Occupy Toronto Is Dead! Long Live Occupy Toronto!

The Activistocrats- the people who killed Occupy Toronto…

Well, it’s official, Occupy Toronto is dead! After many months of flogging a dead horse, dwindling numbers, and lots of negative PR, the Activistocrats have decided to throw-in the towel. Well, not quite, they are pulling a Blackwater/Xi style re-branding exercise. This is perfect, Judy Rebick can write a whole new book about it!

The Canadian Occupy movement began as a group of people from diverse political beliefs and backgrounds. As time went on, people from the anarcho-communist began to slowly hijack Toronto & Vancouver- directing the movement to being about unions and lefty causes. It got so bad earlier this winter that the people of Occupy Toronto did a flash-mob promoting usury alongside the Steelworker’s union. Judy Rebick was so proud!

Well, Occupy Toronto died a slow death after the encampment ended. Activistocrats like Dave Vasey, Sakura Saunders & Activistokittens like Krystalline Kraus let their egos, and pandering to the unions, get in the way and they crushed their own organization like a grape. And, each time someone called them on what they were doing they got angry and exposed their hypocrisy with their reactions.

But, don’t worry Torontonians! Occupy Toronto is in the process of re-branding, and the new name they chose for themselves is the Phoenix Network. So Original! But, it is highly unlikely this firebird will fly very far. It probably would have been better had they rebranded as the Icarus Network. Once they get too close to the sun their wings will likely melt off once again.

In honour of their rebranding, I have registered the domain name www.PhoenixNetwork.ca. There’s not much there at the moment- but, as time goes by and they kick-start their antics, I’m sure there will be plenty of content for the future…

Occupy Toronto is dead! Long live the Phoenix Network!

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  1. Great strategy… the best defence is a good domain name registration.

    1. True. There’s also an important lesson here. If you plan on launching an organisation, buy the domain name before you announce the launch. Lol

    • Occultpie Myass on August 25, 2012 at 00:10
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    Excellent article and great writing. Can’t wait to read more :D

    • Tamara Dippel on August 25, 2012 at 10:32
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    Hey you know what’s great about that? It means Occupy Toronto can restart with the old people they chased off without any stupid fights about who’s the “offiicial” Occupy Toronto or not (Since they’re changing their name to something completely different!!) Yay!! I know some people are still trying to be Occupy Toronto without being a part of the “official’ group those people are the ones not causing trouble. They don’t even attend the Cloud Gardens GA. If the aggressive troublemakers are choosing a new name for themselves, maybe Occupy Toronto can be revived from coma/near death without them!! Unofficially there are still some that want to be active Occupiers but the people who took over the official group messed everything up… now there is hope.

    Now that we saw what NOT to do, maybe Occupy Toronto can do far more positive in the future… it is only dead if we let it die. The “officials” have given us the chance, once the name is changed, to revive Occupy into a group that can do real positive things. Because they are leaving and so won’t be shoving themselves and their “our way or the highway” attitude!!

  2. glad to see occupy toronto crushed, victoria has been essentially crushed this whole year, sure they whine every now and then, the whole of about a dozen of them. Anyways they are merely regrouping, and yes they did wind up rebranding themselves as the cassaroles for a period of time. Have a look at what the paov in victoria is up to.

    They are training up new shills, the old ones were caught with too many ties to transition town and their sick green agenda, so now they need to train up a new batch and salvage what they can of the current one. Don’t worry, these communists will be back, to convince you to join their cult, give up all your worldly things and worship mother gaia even if it KILLS YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS. These people are terrorists, and these people began in their positions they didn’t “hijack” anything, it was corrupt right from the start, right from every last rotten domain that occupy registered to network everything together (how do you think they managed to do such a massive domain blitz at the start). They gave it everything they had and now the central big brother hub that commands them has been fully petered out. Don’t worry, they will be back when things get a little worse, and they will keep coming back until they sucker you during a vulnerable state of blind rage at the corporations. They will pretend like government is salvageable even though the parent corporation of all corporations is GOVERNMENT.

    The next movement should be called “Zero Consent”. It’s time to kick these tyrants to the curb and teach them to mind their own lives and business.

      • Tamara D. on August 25, 2012 at 23:47
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      Hey I was in the original group off and on and I’m not a terrorist… not everyone that was there was a terrorist :( Don’t assume just because people were in Occupy Toronto that every one person involved is automatically a terrorist! I am deeply insulted and that is a very serious accusation! I don’t believe in promoting or spreading fear or terror and I don’t want to hurt or harm anyone!

