What If Harper Was A Dictator? (WWHD)

Dictatorship – Stephen Harper Style…

I don’t believe that Harper is a dictator- quite the opposite. To call Harper a dictator would be an insult to history’s great dictators. A better description for him would be a Dictaphone. He records what his masters (and sometimes his constituency) ask for and he plays it back to the people. If not a Dictaphone, perhaps he’s more of a dummy on the knee of the 1%?

But say, for argument, that Harper actually became a dictator. What would a right-wing Christian dictator who likes hugging kittens be doing differently than he is today? Let me share some ideas with you.

1.) People who are involved with radicalising parts of the population would be imprisoned, beaten and perhaps intricately tortured. This would continue for many years after the radicalised victims discovered they’d prefer to live in a peaceful world.

2.) There would be no discussion about the pipeline. Those who discuss pipelines will be punished.

3.) Women who have abortions would be subject to having fingers cut-off for each incident.

4.) Rather than hug kittens, Harper would throw them into a wood chipper setup beside the fireplace on Sussex Drive.

5.) I would be dead, along with everyone else at Occupy Vancouver who embarrassed him by asking if he would talk to the people. The girl who’s bike got run-over wouldn’t have got compensation. Instead she would be horribly mutilated in Harper’s wood chipper.

6.) Of course, Harper wouldn’t have had to run over the bike, because his security would probably have horribly beaten and mauled the protesters. Putin would have done the same.

7.) Judy Rebick would be living in Nunavut.

8.) Jose Jesus Miranda would be living on Sussex Drive. (He is Jesus after all…)

9.) The first round of union organizers would have joined Canada’s effort to hold sovereignty over the Arctic two years ago.

10.) The conspiracies that someone killed Jim Leyton would possibly have been true.

11.) PressTV wouldn’t be getting away with broadcasting divisive propaganda into Canada.

12.) David Suzuki would go missing in a rainforest somewhere.

13.) Canada’s addicts would be rounded up and put into mental hospitals. Harper would then announce that Canada doesn’t have any addicts, and that psychiatric patients need to start going to church.

14.) Ayn Rand would replace Derrick Jensen in any library where he may be present. Those who have borrowed that book would have been rounded up by now.

But, Canadians aren’t dictators. We’re not, and never will be. We are a tiny population sitting on the world’s most decadently rich natural resources. We’ve never had enough power of our own destiny – it has been dictated to us from outside for centuries.

Harper’s not a Dictator, he’s a Dictaphone. Just a cold little man who has sold-out Canadians who have differing points of view than his handler’s. These people exist on both the left and the right…

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