MediaWatch: Success! PressTV’s Joshua Blakeney Gets Real!

Joshua Blakeney – Iranian Propagandist…

You may remember a couple of weeks ago when I published my MediaWatch story PressTV’s Joshua Blakeney Gets The Casseroles Wrong!, where I exposed how Blakeney was telling a mistruth about the Quebec student strikes not asking for free tuition. Well, it appears that MediaWatch has had a success- Blakeney has now changed his tune!

In his latest story about the student strikes, Blakeney now admits that the strikes were also about free tuition- good on you mate! Let’s hope that the rest of Blakeney’s stories get better this way- that said, I’m not holding my breath. Stay tuned for my next MediaWatch story on this subject- it will be titled: Joshua Blakeney & PressTV Hate Canada! Basically, it will be a set of clips where Joshua shows his true (Communist) Canada-hating colours from various broadcasts he’s made on PressTV.

Here’s today’s video, where Blakeney repents!

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