      By the way, I have become aware that the green movement was screwed up and quite a few other things… Agenda 21, for instance as well as globalization being a terrible idea at best and a method of control under the guise of environmentalism and humanitarianism at worse. There has to be a way to bring people together as was originally intended without forcing them into one type of controlled consent or another… We tried and some of us (like me) have no experience with activism so didn’t (and still don’t) know what to do but I did see Occupy Toronto get worse and the stupid Cloud Garden GA/ Safe Space pretty much killed it for alot of people in the end… it was reverse racism and reverse sexism in the name of safety as well as a set of rules that allowed them to be completely monitored and controlled (proposals being proofread and rejected if not decided “GA ready”). As for things being corrupt from the start, I don’t know how to deal with that I don’t have any experience within the activist lifestyle and I also am socially awkward which makes things far more confusing and difficult :( As for communism I thought it was a good idea but I also believed, and still do, that we need to follow the Charter of Rights (Canadian) which closely follows the Human Charter of Rights which protects the individual. Then again I never read any books on communism, people just told me my ideas were communist… But I believe in human rights and also individual rights as well… I’m not sure what I am I just want people to be healthy, safe and have a good life.

      I’ve also been looking into what people who are not communists are saying and I am in agreement with some things from right and center, though I am left by nature. There is alot to learn and I realize the true problems are much higher up than most people are looking.

      The green movement right now is being led down a terrible path… They think they’re going to save the planet but they are being lied to and are going to hurt many many people! They are being used for corrupt purposes by wolves in sheep’s clothing and the consequences will be terrible. Did you know the UN has said human rights have to take a back seat in order for Agenda 21 and other initiatives to be put into place? If human rights had been followed in the first place, we wouldn’t have so many problems including pollution on such a large scale… what is harmful to us is harmful to the earth (animals and plants). So if companies that hid info about products etc had been punished there wouldn’t be so many problems (ie health problems, mental health problems, environmental problems, etc) and we probably would have had far more research into solutions because of this. Human rights have never had a front seat… even the UN has done corrupt things. Now they want to take away what shreds of it remain? Violating their own Declaration of Human Rights?

      There’s lots of info on the Internet about globalization and about Agenda 21 and even global warming is in question… I am angry at corporations however I see there are people higher up pushing things and controlling things but I don’t think most people, even within Occupy realize it but some other activist groups do. Communism has been corrupted as well, everything has. How to get the general public involved when they won’t believe you and think you’re crazy even though you have proof!?

      I don’t think any government system can work until we stop allowing it to be manipulated and directed by corrupt leaders and masters above them. Watch The Money Masters… It’s a good movie to explain a bit about what I’m referring to. Our economic system needs to be restored, our manufacturing sector as well and our local businesses need to be strengthened, we don’t NEED globalization, it will suck us dry of money AND resources!!!

      I would like to be one to help revive Occupy Toronto to be an open forum as well as an activist group that deals with real problems and allows everyone in Toronto to come and discuss city, country and even world problems and try to find solutions. It would be great also to get lawyers in who can instruct and inform as to what the laws in Canada are really about. I don’t know Canadian law, just the very basics. We need to inform people and offer an open forum… truly open. We have to take a look back, see what didn’t work, and try to avoid doing those things again… Since the “official” Occupy is changing the name perhaps the rest of us can try to do things in a far less confrontational, reverse discriminatory fashion. I wasn’t around for most of Occupy, so I wasn’t part of most of the stuff Greg’s been following (Kevin Annett, Harsha, etc). They seemed to just violently shove idealogy down everyone’s throats. Whether any of the people that are in the coming Pheonix Network are iniltrator wolves or just socially awkward aggressive people I don’t know. The problem with infiltrators is they are well trained.. I think quite a few people at the group were just people butting heads with each other and others they were protesting against and the public in general..

      I wonder if Jan Longboat would come to a revived Occupy Toronto (NOT Phoenix Network)? I would love to meet her. She is a peacemaker and I think we strongly need the advice of peacemakers now. There has to be a way to set up a non-corrupt Occupy situation here in Toronto… I certainly didn’t go to James Park to destroy people’s lives or force people to lose their individuality or possessions, because I believe in human rights. I know Occupy was screwed up bad maybe we can fix it once the “Pheonix” bunch leave. Or if they don’t rename themselves make another group somehow, I don’t know… We have to do something!! We just have to make sure we don’t allow anything that violates human rights or the Canadian Charter of Rights. If we don’t do something, Canada is in ALOT of trouble down the road financially (as well as the threat of losing our national identity to globalization) so what do we do to fix it? Occupy was supposed to be everyone coming together to find solutions and do something about the problems… we can do so still I think as long as we stop allowing people to make us violate human rights in the name of protecting human (and the earth’s) rights. Seriously, it shouldn’t matter how loud someone yells, DON’T let them violate human rights. GA votes that violate human rights should be void. Proposals that if followed would involve violation of human rights should be void. They were not and reverse discrimination occurred, for instance… we cannot allow these things to happen again.

