Marxist Vanguard Skytrain Police Theatre

Ali Yerevani – Obedience cult leader (recognize the flag?)

Why is it that so many people here believe that the police are ultra-violent fascist monsters- has Canada turned into the US? Well, not quite, as someone who has spent a lot of time in both countries I can say with confidence that I feel much safer around the police here than over there. My greatest problem with Canadian police is that they appear to be incompetent.

So, why do we keep hearing of spine-chilling police incidents aimed at innocent people? Well, like everywhere, they certainly do occur- and, each real incident should be taken seriously. But, sometimes that can be difficult to achieve as there are legions of Marxists and other anti-police activists on the streets who striving to make us believe that police violence is inherent in the system. And, each time David Eby cries wolf, he muddies up the waters for when real cases occur.

Today I bring you a story of Marxist vanguard Skytrain theatre- an incident brought to us by the Fire This Time (FTT) movement. FTT is an offshoot of Vancouver’s infamous Anti-Poverty Committee (APC)- the organization that brought us a lot of the street violence during the 2010 Olympics. The key difference between FTT and the APC is that the former is a group of radicals that were to radical for the APC. That’s quite an accomplishment!

If ever an organization deserved the title of being an “obedience cult”, FTT is a prime example. Here’s what Ivan Drury, one of Vancouver’s most notorious radicals, had to say in his letter of resignation from FTT:

Inside the group (Ali) Yerevani is a tyrant who tolerates zero dissent to his absolute control. “Discussions” in meetings consist of two or three hour lectures from Yerevani. “Democratic centralism” means agreeing with and enforcing his often arbitrary and mood swinging political rulings on the fly. “Organizational norms” mean constant phone contact with him to receive constant marching orders on everything from speakers’ lists and the admission of ‘opponents’ to events, to which button to wear on which side of your coat. No joke. These “norms” also address every aspect of personal life, like how to hang car keys, what clothes women members are allowed to wear, how to invite someone to coffee, how to flush a toilet. Yerevani actually (shortly before I left) forced every member of Y3WA to sign up on a schedule to clean the bathroom in his house every day for a month because someone had clogged the toilet! (OK, I’m ranting now.)

And the Kool-Aid is locally sourced, organic, union-made…

Wow, and I thought the Moonies were the greatest threat to our youth! It turns out that I was wrong- in fact, I’d argue that groups like this are more dangerous. Why? Well, in a world where young people are increasingly turning away from religion, organizations like the FTT are stepping in their places. And, unlike most cults, revolutionary Marxists are teaching a gospel of violence and physical confrontation.

Today I came across an FTT website titled Stop Assault On Political Activists– as soon as I saw the title my Spidey senses began to tingle. The site was setup to protest the arrest of a few FTT members who were arrested at the Metrotown Skytrain while they were distributing their cultist propaganda. They make a statement saying “FTT Activists Brutalized And Assaulted By Transit Police And RCMP!”

Well, that sounds really serious. Let’s have a look at a video of the ‘brutalization’ they were subjected to:

Wow, did you see the brutality? The way the police gently put those handcuffs on and led this guy down the stairs is despicable! I insist that the police immediately arrest the arresting officer and beat him with a wet noodle!

More seriously, if you watch each of their videos, there isn’t a single example of police brutality- quite the opposite. Then, if you read further down their website they make a common lefty deception when it comes to arrests:

“…both (arrestees) had their bags searched without consent”

If you ever see a statement like this being used, you can feel pretty confident that the rest of what you are reading is a deception. You see, when someone is getting arrested, it is the obligation of the police officer to search their bags before taking them into the station. Had the cops not searched their bags they would have not been doing their duty.

An interesting thing about the videos is that they show us nothing about what happened prior to the arrests. Considering that they’ve overblown the brutality aspect, and tried to hoodwink us with the ‘illegal search’ deception (and that the primary goal of this group is to cause trouble), I’m guessing they were not playing nice. Perhaps they were, and perhaps the police shouldn’t have arrested them- but, because of their behaviour afterwards, they have lost all credibility.

More important, the next time someone has a real case of police brutality, many people will be prone to ignoring it- they will write it off to being overblown by Just Another Group of Radicals (JAGR). This is the danger of crying wolf- eventually, people get hurt because of it.

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    • The Hammer on September 8, 2012 at 09:23
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    I am not sure what the goal of these clowns is. It seems they are trying to manufacture their own 1968 Democratic National Convention. Instead they are just making fools of themselves. Most free thinking people who watch this video will come to one of two conclusions. Either these activists think they are above the law or they are the biggest cry babies in Canada.

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