TAKE CANADA BACK! Pour Monsieur Mulcair… (A Judy Rebick Joint)

Oh, apologies, that was the wrong screenshot- silly me! I meant to share a screenshot of what’s been the big buzz in Occupy Toronto circles the past couple of weeks. Here it is:

Okay, that’s kind of coincidental.  The first screenshot is from NDP’s campaign propaganda webpage. The second is from where many members of Canada’s Occupy community will be attending in Ottawa on September 17th. The majority of the people I know who are going are not necessarily fans of the NDP. Very few occupiers joined in the spirit of party politics.

How could of this happened?

In July I wrote about the NDP Vampire Squid That ate Occupy’s soul. This is yet another example of that phenomenon- only it is entirely shameless and doesn’t even try to cover itself up. Even Kim Jong Il did a better job at hiding the dark intentions of his devious plans.

So, who’s running this event?

“Bridget DePape’s message has not been forgotten.” Ha! DePape was a Page in the Canadian Senate who pulled out a sign saying “Stop Harper” during the Throne Speech. DePape is the NDP’s version of the model Soviet (sorry, Canadian) woman. We’ll know Canada has been fully Sovietized on the day they open the DePape museum in Winnipeg.

But, wasn’t she just an anarchist who monkeywrenched the Throne Speech?

DePape has been present at Occupy Toronto. She’s also close to a woman who is very influential in the NDP. He’re a picture of them together.

Alex Hundret wasn’t able to be around for the event- but Judy was wearing one of his t-shirts. Alex is one of the most senior leaders in the Ontario Black Bloc/Anarchist community. He’s in prison for the next year. The last time he went to prison was when he broke his parole by speaking at one of Rebick’s meetings.

I’ve heard varying stories about the event on September 17th. First, let’s remember the experience Derek Soberal got into when he was last arrested in Ottawa. You’ve got the travel expenses for multiple trips back to Ottawa, and you may get a criminal record.

Q: Is it worth the risk to promote getting Mulcair into office?

A: It may be prudent to be careful when in Ottawa, and take extra special care not to get arrested. In the best case your punishment will be the time and money for getting to court…

Q: But it’s free, the unions are paying for it!

A: Union Leaders are politicians. These politicians’ primary goal is to get Mulcair into office. For them, the cost is only for a bus. But, for people who want the system to change, old labour may not be a satisfying partner.

Q: But, I like the NDP!

A: Do you support the war on drugs? Mulcair may, here’s where he stands: “that to say in advance that we should decriminalize would be “a serious mistake.” That’s double-talk, he’s not showing his hand on this issue.

Q: Okay, Mulcair sucks. I love the unions though!

A: Union members are mostly decent people who we can all respect. Union leaders are politicians. We can’t ever take politicians at their word- transparency is missing.

Q: But, Fuck The Police!

A: If Harper is a dictator, attacking the police will be playing into his hands.

Q: But, I trust the NDP more than the others!

A: The NDP just took you for a fool. They lack transparency, particularly in this case.

Q: Okay, are you telling the that the Liberals or Conservatives are any better?

A: Of course not, under the current system- most all politicians suck. Labour movement executives are politicians and most of them suck too

Q: So, what do we need to win then?

A: Integrity.

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    • The Hammer on September 8, 2012 at 10:08
    • Reply

    Labour leaders are nothing more than business men trying to make money. CUPE leaders want Mulcair elected because they know the NDP is the best bet to get more money out of the government. They are no better than the Liberals and Conservatives.

    1. They are all of the same cloth…

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