      1. “that we need to follow the Charter of Rights (Canadian) which closely follows the Human Charter of Rights which protects the individual.”. Umm hell no, I am not going to have canada, or the UN, tell me what my rights are. Rights are granted, to slaves, not to free individuals.

          • Tamara D. on August 27, 2012 at 04:21
          • Reply

          I do not mean it to make you or anyone a slave…It just seemed that sticking to those codes would be the answer considering the fact that the guys you are so mad at were not respecting other peoples rights. I am confused as to how we would know what people’s rights are without some sort of rule or guideline? People can’t agree on what people’s rights and freedoms are… not within my circle of friends, not within Occupy or other activist groups, not even in the general public! I get the sense you are a sovereign citizen. I considered this myself but I was going to go by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because it seemed to cover everything I believed (which will be violated by the green movement under globalization and Agenda 21)… I don’t want to turn my back on the human rights code only to find I have to fight with other people over my rights because they don’t respect or recognize my rights (as I perceive them since there is no law or document backing them up). What I mean is, if everyone, not just you or me, scrapped the human rights code then we would all be fighting over each others rights as we perceive them… how would that work in court? Do you expect we have to deal with the problem ourselves (scrapping courts)? To what extent? What rights does the person we are in conflict have? What if they believe they deserve more, or less, than we are willing to recognize in terms of rights? That’s the problem I am seeing. The “greenie communists”, for instance, see the rights and freedoms thing very differently that you and I do. They as individuals in a group are choosing actions that threaten our individual rights and freedoms… but how do we defend our rights and freedoms against others who, through their right to choose, will decide to speak and act in ways that threaten us? They see us as a threat to survival and we see them as a threat to survival. Both have the right to believe as they wish the problem is that this will lead to huge (probably physical) fight if there is not clear rule in place preventing people to act… hmm…. I am very confused. There is already a great deal of conflict even with the human rights code and charter.. how the heck does one stop corruption and evil and bad (as in if followed would lead to many unhealthy problems) decision making if no-one can agree on whats corrupt or evil or even just bad decisions?

          I always thought of the human rights codes as a positive, a protection against people that would wish to harm me and others. I have become aware that the codes and laws have been used for the opposite ends. I do not wish to harm or bind anyone. Perhaps I am so used to how society is that I am finding it hard to understand freedom without some sort of law defining people’s rights. Perhaps you can explain a bit of how it would work?

          1. what do you mean both. I’ll stick with the root of this issue and state that the LEFT does not have the right to forcefully take things from others for the greater good. IF they donated them and it was a good idea, people from the right would jump onboard and donate too if that was what they wanted. You know, the good old freedom of association, and the right to choose with whom you share your bread with? The left cannot have what they want with freedom of choice in order for their wish to be granted they have to forcibly remove other people’s right to decide for themselves, and that is inherently wrong and victimizes people whom are responsible adults for the mistakes of the odd person — and this isn’t about making things fair it is about preventing this bureaucratic nightmare from expanding and devouring more of the individual, their freewill and their right to decide what is best for themselves. Government is so detached they can make amoral decisions that the world is better off with you dead, I really doubt you’d ever make that choice yourself. Which system would you rather live in, the one where you decide life or the one where the system decides that you are dead?

    • The Hammer on August 26, 2012 at 18:36
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    Look forward to seeing the new site

    • P. on August 27, 2012 at 15:23
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    Someone stop the blogosphere
    And/or get it right out of my way
    I think I know what’s happening here
    I became an ActiVISTocrat today
    Cuz I’ve got an agenda that means more to me than YOU.
    If that hurts your feelings, I hope you work it through…
    You picked the pettiest battle
    and now you seem to think you’ve won
    the only thing you did at Occupy was suck out all the fun.

    1. yes and while you are at it silence the infidels who exercise their free speech. Occupy wasn’t supposed to be fun it was supposed to be the battle for yourselves and your future, which you failed at because there wasn’t enough fun and games.

        • Tamara D. on August 28, 2012 at 22:23
        • Reply

        I actually do agree with you about what you said in reply to me. . We do not have the right to force people to only eat certain foods to learn certain things or only say certain things or anything like that. Also I don’t think alot of people in the left realize that they’re mad at the wrong people. I was just asking the above question out of confusion about something you said I did not mean to distract from the original topic. I think part of the problem is that the left are focusing on the wrong people and also on the wrong solutions… because they are focusing on the wrong people. Also even if they did manage (assuming they are simply well-meaning) to set their ideas into motion taking away people’s freedoms means that some corrupt group or individual can take full advantage of that without any legal recourse because those rights were taken away. Also, when you take away people’s rights it causes them anger, distress and it is unhealthy so in the end it will cause more suffering. What the left wants can be achieved in other ways which do not take people’s rights away I think, but They have to readjust their focus, look higher up the chain then they are. Bilderberg might be a good start (and those above them), the IMF and World Bank, the Rockefellers and others… The middle class and even some of the rich aren’t the problem. They have to look higher at the real manipulators of economy and politics or they will achieve nothing but hurting innocent people while the real crooks continue to play with everyone under them.

