A Letter To Mathew Kagis & “Schoolteacher” Sasha Wiley-Shaw (Apologies please!)

Dear Mathew & Sasha,

It has come to my attention that you have made a public accusation of my involvement with a video about Sasha that was posted on YouTube this week. I have to insist that you make an immediate retraction.

Mathew, you made the accusation that I was involved in creating the video about Sasha. This is not true, I had nothing to do with the video, and I have no relationship with the person who made it. In the interest of full-disclosure, he has attempted to ask for my help- here’s a screenshot:

He asked me for a copy of a video about Sasha, but I haven’t responded with the video. Personally, I didn’t wanted to get all mixed-up with this mess. I didn’t think the video would be something I’d want to be associated with making.

Sasha, the language that you used to describe me is not representative of who or what I am. In addition to that, I must protest your presumption that I criticised you after your arrest because you worked with a union. If a union held a bake sale for the Quebec students, do you think I would cover that story? Of course not, but if a group of activists do what both of you (and others) did at the Casseroles, that is a valid news story.

I criticised you (and others) because of your shameless behaviour during these events. If what you were doing on the day you were arrested wasn’t cop-baiting, then the only other conclusion I can come to is that you are dangerously inept. I’m not certain which of these two outcomes is more scary. Or, perhaps I’m missing something? If so, please explain.

I have documented and written about the following incidents that occurred at the Casseroles:

  • A group of people marched back-and-forth across a crosswalk, blocking a group of innocent bystanders in their cars.
  • A protester spat on one of the vehicles being blocked.
  • Protesters waved their banners around and taunted the drivers.
  • Matthew, you intentionally smashed your tin pot and wooden spoon just inches from a police officer’s face.
  • One protester tried to body check a police officer.
  • Sasha, you had said that you had some sort of a broken bone. After you changed your story, Lauren Gill repeated this exaggeration on CKNW
  • Numerous other exaggerations and mistruths were told to the media.

As I said, what happened that day was a valid news story. This incident was covered by many members of the media, I was but one of them. There are scores of people in Vancouver who believe that what happened during the Casseroles were a black mark on Vancouver’s activist community. Please don’t try and deflect your behaviour on me or others who weren’t responsible for your actions.

I expect you both to retract your statements immediately, before they do further harm to me. And, if you have any statements to make about me in the future- we’d all appreciate that you will document what you are saying. I will be waiting eagerly for your apologies.



Mathew Kegis, Sasha’s Partner…

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  1. Funny, I ezperienced the same set of labels myself. That hidden person wouldn’t happen to be jocelyn samek would it? I’ve had dealing with kagis in the past, he is on my list of shills.

    1. Yep, she was involved in the mud-slinging. But, of course, that was to be expected…

    • Standing Water on October 25, 2012 at 11:11
    • Reply

    I would not hold your breath waiting for an apology—these people are unreasonable, tho whether that is natural or artificial, who knows. Indeed, given that many of them have University education, I wonder if they were this way before going to University, or if this is something that University-education does to certain phenotypes. It’s a very important question, because if the former, we need to ensure those phenotypes don’t get into positions of public trust (doctor, lawyer, school-teacher), and if the latter, we need to ensure that the curriculum/teaching methods causing this unreasonableness are removed.

    Having observed them for some time, it appears that nobody taught them “it’s still defamation even if you use a five dollar word.” Calling someone a misogynist is not a refutation of any argument—and even if a real, honest to goodness misogynist is arguing, for example, that all women belong in the kitchen, the refutation of that is not “He is a misogynist, therefore he is wrong.” It is a complex chain of arguments involving human equality, freedom, etc. but that sort of complexity is anti-dogmatic, so it is incompatible with these skeevy little university socialists and their braindamage.

    The whole “bored and lonely” thing is pretty funny—I mean, if one wanted, one could reduce all “activism” to “bored and impoverished.” I wonder how many of these “activists” could be enjoying art galleries in Europe for months at a time, but instead choose to dedicate themselves to “activism”? Perhaps they’re simply bored and poor, and “activism” is a free sort of entertainment, like sunbathing, a sort of substitute-activity for those who cannot afford to travel from museum to museum? A misogynist is a woman-hater. What’s an aristocrat hater? That seems to be the proper term for the Occupy kids. They say it’s about inequality, but it’s not: they hate the aristocracy!

    • The Hammer on October 27, 2012 at 08:24
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    These people are so rediculous it is hillarious. They are proving to be almost as entertaining as Jason Bowman.

    • The Hammer on October 27, 2012 at 10:38
    • Reply

    It is at least comforting to know Sasha Wiley is an adult education teacher. Rather then being a teacher of young children.

    1. Indeed. It’s also interesting to see how her partner, Matthew Kegis is still calling her a ‘schoolteacher’- not so honest, is it…

  2. I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone I’m either working for or am a sock puppet of.

    1. That sounds like my experience- I’ve been called every type of cop, an agent for the queen, and that I’m working for the pope. Kinda funny really…

      1. When I used to argue with Kennedy Conspiracy Theorists and later 9/11 Truthers, iit was amazing how many people they thought are on the payroll.

  3. At this rate I’ll never find out what roofer nurses are. :(

    1. Roofer nurses?

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