May Day March From City Hall and the Occupy Toronto “Re-Occupation”

The crowds at Nathan Philips Square

We’ve marched through the streets for about three and a half hours now. The march started at Nathan Philips Square and headed west down Queen Street. From there, the crowd stopped at the intersection of Spadina and blocked traffic for a while.

I thought Karl Marx died with the Soviet Union!

It was an interesting experience for me. Once we stopped, my safe-space was invaded by PottyMouth Flook and then Trey Winney. They started yelling at me, trying to block me from taking pictures, and then trying to get the crowds of Black Bloc to attack me.

The problem with these people is that their cunning plans always seem to backfire on them. Because, as soon as they started to gang-up on me, members of the press realized there was a juicy story waiting for them!Trey Winney trying to intimidate me from standing in a public space!

So, a reporter from 680 News radio came up to me with a microphone and started asking me some questions. I explained that all of the aggression from these people began when I called Harsha Walia (of No One Is Illegal in Vancouver) out on her awful performance using sexism & racism to protect her standing on violence.

Notice the voice in the video asking me if I’m okay. It is a cop who heard that the Black Bloc were attacking me. I told them that the Bloc are just pussy cats! lol

The indigenous contingent leading the front of the march.

Then, a reporter from NOW Magazine came up to me and asked some similar questions! And, now, I get back to my PC to find that Brian Lilley at Sun News has asked for some clarification on how to spell my name. So, sorry Black Bloc- but you really screwed-up today!

The parade turned-up north on Spadina and stopped at Dundas, blocking the whole street for over half an hour. There were speakers from No One Is Illegal doing speeches inĀ Chinese, English & Hungarian- quite the spectacle! Then the crowd pushed West on Dundas- headed to our final destination.

Iranian Anti-Capitalists

One of the more interesting sights was watching the people in China Town as they stared at the large mass of people with red flags and banners. I asked several of them what their thoughts were on the parade- good or bad. Interestingly, everyone I spoke with loved it! Scary, I thought they left China to get away from this!

Food Not Bombs feeding the crowd at the park

The march ended at Alexandria Park, and everyone has gathered there. Food Not Bombs is serving dinner, the Drums of Resistance are providing entertainment, and people from every angle of the Socialist community are waving around flags and dancing through the crowds.

Many of the people there truly believe in what they are doing- and I totally respect that. But, equally, a large number of 'useful idiots' who have no idea what they are really supporting- for them this was just a big party.A man flying a flag for a Russian political movement that aims for truth in politics!

From there, the crowd gathered, ate and talked for a couple of hours. And then, the big finale of a ‘re-occupation’ didn’t happen. There were so many police that it was really untenable to do so. Had they tried they would have certainly been arrested. It was a good call on their behalf…

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    • Code: E on May 1, 2012 at 23:21
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    I was present and agree, there were a lot of black bloc and socialists.

    • bonnibrai on May 1, 2012 at 23:23
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    Good stuff livestream is up sorta .Tnx for the update.

    • Maxine Cupido on May 2, 2012 at 09:10
    • Reply

    You know, it’s great you are out there drawing attention to what’s wrong with the political scene in this country. But I am getting very frustrated with the fact that this is all you do. I am a lifelong lefty. I believe strongly that government ought to be there for me and you, not big business and certainly not for big oil. But you have to realize that you bear much of the responsibility for the fact that we have a Harper majority because most of you decided not to vote, preferring to register your dissatisfaction with the political parties by your absence at the polls. As a result, Harper got a majority with less than 40% of the votes. It is great to protest – I’ve participated many times in the past – but protest alone will not change the political landscape. You are going to have to work from within the system to create change. Is there some reason you can’t do both, educate yourselves AND vote for a party that is willing to change the electoral system so election results actually reflect the way people voted instead of this skewed first-past-the-post system that gives us false majorities? You need to step up, NOW. Get involved in the politics you hate so much. It is the only way. You can sit on the outside and criticize, but the only way you’ll make change is to get hold of enough power to make change happen. That’s not going to come from protests and sit-ins. It will come from making the political changes you, and I, want, from the inside. Will Harper get another ‘majority’? Sadly, probably, unless all members of Occupy vote in the next election, and bring 2 friends to vote with them.

    1. Hey, I gotta take the message out through whatever channels I can! Thanks for sharing!

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