Today’s Radio Show: Kevin Annett & Jason Bowman Discredit Themselves… (feat. Greg Renouf!)

Kevin “Kangaroo Court” Annett

Well, it looks like both Jason Bowman and Kevin Annett’s credibility is down for the count. Both were on Global F.A.C.T. radio today and completely discredited themselves. I’m not sure who went down harder, but I’ll put my money on Annett. Regardless, both hung themselves rather spectacularly…

Annett was on the show for about 45 minutes. He gave his usual stories about the residential schools, and claimed credit for Harper’s public apology to residential school survivors. Of course, Annett isn’t responsible for that- it happened because of the hard work and bravery of residential school survivors like Willie Blackwater (a man who has publicly denounced Annett.) But, that didn’t stop Kevin from stealing his glory- it is blatant actions like this that have turned so many people off of his work.

Kevin was asked about the controversy about the bones from the Six Nations reserve. Each time he has talked about them his story has changed- there are so many variations that it is hard to keep up. This time Annett said that he didn’t do a DNA test on the bones because it costs 1000’s of dollars. That’s a joke really, I told Annett back in April that a DNA test could be completed for $450 in 7 days (or your money back.)

The big surprise today was when Annett said that he had sent some of the bones to the Smithsonian Institute!  Whoever it was must have been totally incompetent (if this actually happened) because Annett’s story is that his contact there said he couldn’t do a DNA test because the bones weren’t large enough. The reality is (as the lab I spoke with confirmed) all you need is a scraping of the bone to do a DNA test.

Kevin, if you are telling us the truth, will you share your contact at the Smithsonian with us? (I’ll be calling them tomorrow to see if they can confirm)

Then the host, Tony Boutros, started to ask Annett some hard questions. He asked him about how the Circle of Justice denounced Kevin for stealing their personal stories and refusing to return their evidence. You could hear Annett getting more uncomfortable as each new question was asked- if you listen closely you may be able to hear the sweat dripping from his brow.

Kevin told him that there were “four people of the twenty” at the Circle of Justice who spoke out about him. Boutros corrected him though, there were actually nine people who signed the statement. By this point Kevin sounded like he was in a full panic. Next the show went into a short break- and, according to Boutros, Annett hung-up right after.

After the break, Tony made several attempts to call Annett back. But, it seems that Kevin wasn’t willing to answer the phone. This is typical of his behaviour, as soon as someone ask’s him challenging questions he runs away with his tail between his legs. It is doubtful Kevin could have done anything more effective to discredit himself than to go run away like he did. Even Bowman laughed at this- he said it he was very familiar with Annett’s answering machine!

After today’s performance, it is quite clear that Kevin has exposed himself as the dishonest man that he is…

I came onto the show and told a bit of my story. Then, right after I finished speaking, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Annett’s old partner Jason “Reacharound” Bowman came onto the line! And what do you know, Jason jumped right into the attack and called me a liar- only, he didn’t give a single piece of evidence to back his claims. This is typical of a con-artist.

Jason “Reacharound” Bowman

So, I asked Bowman two simple questions. The first question was asking him why he claimed that he was filing an ‘ex-parte’ court case and the accused were not allowed to look at the evidence- but, the court confirmed (on video) that this was not possible, so what’s the explanation? And, the second question was to ask him why he claimed he filed a court case but the court said that no case was filed.

Bowman brushed-past my story about the ‘ex-parte’ case and didn’t answer it. Then, he claimed that he never said that he filed a court case- he said, “All I was doing was to file a motion, but we were on our way to filing a case.”

This is where he proved himself to be a clown- because, as anyone who understands the basics of how the court system works understands that Bowman got the chicken before the egg. The reality is that motions cannot be filed until a case has been filed. Filing a motion without having filed a case would be the equivalent of a single person filing for a wedding license before they had found themselves a partner.

So, there you have it- two weasels exposed in one show! Both Annett & Bowman totally discredited themselves today. Annett killed his reputation by running away in order to avoid hard questions. And, Bowman discredited himself by getting caught, again, in his lie about his phantom court case.

The host has invited them both to come back to his show next weekend. I have agreed, as has Heather Martin (who also appeared on the show today. The big question is will Bowman & Annett be brave to come answer some more hard questions? Time will tell- until then, here’s a recording of today’s con-artist busting action…

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