A Warning About Kevin Annett From Dennis Banks & Royce White Calf…

I received a request yesterday from Royce White Calf, a member of the American Indian Movement, to post a warning about Kevin Annett. White Calf has engaged with Dennis Banks to help get the message out. Banks is a co-founder of the American Indian Movement, and a survivor of the American Residential School program, who has been an activist for indigenous issues most of his life.

This should send a clear message to Kevin Annett (and his supporters) that the indigenous people don’t want him representing their case…


Please help Dennis Banks and me, Royce White Calf, expose the greatest and most dangerous fraud and/or agent – to our Peoples of Turtle Island, in my lifetime. It has been proven that he is criminally guilty of every order of fraud, including rewriting medical and historic research of the Survivors of the Residential Schools in Canada.

He has covered up under the gross pretense that we the Peoples of Turtle Island endorse his so-called ‘WORK’ on our behalf, his real crimes – including but not limited to: -engaging in sex with Native prostitutes and other Native women, -pushing and using drugs, including crack with these women,- pushing drugs and alcohol on other Native Peoples when necessary to meet his any agenda, – theft of Sacred artifacts,- lying extensively – and desecrating the memory of our children – regarding hoaxed “digs of mass graves”, -paying homeless survivors in Vancouver to appear with him in pretense rallies for his own fabricated ‘PR’ to promote the illusion that he has actual involvement with our Peoples…-and has a chilling pattern of being the last to cross paths with these homeless before they are brutally murdered, and then uses their stolen testimonies and photographs on his bogus tours in Europe and his chronic and endless self promotion in his ridiculous but troublesome ‘BULLETINS’ all over the internet, globally.

It is our contention, as a unified voice of the Original Peoples of Turtle Island, that as well as having volumes of proof of Annett’s criminal fraud – which implicates those as well that are in compliance and conspiracy with him in promoting hate and slander and harm in any manner against our People (Nell Cole, Bill Annett, Russ Letica, John Deegan, Marcia Lane) that Kevin Annett is serving as a Black Operative for cointelpro programs and is serving for the FBI to assist the Governments of the United States and Canada in our destruction.

Please alert, warn, and spread this information to all our Peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere – and warn others on the remaining continents of the world where he pimps out his evil and his false identity as our representative IN ANY MANNER and where he pimps out his DONATE HERE BUTTON.

Thank you.

Royce White Calf , and on behalf of Dennis Banks

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  1. Standing Water is standing in hot water. Can’t wait to hear his imp response to this one. Wonder if he is in Kneeling water yet. Well, when it comes to those Amsterdam women…..IT looks like that would be what it takes to bring this cancer to his knees, especially the super-size me ones.

      • Standing Water on October 9, 2012 at 20:58
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      Again, if I were Kevin Annett, my life would be a lot more interesting. I would love to go to Ireland, tho not to cause a ruckus.

  2. Finally. Hey, what is with the star of rothschild beside the like button? Is that new or did I just notice it?

  3. It’s a great big conspiracy. Lol

  4. On a more serious note, It is imperative that we stop this lowly criminal as immediately as possible from one more day of harm to a Race of Peoples that in recent years are referred to by the Leaders and Elders of Native America as ‘the Palestinians of the Western Hemisphere’. How he can live with himself another day is a mystery.

    • The Hammer on October 10, 2012 at 09:45
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    He is preeching to the choir here

  5. No defense offered for Annett, but I can’t help but notice how COINTEL is
    introduced into this statement and and wonder how much mileage Banks and AIM
    have gotten out of this over the years. The same “defense” they used for the
    destruction THEY authored within the community at WK2 and the murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, Perry Ray Robinson Jr. and those who lay in unmarked graves.
    Banks like his AIM hierarchy have done little more than poverty pimp their
    way the nations.
    And if the issue of abuses is to be raised then I submit that Banks name tops
    the list.
    “It is our contention, as a unified voice of the Original Peoples of Turtle Island, that as well as having volumes of proof of Annett’s criminal fraud .”

