A Warning About Kevin Annett From Dennis Banks & Royce White Calf…

I received a request yesterday from Royce White Calf, a member of the American Indian Movement, to post a warning about Kevin Annett. White Calf has engaged with Dennis Banks to help get the message out. Banks is a co-founder of the American Indian Movement, and a survivor of the American Residential School program, who has been an activist for indigenous issues most of his life.

This should send a clear message to Kevin Annett (and his supporters) that the indigenous people don’t want him representing their case…


Please help Dennis Banks and me, Royce White Calf, expose the greatest and most dangerous fraud and/or agent – to our Peoples of Turtle Island, in my lifetime. It has been proven that he is criminally guilty of every order of fraud, including rewriting medical and historic research of the Survivors of the Residential Schools in Canada.

He has covered up under the gross pretense that we the Peoples of Turtle Island endorse his so-called ‘WORK’ on our behalf, his real crimes – including but not limited to: -engaging in sex with Native prostitutes and other Native women, -pushing and using drugs, including crack with these women,- pushing drugs and alcohol on other Native Peoples when necessary to meet his any agenda, – theft of Sacred artifacts,- lying extensively – and desecrating the memory of our children – regarding hoaxed “digs of mass graves”, -paying homeless survivors in Vancouver to appear with him in pretense rallies for his own fabricated ‘PR’ to promote the illusion that he has actual involvement with our Peoples…-and has a chilling pattern of being the last to cross paths with these homeless before they are brutally murdered, and then uses their stolen testimonies and photographs on his bogus tours in Europe and his chronic and endless self promotion in his ridiculous but troublesome ‘BULLETINS’ all over the internet, globally.

It is our contention, as a unified voice of the Original Peoples of Turtle Island, that as well as having volumes of proof of Annett’s criminal fraud – which implicates those as well that are in compliance and conspiracy with him in promoting hate and slander and harm in any manner against our People (Nell Cole, Bill Annett, Russ Letica, John Deegan, Marcia Lane) that Kevin Annett is serving as a Black Operative for cointelpro programs and is serving for the FBI to assist the Governments of the United States and Canada in our destruction.

Please alert, warn, and spread this information to all our Peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere – and warn others on the remaining continents of the world where he pimps out his evil and his false identity as our representative IN ANY MANNER and where he pimps out his DONATE HERE BUTTON.

Thank you.

Royce White Calf , and on behalf of Dennis Banks

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