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[Updated] Kevin Annett, The Pope, The Media Co-Op, Anonymous, The CAW, Lies And Appropriation of Indigenous Voices…

Kevin Annett was one of the worst disasters to hit Canada’s indigenous communities in the past 20 years. He’s a former United Church minister who was defrocked after losing his cool and refusing to meet with a church psychiatrist. Once he left the church he began his long-con- appropriating the voices of Indian Residential School …

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Is Activist Violence A Plot Against Activism? (It may as well be…)

It’s no secret now that Canadian activist movements have a problem with violence. Every major activist event in the past few years has been stained by violent acts- the 2010 Olympics, G20, the student fees protests in Quebec. Yet, despite the fact such violence very few activists have dared to speak-out. People who have, like …

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Anarchists For Andrew Cash!

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One Penny Philanthropist: Why Is OPIRG York Fronting Donations For A Racist Hate Group?

I decided to try a little experiment yesterday, I’ll call it the One Penny Philanthropist. It all began when a generous reader decided to click the donate button (to your right) and graciously sent me a $50 donation. In the year and a quarter I’ve been running this site I’ve got $150, which has been …

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Occupy Toronto, Anarchists, Social Violence, Christian Peacemakers, Iran & Tax-Receipts (feat. Mennonite Church)

One of the most dishonourable people I’ve met through the Occupy movement (right up there with Dave Vasey, Sakura Saunders and Maggie Helwig) was an American who lives in Toronto named Doug Johnson Hatlem. If you were reading this site back in March you’ll remember him as the ‘street preacher’ who made-up a story that he had a …

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