    Okay, now the accusation has been made show some portion of the volumes of
    proof, and spare the readers any version of the shopworn go to so favored
    by Banks and his cronies of snitch jacketing. The same one they attempted to
    apply to Annie Mae and now Ray Robinson.

    1. rezinate…How much mileage Banks and AIM have gotten out of what??? Kevin has nothing nice to say about AIM so what benefit would there be to AIM from Kevins shennannigans? It’s an absurd comment and I can’t help but agree that it sounds like a convenient moment to slip in a “lets bash Dennis Banks and anyone else affiliated with AIM”. It was almost subtle but not too much…

      1. Oh my word, Resignation, I’ve been busy with real things, and I’ve missed this last post. Darling, how I’ve missed you. Well, Lydia Hearst does have a glamorous ring to it, and I do so love to feel the cold hard steel of men’s guns…Well, I’m flattered for all your attention today, really. Isn’t is something to watch an otherwise rational professional who once spouted with such self-importance and self-assigned gravity the inside files of the legendaries above, reduce himself to prescribing meds. If you were a real Indian, my Lakota son would say you were having an Injun moment. That is defined as when the mind of a perfectly logical Red Man is overwhelmed by some idiotic episode. This leads to the less harmful counterpart, which is Injun Synthesis – the moment where Indians build bonds with each other based on something that can lead to an Injun moment. He says this is what led to the deforestation of the now Great Plains…so you see where he gets his levity, Darling. Conversely, we can talk about where the once perfectly logical mind of the Caucasian Federal Agent behind his mediocre desk breaks down utterly from sexual fantasy and serious frustration that the coffee machine in the cheap cafeteria is broken again. And I was primed for an intellectual stimulation, my dear friend. Remember? Ideology, history, occultism ??? I’m actually saddened to realize and accept that you meant it when you say your strategy for yourself is to Keep It Simple Stupid. I’m deflated…and will have to refuse your impending offer for a hot night on the town….to feel the cold hard steel of – oh it’s not hard steel at all…..Darling you are experiencing Federal Caucasian Synthesis…..

        Despite my daring wit, I do take real life seriously, so I may not be able to respond to your next invitation to volley, bait-in-the-state-of-rapid-decay…..unless you can keep me entertained…..I also hate to waste any more of Greg’s good space on your Caucasian Synthesis meltdown….for I do have respect for our friend Greg. We’ll see shall we. It will have to be worth my time, Darling Resi.

  6. Well, rezinate…unless you are from Pine Ridge, and were there, as was my husband…then I would not be so quick to point such serious fingers which is the most obvious Cointelpro tactic to frame the Leadership…making YOU highly suspect, along with Annett, for his desire to point fingers – the same fingers – at Banks. The most credible warriors of the generation…are going to be labeled by Annett as Cointelpro ( AND BY COINTELPRO AS COINTELPRO)..And Annett has waited long for this day…since he phoned me and my husband in Santa Fe in 2004, when Dennis was in town just before the Grand Jury was convening in Rapid City..Feds are all over these days…always have been in my life since the day I met Kevin Annett.

    Why are you the expert I may ask most gingerly on who ordered the hit, unless you were right there yourself? Hmmm, maybe we should suspect you…or do you just sell the soul of the People for the Feds??? I don’t mean to be rude, but if you are asking for evidence, and there are mountains on Annett…then we ask you back for evidence you would have to have on Banks to be SO certain of your facts. Please present them here, now. We will be waiting. We will all be waiting. Here. Now.

    In a post script…It has long been noticed since the inception of Cointelpro that agents pose as illiterate people of sub-standard intelligence. Why is that? Maybe you won’t be willing to answer, I’m just incredibly curious, I don’t name-call as a rule, but…are you really not learned? It’s a bit hard to understand your meaning at times in the above due to your lack of literacy..is this some sort of ‘cover’ that you are not who you say you are…(not that you are saying who you are, with such amazingly strong statements about murder and graves). Most obvious pattern I see here.

