Occupy Toronto’s Anarchist Brandon Gray And His Chequered Past!

Ashleigh Ingle & Brandon Gray

I’ve been sitting on this story since March, as I didn’t have enough evidence to make a conclusive connection. Despite the attacks of those who don’t like what I am writing (I’m talking about you Sakura Saunders), I do try my best to get the facts straight before I publish…

I was doing some research on High School teacher to the 1% “Anarchist Ashleigh” Ingle today and found she was listed as a director in a curious seeming charity- the Penyem Jamorai Relief Organization.

I’ll write more about this organization in the near future, but first must wait to see if I get a response from the Gambian courts. But, I must say, it is curious how this charity is registered to a public housing project here in Toronto. (eerily similar to where Kevin Annett asks people to send money!)

Public housing unit where Ashleigh's charity is registered...

Once I found their website, which is rather sparse, I then checked-out the history of their domain registration– and, bingo!

I read about the history of Brandon Gray Internet Services back in March, but was never able to conclude if it was the same person as Bolshevik Brandon Gray. This was an exciting find, because it explains a lot about the character of people we are dealing with here. This company was notorious  for its participation in a major fraud back in 2010.

Domain Slamming is a confidence scam where a company sends misleading letters to companies/people who have registered an Internet domain name, telling them they have to make an immediate payment or risk losing their domain names. Slammers send very formal looking letters to people who are registered through other companies- trading on their fear that their website could be disconnected.

Typically, it costs $5-$10 to register a domain, slammers will charge multiples of this amount. Here’s an example of one of the letters being sent out from the company that was working with Brandon’s- they were asking people for $40!

(click to expand)

After all of this came to light the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) denied Brandon’s company from renewing its membership– which, in effect, put him out of business. Brandon then filed a suit with the Competition Tribunal against CIRA claiming it was unfair for them to do this.

The tribunal made a final decision on March 4th, 2011, disagreeing with Brandon’s claims, and ruling that his company had to pay CIRA’s costs to the amount of $6,394.83.

Brandon Gray practising negative PR for Occupy Toronto...

So, this is Brandon’s story as far as I have researched. Is it no wonder he was so anti-social during the closing day of Occupy Toronto? I’ll continue my research into Ashleigh Ingle’s registered charity. If my instincts are right, this could get very juicy indeed…

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