Heather Martin & The Smithsonian Nail Kevin Annett (And Canada’s national security implications)

An amazing article was just released by Heather Martin last night. Heather began studying Kevin Annett ever since she learned about him while organizing a film festival. Her work has been amazing- and, today she took things one big step forward. Annett’s career in the con-artist business is officially over…

Annett has repeatedly stated that he had sent bones to the Smithsonian Institute. We questioned this statement when he said it on a radio show this summer- he stated they never gave him any documentation. Well, every part of his story was wrong- total fabrications. Heather wrote to the Smithsonian and, as anyone who understand’s DNA tests assumed, they have never been contacted by Kevin Annett.

They also confirmed that they ALWAYS issue documentation when they are engaged in an investigation…

The only way Annett can continue his fraud is to find people who haven’t heard this news yet.  This means it’s more important than ever that people, organizations, and publications who have supported Annett step-out and help get the word out. Let’s not let any more innocent people get hurt by this man.

If you are someone who has supported Annett in the past, you have a moral imperative to help prevent him from finding more victims. You have an even stronger moral imperative to step-out and denounce Annett’s work- and, there are no longer any excuses. Anyone who support’s Annett after this day should fear repercussions of criminal prosecution.

Last week, Alfred Webre repeated Kevin Annett’s lies– Iran used his words as a propaganda weapon against the Canadian government. Annett has graduated from being a small time con-artist to being a threat to our national security.

I hope to god that we are never at a state of war with Iran- but, there’s a possibility we may soon be. Anyone who is enabling the Iranian government to create anti-Canadian propaganda could be in some serious trouble in the near future. If you decide to continue- there are legions of us out there who will make sure you are stopped. I promise.

I’d like to make a special plea to Marci Lane, Darryl Richardson (Media Co-Op), Krystalline Kraus (Rabble.ca), Winnie Ng, Judy Rebick and Barry Weisleder, and the Antichrist– please have a heart do your part. You all have support bases in indigenous and international communities, if each of you helped publicise the truth it would have a giant impact. Show us, and show your indigenous allies, that you care about their welfare.

Here’s the link to Heather’s article– please have a look, it’s a great read…

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  1. Thanks Greg….yes, we will be there won’t we? Here is the ‘open letter’ from Kevin to the people of Iran asking them to declare Prime Minister Stephen Harper a criminal. For those who know me, I am no fan of Stephen Harper and have blogged about him elsewhere extensively on his human rights abuses, but this skates the thin ice of Treason… why has no one done anything about this man besides a few of us bloggers? IMO it’s because HE’s the ‘paid agent of the state’ and ‘government operative’ and he uses these same labels to project onto others what is really true about himself. You said it right when you called him a ‘psychopath’…. and he’s a well protected one at that. http://itccs.org/2012/10/19/an-appeal-to-the-people-of-iran-and-the-world-canadas-prime-minister-stephen-harper-must-be-charged-with-crimes-against-humanity/

    • Julian Leroy on October 25, 2014 at 11:13
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    As someone who is deeply interested in getting to the truth of the matter, I would love to see refutation of the claims made by Annett about the institutional legal directives issued by British Royal and Canadian governments which enforced the alleged conditions that lead to the deaths of so many Canadian indigenous people. I do notice a lack of intellectual integrity in some of Annett’s presentations and am concerned by the lack of evidence to support many of his declarative statements. There are definitely a lot of holes in these stories, yet many of the interviews with alleged victims and the anecdotal evidence they present are quite compelling. The laws he cites should be easily verifiable. Leaving Annett out of the argument completely, we may look at the legal directives issued by these governments, coupled with the testimony of alleged victims and other witnesses and conclude that there is indeed a reason to investigate further. The absence of state judicial interest in pursuing these allegations is an interesting aspect as well. Is it possible that Annett is a real life Strawman created by the same institutions he is condemning in order to deflect our attention from the goal of achieving true justice?

    1. My specially is researching and understanding social movements, and I don’t have the knowledge/qualifications to add value to that discussion. That said, nobody is denying Canada’s previous misdeeds, and churches have admitted being culpable to incidents of abuse- so, I’m not sure what the point would be.

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