    Again, you desire ‘evidence’ of Kevin Annett’s crimes ? They will be forthcoming because we are people of our word…are you a ‘people’ of your word…????? We shall see…..who is who….and what is what…..Lydia and Royce White Calf

  7. As I specifically stated I’m making no defense of Annett -but the truth of the matter
    is that Annett and Banks are separate individuals, and both have things to be held
    accountable for.
    If you would like “evidence” of wrong doings by Banks take a look at court documents
    and testimony given regarding Banks ability to identify the body of Annie Mae before
    any identification had taken place.
    And is this really all you have-the standard response of COINTEL when the pieces
    can’t be made to fit properly? Well indoctrinated aren’t you?
    As to Heather’s response that Annett has nothing nice to say abut AIM, the reality is
    a lot of people don’t-so I fail to see that as some sort of qualifier.
    I think at some point Annett was doing some good things-but he like Means, Banks, etal
    let notoriety, greed, and money go to their head.
    So I’ll reverse the question ptehinsilaska -why are you the expert? Should we suspect
    you or is that just more of the AIMINTELPRO you engage in.
    Apparently in being an indigenous person and not having the benefits of educational
    opportunities such as you have by implication, that is enough to entice the posturing you
    affect-if that works for you I have no problem with it other than the inherent shallowness
    and your “ability” to see patterns where none exist.
    Perhaps a few simple questions will serve to further your wit and imagination-why would Banks
    take the fifth regarding anything about WK2 or the murders of Annie and Ray?
    Why would Carter Camp go on about Ray being shot and left to bleed out and then Means
    at the CWS conference deny Ray’s presence at WK2? A lie often repeated by Banks over
    the years.
    Why would Banks send “memos” to AIM chapters telling everyone not to speak to him when Bob Branscombe, a cousin of Annie’s, began asking questions? Why did he flee out a side door when Ray’s widow came to ask a few questions?
    Why would this “credible warrior” flee and abandon the pregnant mother of his children at
    the Oregon RV stop-is that what “warriors” do-leave women and children behind under
    any circumstance?
    Why hasn’t Banks made any effort to even contact Annie’s family over the years-isn’t that
    what a credible warrior would do-to see if they could assist in any manner? Wouldn’t that
    be in keeping with tradition?
    Why did the Lakota Oyate issue a statement in ’99 saying AIM was nothing but a bunch
    of wannabe chiefs flying around the country, and why did they call out Banks and essentially
    say he was liar? Would you like to characterize them as being Cointel or illiterate?
    Why did AIM align itself with known communists and take funding from them? Why have
    they align themselves with oppressive governments, known human rights violators
    like Libya, Iran,and Russia to name a few?
    How can a man like Clyde Bellecourt having been charged, classified as a major drug dealer,
    and convicted, even presume to any leadership position or attempt to tell our youth what
    their responsibilities are regarding the seventh generation? And even better question is how did Clyde get such a light sentence?
    Why do Banks and Means sit in comparative mansions while those around them suffer
    the elements and lack proper nutrition? Why do they charge appearance fess to “champion”
    a cause?
    Why does Means have three places of residence when other are homeless or stuff in cardboard
    in their windows to keep the cold out?
    How does Means justify his Chinle defense where he kicked sovereignty for the nations under
    the bus after assaulting his then 80 year old one armed father-in-law by claiming the Dine
    had nor right to hold him accountable? Another credible warrior?
    Why did Means accuse Vernon Bellecourt as being the mastermind behind Annie’s murder
    at the Branscombe news conference and now says he knows but gave his word not to tell
    until that person has PASSED ON? Couldn’t be Vernon then could it, it can only mean that Means lied is or lying now. And since that would have been a leadership decision who does that leave in the hierarchy?
    I’ll say what I have always said-I want ANY with ANY culpability held responsible, whether they
    are feds or of our own-but the excuse of cointel and paranoia being a reason to murder
    a woman or a civil rights worker and those in unmarked graves that Crow Dog has expressed
    concern about is not an excuse, neither were they the finger on the triggers or the those
    involved in the decision making process.
    If these are specious statements then let one or all of these warriors sue me, and we can do like Trudell said and drag them all into court-and we”ll get into it all from ’68 to the present.
    If such a position is a sign of illiteracy then I wholeheartedly embrace it and thankful in the
    process-but then it’s never been my thing to try and impress anyone.

