Weasel Love: Doreen Agostino & Jason Bowman Hook-Up!


There’s some ‘must see’ (well, hear) radio on Wednesday evening. Jason Bowman will be appearing on Doreen Agostino’s show titled Align Shine Prosper. You may remember Doreen as the person who said at Jason Bowman’s press conference that the legal action was possibly the most important case in the history of mankind. Or, something like that. If not, watch the video:

Agostino is also the person who labelled Jason Bowman as “The most experienced citizen prosecutor I’ve met.” Doreen, can you please give us the count of how many citizen prosecutors you’ve met in your career as a “Self-realize Specialist, and Change Messenger?” Why are you still promoting Jason even though he has been caught telling pork pies (lies) about filing a case in court?

There’s a great line in Agostino’s promo for the show:

“Jason Bowman recently filed 8 Lawful Notices of Intent (LNIs) to government leaders and international corporations, to reclaim the Mohawk lands”

Lawful Notices of Intent? What does that mean Jason? Are some notices of intent unlawful? Should we be worried about outlaw intent? How about ex-parte intent? How about the intent of your in-laws?  Has Alfred Webre done a legal analysis on the documents this time around? If not, perhaps you should recruit him- he is a lawyer after all.

Doreen, can you please explain who is realizing from your self-realize specialism? Is it true that when your done with someone are they truly free to be wealthy? If you are a super whiz at getting people wealthy, why don’t you just focus on creating wealth and letting everyone else live more comfortable lives? Wouldn’t that be the most altruistic path?

I’d like to encourage people to call-in to Agostino’s show on Wednesday evening at 8pm EST. Ask her how she and Jason are going to help the Mohawks free to be wealthy? Will trusting their birthright to a non-lawyer be a smart idea? Wouldn’t it be better for them to find someone smart enough to know you can’t sue the pope?

Do some research if you like, get creative. See how many potential reasons we can come up with for why it is irresponsible for her to be promoting Jason Bowman on her show. His grandiose claims to be a man who can save the battle for indigenous land claims isn’t qualified to clerk in a courtroom.  If they let him take a test on legal procedures I’m pretty certain he wouldn’t reach the bar.

I tweeted to the world to ask what it means to be a “self-realize specialist” earlier this evening. One response encapsulated the meaning very well:

So, everyone, set your calendar to Wednesday, and dial-up for Agostino’s show. Personally, I’m going to ask her about magic power generating technologies. I hear she knows a thing or two about them…

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    • Notfooled on September 3, 2012 at 22:32
    • Reply

    All in all, and not meaning to be crude here, but I think ol’ Jason is still in search of his reach around. He didn’t get it from his ill fated put the weird girl out in the back yard tent experiment so he’s just trolling for more opportunities. Luckily, there’s an asshole for every seat, yes every seat, so this should be rather interesting. Stay tuned!

  1. I just feel incredibly sad with all of this…. self-realization…pffft… all the New Age orgone-blasters, EMF blocking in the world isn’t going to shield Jason et. al. from what’s going on in the real world. No alien race is going to come and whisk us away to our ‘Ascended Masters’, and no White Man needs to come save the ‘Poor Indians’. Self empowerment of the First Nations tribes can only come from within and their greatest power will be their OWN self realize(ation)… not “The Bowmanator’s” kind of realization… when that happens, the world will stand back in awe of what they have accomplished.

    • brotherwolf1 on September 4, 2012 at 09:38
    • Reply

    The only thing missing from that press conference were some hare krishna chants and the passing around of that old standby, wacky tabacy , although, i am guessing that many of the ones there doing the speaking were already well on their way to , ” another level ” .

    • The Hammer on September 4, 2012 at 10:09
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    Is “Weasel Love” anything like Muskrat Love?

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