MediaWatch: Success! PressTV’s Joshua Blakeney Gets Real!

Joshua Blakeney – Iranian Propagandist…

You may remember a couple of weeks ago when I published my MediaWatch story PressTV’s Joshua Blakeney Gets The Casseroles Wrong!, where I exposed how Blakeney was telling a mistruth about the Quebec student strikes not asking for free tuition. Well, it appears that MediaWatch has had a success- Blakeney has now changed his tune!

In his latest story about the student strikes, Blakeney now admits that the strikes were also about free tuition- good on you mate! Let’s hope that the rest of Blakeney’s stories get better this way- that said, I’m not holding my breath. Stay tuned for my next MediaWatch story on this subject- it will be titled: Joshua Blakeney & PressTV Hate Canada! Basically, it will be a set of clips where Joshua shows his true (Communist) Canada-hating colours from various broadcasts he’s made on PressTV.

Here’s today’s video, where Blakeney repents!

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    • The Hammer on August 9, 2012 at 11:20
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    Ah, a communist who works for two different fascist “news” organizations. More proof that there is actually very little difference between communism and fascism once you get out of the antiquated left-right mindset. Both communism and fascism are intollerent of dissenting opinions; both are totalitarian which force non-confomers to conform or be punnished.

  1. if people really wanted free education they should put the info online….instead of the old outdated model of schools, look for the teachers to make an online course and allow us to get as much education for free as we want…..but they really DONT want free education, they want more union power in schools, more political power for students and a place to organize and control the young malleable student mind…

    Free education can be easy and just requires the teachers calling for it to put their course material online for everyone….but they also want their pensions and a big suck on the nanny states tits

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