    1. WOW !!!! YOU GOT EDUCATED OVERNIGHT!!! CONGRADULATIONS !!!…YOU CAN READ AND WRITE NOW !!!!!…Did your superior have to step in..or did you just drop the ‘illiterate FBI’ thing yourself ,and now talk and write like a normal grown up boy? Straight from the Legend of Pine Ridge website.. Well, I’ll give you this much…when you guys do a mop up, you are quite capable janitors. You destroy Nations of people as your job title. Talk about indoctrination. Taking orders from above, are we? Can’t think for ourselves, can we? Into hierarchy , oh and let me guess, you are a MMMAASSON !!! right? OOOH all that secret boner knowledge you have over us plebes… You know, you have a bit of a reputation, as Robert Redford very well documents, with your oh-so not legitimate court proceedings, so don’t waste your time with me… And..you admit you are NOT indigenous, by implication………hmmmm….. REZ-IN-ATE…One would think you want to give the impression you having something to do with the REZ. Well, I see you do. As Buffie would say…MURDER AND INTIMIDATION. Don’t waste your time on me, for you have layed down for the world to see…that Mr. Annett is indeed in your good company NO PUN INTENDED. Just as we suspected. You know, those superior Peoples so threatened you guys…your bureaucracy still struggles with rank impotency and stupidity to figure out how to wipe them of the face of the Earth. Good old J. Edgar. Such a nice fellow. All that cross-dressing and little boy fondling activity – OH and let me guess, he’s your HERO, right? Along with Euclides’ 47th Theorem? Well, I’m so happy for you that have have mastered your colonized existence, your self-evident post-humanism….and your ideological whiteness. You are such a good little THX. Do you remember when I went to discuss things with Mr. Snow, bureau chief in Boulder? And Steven Segal’s body guards were explaining to us we had the most sophisticated surveillance equipment in existence on planet Earth set up on our property courtesy of ya’ll at the time? Em, Mr. Annett..seems to have fairly neat status.Let me guess, you will come back with the ‘AIM MAFIA’ thing, AGAIN…. right??? Don’t forget your mop…house boy.

      Oh, one more thing…I can’t resist, do you remember the camo jeep ‘hiding in the woods’ dodging out to intimidate and follow Royce and me…and I pulled a fast one AND GOT BEHIND THE JEEP AND STALKED HIM?????? Good fun, Old Boy. He was screaming into his mike mouth piece like a lost frantic fool and disapeared…… Nils was a charmer too….Let’s not forget Walter Lee…did you really have to destroy poor old Lee with all those good looks and charm? Sad…such a handsome fellow. And then Mr. Running Hawk went and died on you. Tsss. sorry for that loss. Oh, there have been so so many…Fred the Fed all over Dennis in Santa Fe, trying to use those same tired tactics Mr. Running Hawk did. Well, ya’ll it’s been lovely reminiscing. All for Mr. Annett – oh and the old let’s call AIM the MAFIA thing…Next time, shall we discuss ideologies, history or occultism? Looking forward..

  8. I don’t believe my IQ such as it is increased overnight-more that I don’t
    try to impress anyone as I said-I kind of adhere to that KISS principle-
    Keep it simple stupid.
    Truth of the matter is I have a seventh grade education-my salvation has
    been I like to read-I’m sure you’ll find a way to spin that as well.
    How utterly revealing that you have nothing offer, no AIMINTELPRO responses
    to the questions I asked or points I made-there’s a word that, even looked it
    up-Feckless. So here’s a little more for you tap dance around.

