Kevin Annett Is A No-Show, Irish Drone Delivers Letter…

Kevin Annett: MIA

Where has Kevin Annett gone to? He had a meeting at the Pro-Cathedral in Dublin with a Father Damien but he didn’t show-up. One has to wonder what has happened with him. Have the Guarda put a fake Kevin Annett in front of a camera with a leprechaun and a crack pipe?  Perhaps he’s been arrested after being setup by the pope’s evil cabal?

Or, perhaps the word is getting out, and Kevin has yet again been discovered to be, at best, someone who is stealing other’s stories? Or, perhaps the queen’s top spies have kidnapped Kevin? Maybe he’s restrained in a Clockwork Orange style reprogramming unit? Or, maybe Alfred Webre has swept in from the future and Kevin’s moved to another dimension?

Here’s what is probably the least inspiring video of the Annett Titanic. I’m still trying to figure it out- what do you think?

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    • McLean on September 7, 2012 at 23:14
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    Is he really in Ireland? I bet he’s home in Nanaimo.

    1. There was another film posted on September 6th that says it was recorded on September 4th. It looks like Ireland- but, it may not really be this year. You never know, hard to judge his videos by the cover.

      1. Well he was interviewed by some guy on Sept 1 in New York and the haircut looked the same, so I’ll be he’s in Ireland… As well, ITCCS has posted a ‘One Week To Go’ Action Update where he says that’s where he is now, so my guess is that he got arrested for sleeping on a park bench again… either that or he’s with Webre in another dimension…

    • ptehinsilaska on September 10, 2012 at 15:47
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    What, no comment from Standing-In-The-Hot-Water?….. FieldAgent/Exectutive/Press Secretary/Acting Secretary/OneWhiteManCouncilOfElders/HeadofBrussellsOfficeThatHasNoAdressInThisDimension/JeremiahJourdainWhoLivesAtCo-OpRadioWithProstitutes-a-Plenty/GaelicHeorWhoWritesHisOwnWarriorBalladsAboutHimself/MacAnamee/Daniel/Reverend?Metis/Standing-in-the-water??????????…………………No comment yet?? Ahhh, sleeping at the Dun Laughaire ferry bench, are we??? Maybe this time Killian will show up, and give ye a lift to the shire…where the pigs and cows sleep.

    • ptehinsilaska on September 10, 2012 at 16:31
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    Why is he always standing over head stones, in grave yards????….(shudders)…

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