Guerilla Gardening: Civil Disobedience I Can Agree With!

The day continues here at Occupy Toronto- and besides the initial assault by Dave Vasey & Greg Ciprik, there has been no other violence so far. So, this is good news!

We marched over to Queen’s Park and had a picnic on the grounds of the Ontario Legislature. It was peaceful and lovely most of the time. There was a moment when the Black Bloc marched into the park- but, the only excitement was the people from the media chasing over each other to get film. I can’t blame them for that though- I was one of them!

Lots of people came up to me there and gave warm welcomes and hellos- you people warm my heart! Some people shared some food, and one occupier was running around secretly planting onions across the legislature flower beds. This is civil disobedience I can agree with!

We then marched to the back of the legislature together- media, police, occupiers and people clad in black hoodies & masks. When we arrived, there was a stack of bags of planting soil and boxes of seeds and seedlings to plant a new garden.

Planting a guerilla garden behind the Ontario Legislature

The site chosen was where the Queen’s park gardeners had cut-down a tree with plans to lay a flower bed. Instead, the occupiers gathered and made a vegetable garden together. People started singing “Give Peace A Chance”, digging and planting. It was a truly beautiful event.

I’ve always had deep love for the guerilla gardening crowd. Despite it technically being illegal, I can somehow see how this is a demonstration that even my grandmother could learn to love!

We then marched down University Ave back towards Nathan Philips Square (City Hall) where we will be having another rally in a couple of minutes. We will then march together to the “Secret” location where Occupy Toronto will pitch tents for a 24-hour encampment (so they say.)

Marching down University Avenue back towards City Hall...

I’ll keep you updated as the day goes along my friends….

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    • bonnibrai on May 1, 2012 at 17:38
    • Reply

    Thanks for the updates so far you are the ONLY source.

    1. Thanks! I work hard to keep my audience informed!

    • Mike on May 2, 2012 at 14:45
    • Reply

    I hope someone planted hemp.

  1. I don’t occupy in the protest sense.. but I do pay attention .. and I did plant a garden as well because it seems like a tiny act of defiance in this world at this time.. its peaceful in the garden.. people need to remember peace-full.

    1. Agreed! Peas-Full even! ;-)

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