Occupy Toronto & Vancouver Tendencies Are Full Of Bolshevik! (Featuring Brandon Gray)

Brandon Gray Practicing PR Destruction for Occupy Toronto...

The deeper I dig into the Canadian Occupy movement, the more fascinating its cast of characters becomes. In this case, I found Brandon Gray’s (not his real last name) resignation letter from the International Bolshevik Tendency (IBT). Brandon is one of the more radical occupiers who chained himself to the Yurt (that was taken back by OPSEU even though it was a gift) on the last day of Occupy Toronto and forced the police to use bolt-cutters to release and then arrest him.

Brandon Gray without his gasmask...

Wikipedia gives the following description of what Bolsheviks are:

The Bolsheviks, founded by Vladimir Lenin, were by 1905 a mass organization consisting primarily of workers under a democratic internal hierarchy governed by the principle of democratic centralism, who considered themselves the leaders of the revolutionary working class of Russia. Their beliefs and practices were often referred to as Bolshevism. Bolshevik revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky commonly used the terms “Bolshevism” and “Bolshevist” after his exile from the Soviet Union to differentiate between what he saw as true Leninism and the state and party as they existed under Stalin’s leadership.

So, basically, we have more Trotskyists here. There’s a good description of the IBT from the Marxist.org website (I’ve mentioned this site when writing about Octavian Cadabeschi):

The founders of the Bolshevik Tendency are, for the most part,veterans of the international Spartacist tendency who were purged, along with dozens of other cadres, in the course of that organization’s transformation from a Trotskyist propaganda group to a pseudo-revolutionary obedience cult.

So, what I am reading about this is that the IBT is a group that is built by people who don’t fit-in with the International Socialists (IS)- those who are more radical than the radicals! And, their method of ‘purging’ gives bad memories of our old friend Joseph Stalin and his Great Purge. Nice…

It seems that the IBT inherited some of the more anti-social tendencies of the IS. Brandon Gray’s resignation includes a description of an incident where the the IBT purged one of their members. He starts off

The political criticisms raised by Sam. were never explained to me.Instead, damning personal attacks were made against his credibiliy. Personal health issues were ruthlessly exploited and distorted in order to discredit him and avoid articulating any of his criticisms.

He then continues, discussing an incident where he stood-up and asked some questions about this shameful incident:

I brought up the fact that I had taken a good look at Sam’s case before finalizing my decision to join. I was told he was paranoid and delusional.

This is very interesting! Notice how the language used is eerily familiar? I do, these sleezebags used the same language to discredit me through their online attacks. You see, if you write logically about these people, they have very well-rehearsed tactics to try and stop you.

Lorraine Murphy- Attack dog for the radical left…

And, of you keep on going, they threaten you with political psychiatry- just like the incident I had with Lauren Gill in Vancouver. I had a similar incident after I confronted Lorraine Murphy about her lies & participation in Harsha Walia’s attempt to smear my reputation back in December (which I’ll cover in a future article):

Put simply, these people are ruthless & evil (Ask Ben Pearson!)- and they will stop at nothing to block people from getting the truth out about them. And, according to Brandon’s letter (and my personal experience) they are also highly proactive in their attacks:

At a 15 April 2010 local meeting it was suggested that a comrade who roughly fit my own descriptionin terms of my limited relationship with Sam “befriend” him on a social media site in order to monitor him and relay information back to the leadership. I was the only person to comment on that point,stating that I would be the best candidate for such a job but that I don’t feel comfortable with it; that it felt dishonest and wrong.

Dishonest and wrong indeed! In fact, this all has a horrible similarity to the actions of the STASI, KGB and other ‘secret police’ organizations in the former Soviet Union. Put simply, if these people actually get in-power, we all have a lot to be scared about. Their tactics are no different to those of Josef Stalin and Erich Honecher– two of the scariest men I’ve ever heard of.

Honecher making love to Leonid Brezhnev

Curiously, when you look at the front page for the Bolshevik’s website, it reads like you’d expect an Occupy site to read. They cover issues like Occupy And The Black Bloc, The Quebec Student’s Strike, and a new contract signed by the ILWU (Longshoreman’s union, reminiscent of the actions of the port blockades.)

Occupy Vancouver at the Port Blockade

As I’ve written before- the Occupy movement has been hijacked, and the people involved are of the most ugly demeanour. I’d like to recommend to the good Occupiers that, if you wish for your movement to have any future, you need to get the hijackers out of positions of power as soon as possible. It is no longer okay to sit and wait for something to happen- the longer they are in-control, the less credible Occupy becomes…

A copy of Brandon Grey’s letter is below. This letter also discusses the G20, and No One Is Illegal, but I’ll save writing about that for a future article…

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