! Dave Vasey came up and started harassing me- he was with Judy Rebick, who you will see in this film.

Right after, he went away and grabbed Trey Winney & Greg Ciprik- two people who I know are very pro Black Bloc. The camera was switched-off. but after a couple of minutes Greg took a swipe at my camera and then Dave Vasey licked his finger and wiped it on my lens!

Dave Vasey and Lee Ann McKenna (Partera International) getting in my face and attacking me for being in a public space!

Being concerned about what could happen to me the rest of the day I decided the best course of action was to report the assault to the police. And, what do you know, the police officer who I negotiated with at Osgoode Hall was there, he sent a couple of officers into City Hall with me to file a formal report.

Then I came outside and Dave came after me again, this time careful not to touch me or my camera. I was talking to a reporter from The Sun and Dave went up to him and said that I was mentally ill- wow, what a moron Dave is! I now have on record his defaming me with a member of the press as a witness!

Sun News Reporter Filming An Occupier

I then had an on-camera chat with a Sun News reporter, and was able to tell him about Judy Rebick being closely related with Harsha Walia & Alex Hundert- leaders of the Black Bloc. I also got the chance to tell him that I believe Occupy Toronto has been hijacked by the unions and the International Socialists! Watch for me on TV later today!

Police on horseback waiting on the sidelines…

Curiously, a couple of the occupiers who were there gave me nods of approval. One said to me- “That’s it, say what you believe in, that’s what you should be doing!” Thanks to those who supported me- I truly appreciate knowing others also see the problems with Occupy Toronto.

Stay-tuned! Much more to come today!

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