    A quote from a friend who sees through the veil as well and in doing so has no fear in speaking the truth:

    “The thing about counter intelligence that makes it the perfect cover or excuse is anything can be spun to be their fault. As long as you don’t know the facts and have an imagination, you can believe it. They could even claim drugs were slipped into food by the feds to cause hallucinations. It’s been done before so not a stretch.”

    I submit that not only you, but many, despite whatever education they may or may not have either don’t know the facts or willfully engage in AIMINTELPRO.
    Below a little something to consider during your learned ruminations-might
    even ask yourself why Crow Dog was so eager to speak to Banks re all this?

    LCD: You know what? I’m worried. Granddaughter, what I’m worried
    is this: Here is Wounded Knee, Got it? ( this while Crow Dog is using a
    stick to draw in the dirt) And there’s, somebody’s gonna’ buy that land,
    part of that land.
    CW:Somebody’s gonna’ buy part of Wounded Knee?
    LCD: Yeah.
    CW: They can do that?
    LCD: Yeah, they can do that. The Wounded Knee, the bank, the bank control.
    So remember where these people are buried? Not the burial ground.
    CW: Yeah.
    LCD: That’s our.
    CW: The trading post?
    LCD: And this way, and that ( drawing with the stick again) The black man.
    CW: Now are they, are they under the trading post or the museum? The museum.No?
    LCD: Right here. Right here, that’s where buried. Those people.

    Crow Dog says the people are not buried under the trading post. He expresses
    his fear that the bodies will be found if somebody buys the property.

    LCD: And uh, what’s gonna happen is there’s gonna’ be some indictments. And
    the indictments might be…if archaeolgists soils checked. This dirt here
    come from a few miles from here. It was red dirt. And this was regular
    CW: Um hmm.
    LCD: So if they soil checked, somebodys gonna’ get indicted.
    CW: Cause the dirt is different?
    LCD: No. The dirt has been moved. The soil has been moved. So, good of you
    to come. Sometime, you talk with Dennis, you have to go, you have to, tell
    him I really want to see him before sundance.
    LCD: If they pressure Clyde, Clyde might say something.

    Crow Dog is also worried that Wallace Black Elk will tell. Crow Dog says that Black Elk’s son Tony relayed a message to him to the effect that if anyone messes with him he will tell where these people are buried. Crow Dog says they need to get an actor or somebody to buy Wounded Knee property, then remove the bodies, then…give it back to the Oglalas.

    CW: I didn’t know there were any white people here. I thought it was just
    the black guy.
    LCD: No.
    CW: HMM
    LCD: the other one was I think, just like a Sicilian, or one of those….
    CW: Italian or something?
    LCD: Yeah

    Crow Dog relates an incident a couple of years after Wounded Knee where some
    people were going around showing some pictures of the black guy, trying to
    find him. CW then tells Crow Dog that the black guy’s wife showed up in Portland showing around a picture of him.

    CW says says Madonna Thunder Hawk told her that woman did the same thing in Rapid City at her school. Crow Dog responds “So maybe they’re not informers”. Crow dog says that as recently as three weeks prior to this conversation, he was aware that the guy’s family was still asking around about him. Crow Dog expresses another concern that the bullet did not exit the black guy.

    LCD: So what’s gonna’ happen is this. Somebody has to talk to these people.
    CW: Which people?
    LCD: The black people and those…
    CW: The ones who are looking?
    LCD: Yeah. Talk to them and calm ‘em down. While we get somebody to find them
    and blame the Feds.

    The “black guy” is obviously Perry Ray Robinson Jr. And the question should arise why is it so important to talk to Dennis Banks? I think that’s equally as obvious-the concern expressed regarding Clyde Bellecourt can only mean he has knowledge of the murders as well and is seen as a weak link.

    Plus one should consider Clyde’s minimalist sentence for drug dealing, and ask how would that happen with out making some kind of deal?- and probably Crow Dog’s reason for being concerned about Clyde.

    The last statement of “blame it on the Feds” speaks volumes of the long standing strategy of blaming everything on the feds and how people have been duped for decades.

