A Letter To Darryl Richardson At The Toronto Media Co-Op..

cc: Toronto Media Co-Op


Please read through this letter carefully- this is the last time I’m going to explain these points to you. When you are finished reading, read again. Then, I expect you to write back a formal apology. If you do this, I will considered the matter between us to be resolved.

On the 16th of October you made a serious of false statements against me. Each of them is untrue (well, we’re all assholes sometimes) and based on based on spiteful rumours spread around about me:

As a journalist, I’m surprised you don’t know the danger of what you have done here. For you it’s dangerous because  you have slandered against me- but, also because it conflicts with your claim to be a journalist. You have put both my reputation and your’s at-risk by doing this- it is essential you take immediate action to repair the damage you’re doing.

I’ve spoken with three people who tell me you’ve said similar things about me to them in-person. And, it is my understanding that you were also slandering me on the Toronto Media Co-Op’s Google Group. The people who have initially made these statements have put themselves into significant jeopardy. A journalist who repeats and asserts such accusations without solid evidence has no good excuse for such behaviour.

I’d also like to address the sexist and harassing remarks you made to a woman during that conversation:

There’s a problem with this sort of behaviour and hate Darrell- it leads to other people getting upset and violent. I know you are aware of the assault I experienced in June- the people who executed the assault are in the Toronto Media Co-Op’s target audience. And, unfortunately, other people in TMC’s circles are issuing new threats.

You’re a member of the media- so, when you say such things about people, they are taken with more weight than when others do. Please remember this.

One person told me that if I write about you, they are going to attack me- curiously that person is a contractor who claims to work for the RCMP. Additionally, Joey Bokhaut, made a threat to me shortly after threatening that I would be attacked again:

The lies that you have been telling people about me could potentially result in violence against me. It’s also likely that unfounded statements you share about me on me prior to my assault helped create that situation. Not only must you cease-and-deist telling mistruths and encouraging hate- but, you now need to write a public apology, retracting what you have already said.

If you don’t issue a public retraction for what you have said, and I encounter any further (physical or other) harm, you will have some personal responsibility for what occurs. Additionally, as you have been representing TMC, your organization (and it’s funders/members) may also in jeopardy- I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know exactly who is liable yet. More importantly, I’d like to appeal to your sense of humanity.

If you have issues with the things I write, for god’s sake, please say it. I appreciate genuine criticism, and will gladly enter into any debate with you- as long as you argue with the truth and facts. But, when you publish such horrible lies against me online, you are putting both of us at-risk.

Thank you for your attention to this letter, and I look forward to your speedy response. As an olive branch, if you act honourably I’ll show my appreciation by releasing you from any further liability. I mean that, you’re only a middleman in what’s been done against me- if you help fix the problem, I’ll hold no grudges against you.


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    • greg rengoof on October 20, 2012 at 11:21
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    you are a liar and hag. you should do everyone a favour and kill yourself goof.

    • brotherwolf1 on October 20, 2012 at 17:08
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    I find it very interesting that people are so willing to attack Greg, both online , and physically , and for no reason other than the fact the he reports what he sees , as they are. he does not color things to skew them to one side or another but for this , people are willing to resort to their lowest levels to try and silence him.

    It is quite clear that those who do wish to resort to these type of despicable actions are clearly afraid that they too can be exposed as liars, and scum bags. It clearly appears that those who make these neandertholian threats do so because they are simply put, cowards.

    People have made a plethora of accusations, but not one of them has been able to be even remotely proven to come even close to possibly being close to the truth, NOT ONE. However, some have chosen to use acts of violence and school yard bully tactics , but once again , FAILED. You see people, when people of the lowest levels resort to these type of tactics, the person being bullied and attacked often times , gets MORE SUPPORT. So, Greg, they came at you when you were alone, Now they will have TWO people to deal with as I firmly stand with you against these low life’s .

    • greg rengoof on October 20, 2012 at 22:51
    • Reply

    coming from a police informant, I could really care less what you thing goof.

      • Ms. Divine on October 21, 2012 at 00:13
      • Reply

      Hey buddy, you should look into your chief internets security for Occupy. They are contracted by the RCMP.

    1. Try sharing your real identity and we’ll take you seriously…

    • brotherwolf1 on October 21, 2012 at 10:41
    • Reply

    Well, based in his comment and his inability to use the proper words, I would say that he is either still digesting the crayons he tried to eat, or in the alternative, he is simply not intellectually capable to actually spelling his name.

    • The Hammer on October 23, 2012 at 10:32
    • Reply

    Police informant eh????? Typical attack coming from con artists. Very distracting and yet, it means nothing. What if Greg is a “Police informant” as you say? It would not change any facts.

    • The Hammer on October 23, 2012 at 15:15
    • Reply

    Darryl Richardson must be doing his masters at the Ann Coulter school of journalism.

    If you do not like the facts or the views of another just call them names.

    1. Ha, ha! He should probably dye his hair blonde now…

    • brotherwolf1 on October 24, 2012 at 13:21
    • Reply

    Calling someone a police informant or sexist or racist , or a plethora of other names is standing operating procedure for fringe groups who are caught in their own lies, and exposed as being liars. these guys never seem to be able to produce even a single word of actual evidence to support their accusations. Rather, they reply on their like (no)minded cronies to further distribute these lies to others in whatever means are available to them . Occupy was made famous for these types of tactics , as they were lead by people trained to use these tactics through their various nefarious and questionable organizations. Greenpeace and the Rukus Society, are but two that come to mind. These people are nothing but overgrown bullies who still think the schoolyard is their exclusive domain and anyone within its confines are somehow their subjects, subjects with whom they seem to like, and / or want to lord power over. However, in typical bully fashion, their is always someone bigger, stronger, more powerful out there.

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