Jason Bowman Poaches Kevin Annett’s Partner At The Six Nations (feat. Bill Squire)

Jason “Reacharound” Bowman

If you were following my stories on the fake court case that Kevin Annett had claimed was filed back in early July then you will probably remember Jason Bowman. He’s the guy whose lies I exposed back then when he held a ‘press conference’ after faking to have filed a case in Toronto’s federal court. In return Bowman asked me for a reacharound– he’s classy that way…

A couple of weeks later I heard that Bowman had moved out of his house and into a tent out at the Six Nations reserve in Brantford Ontario. At first I thought he was hiding out so that people wouldn’t find him and ask more questions (he’s not very good at answering questions.) After that, Bowman was very quiet for a few weeks. But I did hear from someone on the reserve that he was still trying to sell himself to people there as someone with ‘international connections.’

But, this week I have learned that the real story is that Bowman was living in a house owned by his brother and he got his ass kicked out to the curb. I spoke with Jason’s brother a couple of days ago (apparently he and his wife are big fans of my writing) he confirmed that Jason was asked to leave. Here’s a video of the event:



Apparently, the woman filming the video from the tent is a poor soul who came all the way from Calgary on Bowman’s promise that he’d use his magic powers as a “citizen prosecutor” to help her with some legal troubles. Things didn’t work out well for her though. Not only did she get a rock thrown at her, but she was also evicted and ended up living in a woman’s shelter. She says that Jason took a lot of money from her and used it to buy himself drugs. She also says that Jason took money from the people at the Six Nations reserve for the same reason.

Anyhow, enough of the gossip, let me get to the meat of this story. What has Bowman been up to at the Six Nations? Well, it looks like he has been doing more than just camping and smoking dope- he’s stepped into Kevin Annett’s territory and is continuing the scam over there. And, he’s taking it a step further.

Bowman has partnered-up with Bill Squire, a Mohawk who has deep connections with the radical left- including members of Occupy Toronto. Squire had previously worked with Kevin Annett but it seems that he dumped him for Bowman recently. I must say that this confuses me- after all, Bowman proved himself to be a fool when he was caught lying about filing a court case. But, perhaps Squire isn’t searching for the truth, only for people who can help further his cause.

Heather Martin has done some great research on Bill Squire on her blog StopKevinAnnett. What she has discovered is quite fascinating, Squire is deep in with two groups who have given a lot of backing to Annett– people in the New Age world, and people who refer to themselves as Sovereign Citizens. So, basically, we’re talking about people who fall into the cult mentality.

Martin also discovered another interesting connection. Bill Squire has connections with Ontario’s most senior incarcerated Black Bloc leader, Alex Hundert. If you read my article about Kevin Annett’s Marxist Roots you will remember how Judy Rebick has connections to Annett. Well, Hundert does too- what a small world!

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Squire and Bowman are saying that they are going to start a court battle for a 1784 decree called the Haldimand Proclamation. Now remember, Bowman is not a lawyer- in fact, the phantom court case he said he filed back in July makes it very obvious he doesn’t know that much about law at all (that, and he is a liar.) So, one has to wonder what (if anything) is going on in Squire’s mind thinking it is a good idea to let Bowman mess around with indigenous treaties.

Bowman wasn’t the only charlatan who came to the Mohawks professing to help them with the Haldimand Proclamation. Back in 1967 a man named Dr. Omar Z. Ghobashy went there to do the same. Unlike Bowman, Ghobashy was actually a lawyer- that said, like Bowman, he was completely ineffectual. Squire claims that he filed a case at the International Criminal Court in The Hague- but, the case was never accepted.

Later, in 1993, Ghobashy was disbarred. The statement from the Law Society sounds very familiar- a lot like the other charlatans I’ve mentioned who have been messing around with the Mohawk people:

‎”Respondent has regularly engaged in a pattern of professional misconduct by continuing to hold himself out as his clients’ lawyer after he has been discharged by them, threatening them, failing to cooperate with their new attorneys, interfering with their representation by new counsel, revealing clients’ confidences or secrets learned in the course of his representation, failing to return their property to them, and most seriously, deliberately or recklessly making false or unsubstantiated prejudicial statements about such clients to government agencies, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service and at least one foreign government, as well as to their new attorneys, their employers, their spouses, courts and others. “

It saddens me to see so many selfish people trying to take advantage of people in Canadian indigenous communities. Watching Annett, Occupy, and people like Alex Hundert creating division for their own personal egos really upsets a lot of the people I’ve discussed this with. I have never spoken with Bill Squire, and have no idea what his intentions are- I just wish he could see through all of the people who are trying to use him and send them packing…

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    • Standing Water on August 26, 2012 at 11:32
    • Reply

    I look forward to the day you realize that indians are con-artists like Bowman and Annett—just a few more generations into it. I don’t shed any tears over con-artists being conned by other con-artists. Anyone who says he’s from a tribe is a con-artist. There’s only one human family. Or there’s no human family, and every one is a discrete, unique, special individual, uncategorizable. But the sloppy middle-ground where everyone defines tribes (cults) at whimsy, well, that’s obviously operatic—good for entertainment, but a form of Government?

    • The Hammer on August 26, 2012 at 18:48
    • Reply

    Ah, so that is what Jason’s mother was talking about.

    1. It looks like it- yes…

  1. With a small amount of embarrassment, I’m not entirely sure I completely follow that video.

    1. It’s hard to follow. Basically, it was a fight between Jason Bowman and his brother Jamie Bowman. At the end of the video Jamie Bowman throws a rock at the woman who is filming the interaction. Shortly after it was filmed, Jason was evicted…

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