    Crow Dog has laid it all out-even what to look for in soil differences and a bullet that never exited Ray’s body, he’s even narrowed the search area in eliminating burial under the museum or trading post -another star witness for the prosecution by his own words and much the same as Peltier has been.

    “So maybe they’re not informers”…..a little late for that.

    Maybe it’s just me, but the very idea to have an actor purchase the land, involve themselves in the crimes, incur the expense of removing and disposing of the bodies, and then give the land to the Oglalas sounds laughably retarded. And also raises the question what actor did
    Crow Dog have mind?

    In the interest of truth I invite you to follow the below link to a site
    created by a survivor of AIM’s Reign of Terror known as WK2, where you will
    find a compilation known as Hostage Voices of Wounded Knee-it is the first
    hand account of ELDERS who were there, what they saw, and how they were treated and abused. Maybe you can refer to them as Cointel also-so put on your dancing shoes.


    1. OK..I have an idea. Why don’t you tell us your real name, your level of training, which bureau you serve, – oh, and your motive .OH THAT”S RIGHT !!! TO INSINUATE THAT THE WARRIORS THAT GLADYS AND LOU AND ELLEN, ETC…WERE TOLD BY TO CALL THEMSELVES AIM BECAUSE THEY WERE “AIMIN’ TO DO THIS AND AIMIN’ TO DO THAT” were the, ehem…REAL THUGS with the federally issued ammo and fancy rifles called THE GOONS… Like my brother Lonnie??? Who shot and killed Brian Desirsa ?? Because he WAS A GOON? That married Royce’s Yesca gigi sister Sandra??? Ok..this new word you guys use..AIMTELPRO…I have a recommendation Mr. REZ. You guys need me. I’m an artist, a creative genius. Well you do already know my strengths…You need a new approach, a remake, as it were. A makeover. The old tired lingo…the rhetoric..the same old tired blah blah blah…I could really sharpen and brighten things up for you a bit. You know how your guys love me, especially the office boys. It’s my good looks and sparkling personality – and all those nude photos you guys got of me waving on my back deck at the last mountain property…663… My je ne sais crois…My smarts. (Do you remember that double blade incident over Gado-Gaod beach in Indonesia ????Oh, those erections…from my cartwheels) I’ll give you some new dressed up language, a most definitely needed new story line…anything is better than your old programs..Please consider my offer. I wouldn’t over-charge. Really. You need me. Let’s do this. Let’s work together. I’m bored being on this side of your fence…I’m bored Mr. Rez…already by this last response. For instance why don’t we start with one name change that would be fun… Why don’t we say…”AIMGOONSQUAD” See? Doesn’t that sparkle things up a bit??? Oh yah, and that ‘REIGN OF TERROR ” thing. Just like the Iraqi people have done to our poor poor troops. Instead of calling the bad guys the good guys and the good guys the bad guys…why don’t we ..hmmmm…………*thinking….I KNOW…LET’S BLAME THE CHILDREN…BETTER YET..THE INFANTS…YAH..THEY DID IT !!! They are the perps. Let’s do some photoshop, give them those cheeky berets…hand them some M14’s…and THERE YOU HAVE IT !! TADA !! THE NEW AIMGOONSQUAD REIGN OF TERRORISTS. See? You need me. We’ll have fun. I’m sure you know where to contact me….right here….I’ll be waiting. So excited to finally be a real BLACK OPS..oh me oh me..!!!!!!!!