        I’m not mad at the general public anymore because most of the people, even the rich (not top elites) are not the real problem. Taking away people’s rights and freedoms in everyday life will do nothing but cause misery and the crooks can take full advantage of that because the less rights we have the more they can screw with us and suck us dry.

        I want people to have a good life, healthy safe but not at the cost of their rights. No guilded cages. I’m still trying to learn and come up with more positive ways of dealing with things.

        I believe we really We have to stop Agenda 21 and globalization or we’re all in real trouble! But I’m afraid to bring that up with Occupiers because I’m afraid they’d shoot me down before hearing why… and I am one of those socially awkward stick-my-foot-in-my-mouth types so I don’t think I can convey the information… I am very worried for Canada, as well as the US and other countries around the world… I don’t know what to do. I have no activist experience and the group I came to (Occupy Toronto) ended up messed up! Occupy was supposed to be the solution but – at least in Toronto – we ended up part of the problem and now it’s going after the wrong people, the wrong solutions, which will hurt people far more in the end and won’t save the planet at all! :(

        1. I can agree with a fair chunk of that. Occupy would instantly call people “climate denier” if they brought up Agenda 21 as being a liberty robbing problem. They pretended to be open about all the issues but We are change found all of the soft spots and provoked them into revealing their true, watermelon colors. Although the provoking didn’t change much, they were promoting agenda 21 and agenda 21 organizations like crazy, the group here in victoria was bold and thought people wouldn’t notice, AND THEY DID. The revolution will come, but next time it is up to the people to make sure there really aren’t any leaders and the solution is solid and presented in it’s entirety. Instead of little networked collectives with a hub from the international socialists, it should be a founding father type person writing the correct solution and people figuring out that it is the road to one and doing it. Otherwise, we wait, and suffering increases, because that is just the kick in the ass that people need to figure out that if they do not do something brilliant in their own capacity there will be more of it (suffering) in their futures.

            • Tamara D. on August 29, 2012 at 10:16
            • Reply

            I thought like them in the beginning, but At some point, since I was inspired by the happening of Occupy but driven away by the constant conflict, I was looking into alternative media sites and I started to listen and learn. I read articles and watched videos from people speaking out about climate change as a hoax to trick people into giving up their rights and globalizing the world. Those people explained how what the Agenda 21 crowd was going to harm the people and further screw up society in the name of saving the environment. But they won;t be saving the environment. It’s a hoax. Carbon tax, for instance.. the crazy financial people are going to add derivatives to it.. which will mean in the end people will owe far more in derivatives than what CO2 is in the air on the planet… and debt equals power to the one you owe money to. That’s just one problem. I read one article in the news about a village where land was contested being destroyed, even a child got burned alive in a house, just so a company could take the land and use it to plant trees to offset carbon taxes. That is completely unacceptable!! I don’t know if any Occupiers read the article, I as I have been watching alternate media everyday. I read it awhile ago and it angers me.

            Heck, even if climate change is real, Agenda 21 is not the answer, it’s just being used to gain further control over people and land and force dependency in a global government (the United Nations). There are many alternatives and it is deplorable what they are planning. Did it ever occur to the green movement that the sudden turn around by governments and businesses that are known to be corrupt could be because they are using the environmentalists as tools and pawns? This is all a very fortunate situation for those who want power because they’ve convinced people to actually go along with and accept losing freedoms and rights, to accept the abuse of others for ‘the greater good” and to accept being told what to do and even to accept the abuse and deaths of dissidents!!

            In my opinion and in my heart, I feel that good NEVER advocates for or accepts the deaths of innocents. It never strips one of their rights or freedoms because to do so would make them distressed and sick. It does everything in it’s power, seeks every alternatve, to protect the innocent and to protect life… Believing in the concept of sacrificing people makes those who are corrupt’s jobs easier, they only have to convince you its for a greater good then they suck the life out of innocent people pretending to care, pretending to “help” while doing great harm. Sacrificing innocent people to save life is NOT good, it is a kind of insanity in my opinion. What other alternatives do we have, and what information is being hidden from us by the corrupt to herd us towards these sacrifices?

    • brotherwolf1 on August 29, 2012 at 15:12
    • Reply

    ” … failed at because there wasn’t enough fun and games …

    Occupy failed for many reasons, the main being they they felt it was more important to cater to the dope heads, drug dealers, drunks and just about every street punk and crack head out there rather than actually doing something that could have made real, positive and productive change. Occupy failed because it was more important to sell out to unions and union agendas. Occupy failed because it was more important for them to be anarchists that evoke real and meaningful change.

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