Why Do Rabble.ca & Krystalline Kraus Keep Promoting Violent, Incarcerated, Criminals?

Rabble.ca’s Krystalline Kraus (on the Left)

On the surface, Rabble.ca looks like it could be a respectable publication. They have high-profile writers like Amy Goodman, Jim Stanford and Judy Rebick. They are funded by unions including the Canadian Auto Workers, CUPE, OPSEU and the BCGEU. Considering this, why do they give so much space to people promoting incarcerated violent criminals?

Take, for example, Krystalline Kraus’ article published yesterday- Support G20 Arrestee Kelly Pflug-Back. First, Pflug-Back is not an arrestee- she is a convicted, incarcerated, criminal who committed terrorism against the people of Toronto. Kraus’ article in Rabble refers to  her as “”our friend Kelly Rose Pflug-Back”, and labels her as a “political prisoner”. The only problem is that she is anything  but.

Kelly Pflug-Back Smashing A Police Car during the G20 riots…

Pflug-Back hasn’t been incarcerated for her politics- it was because of her vandalism. She smashed-up a police car and broke windows of stores where horrified Torontonians were left inside scared for their lives. For Kraus, and Rabble, to refer to this as politics is an insult to all Canadians.

In June, Kraus wrote another article in Rabble titled Alex Hundert – in jail but not forgotten. Hundert is the leader of AW@L, one of Canada’s most violent anarchist organizations. He was arrested just before the shameful events of the G20 for being a ringleader in orchestrating the violence that week. Hundert provided anarchists with lists of stores and other places to attack- he coached them on how to ‘de-arrest’ fellow criminals.

Kraus’ response to his sentencing was to say “At the next pow-wow, I will dance the intertribal in honour of Alex Hundert.” Do Rabble’s supporting unions know they are paying for this glorification of violence to be published?

In January, Kraus published a story titled The legendary Mandy Hiscocks. Hiscocks is another incarcerated criminal who plead guilty for Encouraging Mischief and Counselling People to Obstruct A Police Officer. As with other cases, Kraus tries to cover-up the fact that Hiscocks is a common criminal by talking about how she’s a social justice advocate, and how she will be “organizing on the inside”.

Rabble likes to spend a lot of time telling the world that Canada is an oppressive country that lacks fundamental freedoms. They really are clueless what oppression really is. In most oppressive countries they would not be allowed to publish articles that glorify criminals- if she were in a country like Turkmenistan and published articles like this, Kraus would have already found herself beaten, tortured and incarcerated.

Instead, she is free on the streets, publishing nonsense that tries to glorify people who have reigned terror on Canadian streets. Once more, do the unions know that they are paying for this to happen? And, if so, does this not make them accessories to these crimes?

What a sad state of affairs…

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