  9. ptehinsilaska
    Despite my statements regarding Annett your approach is to continue to attempt to
    cast me as a fan of his, a weak, insipid, and completely transparent effort to avoid the
    issues I have raised. Maybe that works in the AIM club but it fails miserably in the real
    I assume your anger at Annett is his betrayal of the cause of demanding justice for our
    abused women-if so then it is well founded-but have you nothing to say for justice for
    Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, or the women in PR who are abused, raped, and beaten?
    Do you think a day doesn’t pass when these events don’t occur?
    Wouldn’t you allow that “incredible warriors” would be in the forefront proactively addressing such issues, and if not ask why?
    Could it be they find it too embarrassing an issue, and the distance they maintain suspect?
    Is it merely a matter of not having found a way to turn it into a monetary or personal media advantage? What “spiritual” or traditional values does this silence speak to?
    Do you believe that Euclides, ideologies, or the occult have anything to do with the issues
    at hand, or are your references to them merely an attempt to misdirect? Do you think that breaking down the word rezinate to it’s phonetic values makes an impression that beguiles
    the reader and causes them to marvel at your verbal skills or intellect, or is it little more than avoidance behavior?
    Segal????????? Name dropping? You’ve spoken to Hollywood celebrities, am I to be
    impressed by that, or is it part of the resume filler, a little self flattery, an ego that can’t
    resist displaying itself as opportunity arises?
    Well good for you-have any other names to drop? Feel free, and no matter if
    they have relevance or not as long as it makes you feel good.
    Banks, Means, Crow Dog, etal have their collection of mini mes-I have no desire to become
    a part of that hive-if however it works for you then it is simply a matter of choice, yours.
    I found the majority of your words and references to be glosslalia -would appreciate it if you attempt to stay on point in lieu of regaling one and all with tales about you and adventures you’ve had….if you have a compulsion to do so maybe you could present them in the form
    of an ebook and make a few bucks in the process.
    I would like to add a point re AIM-I know AIM members within the rank and file-they are the
    ones doing the good work, and never recognized. AIM as a “peoples movement” has suffered
    the effects of petty warlords carving out personal fiefdoms-and never, never, presented a
    single item to the people as a referendum to be voted upon-to engage in the decision making
    process-such an entity cannot truthfully be called a people’s movement by any stretch of
    the imagination.
    I’m thinking you’re frenziedly doing the wiki thing or contacting cohorts to cobble together
    a response so I’ll leave you to that and check back later in the day.

    1. OH HEY..I just saw …STANDING WATER ..above…I just love your guys names…Walking Eagle, Standing -wait a minute- it doesn’t STAND !!! I don’t think we’d all be gathered here today dearly beloved if it STOOD..ehem…REZ IN ….ATE..(sounds like a cheese product). Or… A MUSCLE CAR !! That’s it…well, that about all you are good at -and why you need me -…is these funny ass names…KEEP IT COMING..this beats Bill Maher.

      Yes…ok…oh, I hurt your feelings. You want to go away now.. OH, I’m sorry. The name dropping? Gee, I never thought I could keep up with you, the big man. Let me see..CROW DOG, MEANS, BANKS, TRUDELL, MADONNA THUNDER HAWK, PICTOU-AQUASH, CARTER, VERNON, WK2 (What is that some new computer thing…binary problem of the millenium? I mean who says that ???) etc Gosh, how could I keep up with you ??? You guys just gave us through your CIA guy Lee Hill – his contact Steven Segal…so I didn’t do anything to deserve that big important man there….But you must have thought I did.

      Yah, wiki is great. Haven’t used it today. Just ask.com because my spelling is horrendous.

      I thought you told me to get my… “TAP SHOES ON”…and here I was all dressed up and now there’s no where to go. Shucks. Bye buddy. Do let me know about that work offer.

  10. Astoundingly pathetic ptehinsilaska-are you familiar with the phenomena
    known as the Stockholm Syndrome ?You display all the characteristics.
    In this day and age science and medicine have made some amazing advances,
    medication and therapy exists for mood disorders, ADHD, and the like, perhaps
    you should check them out.
    All dressed up and nowhere to go-probably a familiar circumstance-but then
    there’s always the mirror to cavort about in front of and practice your delivery-
    work on the nuances like gestures and facial expressions, you could go far
    grasshopper (pssst, grasshopper is a secret cointel password, hope it doesn’t
    increase your level of angst or raise suspicions about you).
    Segals a CIA contact? Well I guess you just tanked his movie career-I had heard
    something like that but thought it was more of an attempt to create a mystique
    in furtherance of his career-lucky world you’re on top of such things and willing
    to make it known.
    I don’t know if Homeland Security or the infamous Patriot Act has a medal they
    bestow upon the worthy, but if so you’re my nominee of choice-maybe even a
    Nobel. For sure you’re a shoo in for the AIM truth and reconciliation award.
    Did you have the integrity to visit the site I linked? Probably not-but others may
    and in doing so realize the ridiculous display you’ve put on.
    It is difficult to keep up with the truth, especially when a person such as yourself
    exists in a state of denial, and I understand the approach you are compelled to take,
    but have a cookie and a glass of milk- hopefully you’ll feel better for having done so.
    Now you’ve had enough play time on the comp, go clean up your room and do your
    Despite the predictability of the course you would take it’s been good…but not real
    good, so I leave you to your consuming frustrations.

