Alfred Webre: Liar, Traitor, Nutbar, Con and Jerk… (feat. PressTV!)

Alfred Webre on Iran’s state-run PressTV…

I first learned about the existence of Alfred Webre back in July through my research on Kevin Annett, a con-artist who has been profiting off of the pains of Canada’s indigenous communities. Webre had partnered with Annett and was promoting his lies- despite the fact there was overwhelming evidence that Annett was up to no good. Even after Annett was caught in a big lie (about a filing in Toronto’s Federal Court that never actually happened), Webre continued to support him. Webre is a man with a seriously damaged moral compass…

Webre appeared on Iran’s state-run PressTV last Wednesday. I’ve written a lot about PressTV in the past, they’re a pretty unsavoury bunch- the perfect match for a man like Webre. He previously hooked-up with them for a mock war crimes tribunal that Webre continually refers to as being real. PressTV tried to pose the tribunal as bring real also- but,  they were one of the few members of global media who did. This is the big problem with PressTV- it appears that they all too often broadcast lies when it is advantageous to their agenda.

What is their agenda?

Well, in the case of Canada, PressTV appears to have an agenda to attack and destabilize. I’ve caught PressTV broadcasting a number of lies- and, I’ve even got them to change their ways in a story about the Quebec student strikes. But, that’s a minor issue- the real damage PressTV appears to be doing these days is related to Canada’s indigenous affairs.

This is where Alfred Webre comes into the story. Despite the fact Annett has been proven to be a con-artist, Webre appeared on PressTV on Wednesday to continue promoting the lies. Webre claimed to be a ‘legal advisor’ to Annett’s made-up International Tribunal Into Crimes Of Church And State (ITCCS).  The problem is that the ITCCS is not a real organization, it isn’t registered in any country, it doesn’t have an office, a bank account, or even a phone number (except, for the number at Annett’s home). Basically, the ITCCS is a con.

So, if this is a con, why is PressTV broadcasting this clown? It’s simple, PressTV cares much less for the truth than they do for the propaganda value of stories like this. Iran has (rightly) been subject to a lot of international pressure for their human rights issues- issues like stoning people to death, a lack of free speech, and poor women’s rights. Canada has been at the forefront of this criticism- so, Iran is using their state-run TV station to retaliate.

So, that covered how Webre is a liar & a traitor- let’s move onto why he is a nutbar…

APTN did a story on Friday- the title says it all: Iranian TV attacks Canada using “lawyer” who believes Obama visited Mars. Yes, Webre is such a nutbar that he actually believes that Obama ‘teleported’ to Mars in a secret mission with the CIA. If that doesn’t prove to you that Webre’s a nutbar, you may just be a nutbar yourself. Stephen Colbert had a lot of fun with this one:

Next we move onto the ‘con’ part of the story. Webre runs a little organization that he calls Exo University. I covered this back in July, when I found an interesting video of him promoting his (unaccredited) university. In this video, Webre makes the statement that if people ‘earn’ a certificate in time travel, they can use that certificate to prove to bank managers that they are worthy of a loan.

This is a blatant misrepresentation of reality. But, this isn’t the only con Webre is involved in- his continuing support of Kevin Annett’s lies is an even bigger one. And, it appears that Webre has been making a healthy living selling books and lectures on his cons…

The last thing I’ll share about Webre is that the man is a first-class jerk. Like most cons, he tends to get really nasty with people when they call him on his lies. I’ve seen him to it to me, and I’ve watched him do the same to a few other people. There’s another example of this in a story on (PressTV ally) VeteransToday in their story titled Now It Can Be Told! The REAL Reason Obama Was Nearly Devoured by Carnivorous Plesiosaurs on Mars. Here’s the writer’s take on what happened after he called Webre on his BS:

“Confronted, Webre emitted a series of verbose, evasive, weaselly email diatribes. The stench of guilty demeanor was palpable.”

This is exactly the same reaction Webre gave when he was confronted about the Annett deception. As is typical of dishonourable men, rather than address an issue, he instead roars-out with anger and tries to change the subject. Perhaps this worked well for Webre when he was a child, but it is the core of his own self-destruction now. Each time he behaves this way he makes it even more clear how much of a dishonest jerk he is.

Webre’s lame attempt to slander me…

So, how do you solve a problem like Alfie? It’s simple really, Webre is doing this himself. First, he incriminated himself in this video. Attorney General Rob Nicholson has forwarded information on Annett’s scam to Vic Toews, the Minister of Public Safety. If all goes well, I imagine Webre should be expecting a knock on his door sooner or later.

Next, Webre has had so many public outbursts in his ‘jerk’ mode that he has been shedding supporters like a German Shepard during the summertime. And, last, PressTV and Iran are also getting a lot of attention from the government these days. Webre is swatting at a bee’s nest each time he appears on PressTV. Sooner or later, the government will be coming down hard on him- telling lies on behalf of a foreign government is a dangerous game.

I’ll continue following Webre’s antics, and will keep you updated as they progress. The longer Webre is out in the world, the more content I’ll have to write about. At least that’s something good about his not being incarcerated yet…

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