Report From Today’s Pro-Palestinian Rally In Toronto…

Demonstrators holding signs along University Ave...

It was a beautiful day for a demonstration- warm, sunny and just lovely. Today’s event was in Toronto, across the street from the US embassy. It was primarily about the Israel/Palestine issue, but a number of people there were also promoting that Canada pull-out of the war in Afghanistan (a position I totally agree with, it is time to bring the troops home). 

Banner against the Afghanistan war...

Amongst the people attending were members of Brandon Gray’s (not his real name, he is too cowardly to expose it, and I’ll keep you in-suspense for the moment) alma mater the International Bolshevik Tendency! No internal bickering or slandering occurred while I observed them.

"Psudo obedience cult" International Bolshevik Tendency

Luckily, there was no appearance by these folks- as they probably wouldn’t be welcomed by the Palestinians!

There was some good chanting by the crowd, which wasn’t quite as entertaining as the Python crowd, but worth making a video of regardless:

And, of course, Derek Soberal was there- we had a good laugh that he must be a cop as he was talking to them! (seems to be a meme at Occupy Toronto these days)

Derek Soberal conspiring with the police!

At the end of the rally I had a productive conversation with Abu Hanoud of the Palestine House. He corrected me on my use of the word Al Quds from the license plate on his truck. It is not the name of a terrorist organization he says, but the Arabic word for Jerusalem. Apologies for the earlier inaccuracy, you’re a nice fellow, never meant to offend…

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