      • ptehinsilaska on October 23, 2012 at 21:26
      • Reply

      http://rezinate.wordpress.com/………………..says it all. Good for tap dancing.

      1. Thanks for the plug ptehinsilaska, someone told me you were promoting the
        blog-view numbers while always good are surging. nae’ese

          • ptehinsilaska on October 28, 2012 at 16:02
          • Reply

          RESIGNATION !!! I thought I’d lost you……..I’m so thrilled your back. .Of course I’ll promote your blog, Hun. By the looks of it, you could use some serious help with it. And remember, I did so want to work for you guys. You NEED me. Ah je t’amie, A beintot et a toute a l’heure..

          1. Knew I could count on you-and here’s a link for any interested in the truth.


              • ptehinsilaska on October 29, 2012 at 20:45
              • Reply

              The truth………hmmmmmmmm. OH how that word is bantered about in these times, quite like Thoth had written down :


              So the gods will depart from mankind – a grievous thing! – and only evil angels will remain, who will mingle with men, and drive the poor wretches by main force into all manner of wreckless crime, into wars, and robberies, and frauds, and all things hostile to the nature of the soul…Darkness will be preferred to the light, and death will be though more profitable than life…the pious will be deemed insane, and the impious wise, the madman will be thought a brave man, and the wicked will be deemed as good.

              Now my dear INDIGNATION….What I can do for your blog, and any assortment of like testimonies in the name of truth, is to spell out to the world what is really going on here. Well, you see, it is an information war, my dear…and it has been a real war, of course. The job of the conqueror is to rewrite reality about the defeated, and the rule is this. The more absurd the rewritings, the more threatened the conqueror appears to be in his stance of victory. First, you need to calm down, my dear…and tell yourself that your good empire is safe in bed at night, and that all these indefatigable Indians with their good looks, brown silky skin, black silky hair, scrumptuous hind ends and mysterious powers really don’t threaten you all …all that much. They are shrinking in numbers, Darling…and it does appear the Dark Side is winning now. So do calm down, BREATHE…and yes, know this. I’d be delighted to help your blogs…and rewritings of history and what not, by sorting out the truth for you, once I have helped you achieve the great awakening that you are working for the Dark Side, Darling…and OH ! Can you imagine the escapades you and I can have in the entire reworking of all the Counter Intelligence non-sense back into the resemblance of truth. Yes, my love, you can count on me, you are quite right on that. I’ll be there…Let me know when you are ready to awaken and love humanity, Darling. Don’t forget to BREATHE…..

            • rezinat on October 31, 2012 at 23:41
            • Reply


            checks in the mail

            1. lmao…and you don’t have AIDS

    • lily on January 4, 2015 at 02:36
    • Reply

    sounds like this guy has been payed off by the white guy …..this native has been turned white….im native and i want his help to spread the word ….think the white man payed you off ….

    1. Dan is working with a “settler” led movement, that’s for sure. But, it’s not just white people, he works closely with the Sikh led No One Is Illegal, and David Suzuki’s background is Japanese. Regardless, yes, he’s been coopted and is part of a movement of people who’ve been working hard to appropriate indigenous voices for themselves. It’s the same group who brought psychopaths like Kevin Annett onto the reserves…

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