Open Letter To Marcia Lane (Kevin Annett’s Assistant)- Please Stop!

Marcia Lane – One of Kevin Annett’s most ardent supporters…

Dear Marcia,

First, let me say, I feel bad about what’s happened to you. After putting your trust into Kevin Annett, you are now stuck in a place where your the world has discovered that he’s been a false messiah. These must be really challenging times for you. Please accept my apology on behalf of the people of Canada- our system failed you by enabling Kevin to have continued his fraud for so long.

But, regardless of external forces Marcia, you are still responsible for your own actions. And, how you continue to support Kevin in his deception – long after the evidence has come out that residential school survivors want Kevin to stop – is a slap in the face to the victims. It’s time for you to wake-up now and quit feeding Kevin’s abusiveness towards them.

There’s something you wrote to me this week that has been resonating in my head since I saw it. Let me share a screenshot to remind you:

There’s a big problem with this Marcia- it’s that there are scores of people who came before Kevin taking about the problems of the residential schools. If you have any doubt, read Heather Martin’s excellent article where she researched the history. Also remembers survivors like Willie Blackwater and Harriett Nahanee- both people were brave enough to speak out about their stories and challenged the official history of what happened. Both of them also asked Kevin Annett to stop representing them. Blackwater was public on this subject before Kevin ever was.

If that’s not good enough, let me introduce you to the story of Samuel McGillivary, a survivor of group homes who camped-out on the lawn of the Manitoba Legislature until the province agreed to make an apology and reparations for  the damage that was done to him and to his fellow residents. McGillivary is still actively working on his cause.

Kevin has stolen people’s stories, forged signatures, taken money and engaged in vicious attacks on a large number of people- including the people who he claims to be representing. Each day his deception continues is another day of pain for people who least deserve it.

Marcia, regardless of if you are wittingly or unwittingly part of Kevin’s deception- you are actively helping it continue. This is a horribly tragedy, and you need to stop now. There’s no excuse any longer- the evidence is out there for you to read, and the vast majority (at least 95%) of people who have supported Kevin have now realized that he’s a fraud.  It’s time for you to do the same.

Also, it is time for you to do the honourable thing and apologize to the people who you’ve been helping to hurt. It won’t be easy to do that, but it is something that is necessary for you to do. Please bow down now, you will be forgiven.


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    • Tamara D. on September 16, 2012 at 00:34
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    I love the barding on the horse! I wonder if she went to a medieval fair or something?

    Marcia, please listen to Greg! I believe based on the evidence he showed about Kevin forging someone’s signature (who denounced him then later died, no connection but after she died he said she signed a note saying she supported him but the signature is exact to another signature on another letter he’d had previous… Check it out, it’s somewhere on this site. I was very angry when I saw that. Claiming to be a Minister of God one does NOT steal someone’s name to bear the false witness of claiming support from a person that does not support him! That is a breach of, I believe, 2 commandments: Thou shall not steal, and Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. He needs to realize, though maybe he already does, that the things he has done are wrong and very harmful. He has to stop and change his path or he’s going to hurt many, many more people! Native people! The people he is thinking (and saying) he is helping… he is hurting them! Please take a step back and look at all the information from an outside perspective. Perhaps you may decide Greg is wrong, or you may decide Greg is right but at least LOOK at the info. If Greg is wrong, so be it… but if Greg is right, do you want to continue to be part of a path that causes pain and harm to people’s lives?

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like Marcia has got so deep that she doesn’t care what the truth is any longer. She’s drank too much of Kevin Annett’s Kool Aid- she’s lost…

      1. lol check out this: The six hundred membets of this Party will be…
        Jim Brown 1:28pm Sep 15
        The six hundred membets of this Party will be happy to know that the four-member team wrecking Crew has been removed from this Council.
        LOL, what a loser! So we bring down kevin and this whole party of international socialist losers goes down with him! That just beefed up the incentive, anybody with email headers from communications with jeremiah jourdain, please post them here so we can track them.

    • McLean on September 18, 2012 at 01:10
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    Look at her FB page. She doesn’t appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Just the perfect kind Annett likes to find to dupe. Poor thing.

  1. Marcia seems to have impaired mental and intellectual capacity. Perhaps like Kevin, there is an indulgence or problem with crack cocaine and or other hard drugs. This might explain the apparent demetia. To boot, she seems to live out some kind of fantasies of grandeur on her poor horse. Long on hate. Short on brain.

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