[Updated] Kevin Annett, The Pope, The Media Co-Op, Anonymous, The CAW, Lies And Appropriation of Indigenous Voices…

International Socialist, and prominent con-artist, Kevin Annett (notice what it says on the banner)

Kevin Annett (on right) with NDP Socialist Caucus Founder Barry Weisleder

Kevin Annett was one of the worst disasters to hit Canada’s indigenous communities in the past 20 years. He’s a former United Church minister who was defrocked after losing his cool and refusing to meet with a church psychiatrist. Once he left the church he began his long-con- appropriating the voices of Indian Residential School survivors and using their stories to get naïve (or bad intentioned) people to support his crusade against the Pope, the Queen, and the governments of the world.

In 2011 Annett went to the Six Nations reserve in Brantford, Ontario and faked the discovery of a mass grave of residential school survivors. His fraud was exposed and he was publicly humiliated- even the Aboriginal People’s Television Network got involved, producing an in-depth report debunking him. Annett later lied about filing a court case against the Queen, the Pope, Harper & ‘Big Pharma’- he was quickly disproved.

How does one top faking a mass grave and a lawsuit against the Queen? Well, it seems that Annett has gone off the deep-end now, he announced yesterday that he was single-handedly responsible for the resignation of the Pope!

No, it’s not April Fool’s day. That said, it appears that there are still fools out there who are listening to Annett. There are people so disillusioned with how they see the world that they’re willing to grasp at Annett’s straws and believe his stories. Some people lost their dignity, some lost their money- many residential school survivors got to feel what it was like to be violated once more. He violated survivors after their death- forging the signature of Harriett Nahanee, one of the most respected indigenous activists in Canada.

When people called Annett out on his bad behaviour, he’d retaliate by coordinating vicious attacks on people who asked too many questions. He smeared Jan Longboat, an elder and professor who spent her life studying and teaching her knowledge of indigenous culture. He made webpages slandering people, calling residential school survivors ‘dimestore indians’, and spreading rumours that people were ‘agents of the state’. The slander and attacks got so bad that Dennis Banks and Royce White Calf from the American Indian Movement made a public declaration (on this site) that Annett was a danger to native communities.

Before he entered the church, Kevin Annett was an activist. When he left, he was an organizer for the Canadian Auto Workers- trying to recruit United Church clergy into the union.

Annett’s involvement with activism began while he was a Master’s student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. In Toronto, he was one of the founding members of the International Socialists- a spin off group that was created after the Waffle was ejected from the NDP. His network included many people who were (and are) influential on the left– Barry Weisleder, Winnie Ng, Judy Rebick and George Galloway to name a few.

It was those connections that allowed Annett’s long-con to thrive and grow. He was invited to speak at their meetings, Ryerson University (and CAW Sam Gindin Chair) Winnie Ng wrote glowing letters about his ‘work’, he shared the stage with Judy Rebick, Galloway interviewed him on his radio show.

As time passed, the left’s support for Annett shifted from the ridiculous to the absurd. Rabble.ca published a story declaring Annett conducted an exorcism, causing a tornado to hit the Vatican. The Media Co-Op published a video interview with Annett while he’s waving around the bones of what he claimed were the bones of dead children from residential schools- they only launched softball questions and didn’t question gaps in Annett’s logic.

Intentional or not, Annett was a valuable tool for the people in the militant left- particularly for their efforts to create agitation in indigenous communities. One community where the radicals (with a strong representation from the CAW) have a foothold is the Six Nations. Annett’s claims of finding a mass grave was exactly what they needed to spur division. The hate Annett created for peacemakers like Jan Longboat only helped the radicals further their cause.

In many ways the Kevin Annett affair is a microcosm of Canada’s radical activist community- the same players, the same style of agitation, the same pattern of vicious lies, smears and attacks. That’s not a coincidence, Annett learned everything he knew from this community.

Today I was viciously attacked, once again, by some of the very same people. A story was published on the Media Co-Op’s webpage slandering me with a laundry list of lies and vicious smears. They label me as a far-right ‘reactionary’ because I view violence and dishonesty as a danger to the success of genuine activism. The article also appears to many as a veiled call to violence against me.

Curiously, someone from the House of Commons read that story- arriving on my site from the story in the Media Co-Op. It’s good to see people in government are paying attention.


Someone claiming to be with Anonymous then tweeted out that I’ve been framing activists for false crimes. Afterwards, 100’s of people came to my site. Luckily, many have come to me and expressed their regret that this happened to me.


It’s my understanding that the Media Co-Op has received funding from the CAW. In return, they’ve promoted the CAW’s causes, attacked the right people, and helped perpetuate many of the militant left’s great deceptions.  They do all this while claiming to be protectors of the working class and advocates for indigenous rights. In reality, what they do is the exact opposite.

Kevin Annett, Judy Rebick, Rabble, the Media Co-Op and so many others are a real a danger to those who they claim to support. They appropriate the voices of the poor, the disillusioned, and even those who’ve experienced the horrors of the residential schools. It’s a form of colonization- also a form of theft. Is it a coincidence that Pamela Palmater is the spokesperson for Idle No More? She’s also Judy Rebick’s sidekick, and funded by the CAW.

Most of the people who supported Annett have publicly conceded that he’s a fraud- including reporters for Rabble and the Media Co-Op. Regardless, they haven’t taken any action to stop the pain he’s been causing and to protect more people from giving their money, stories and souls to a man generally acknowledged as a con-artist. This despite the fact that some of their indigenous allies still believe in Kevin Annett’s lies. This is a form of abuse.

The problem is that these people aren’t in the game to bring us peace. They want the opposite, it’s their intention to continuing tearing-apart indigenous, and other, communities until they are (theoretically) ripe for a violent revolution. There most likely won’t be a revolution, most people are smarter than to believe their radical dogma. Unfortunately, many people are still getting hurt.

This cowardly pattern of vicious lies and attacks needs to stop. The appropriation of people’s struggles needs to stop. The people perpetuating this anguish need to stop. The community needs to take responsibility and call-out this sort of behaviour when it happens. It’s no longer acceptable to ignore what’s happening. Lives are at stake…

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  1. I was gravely stalked by a man on FB who had the IP adress for “US INTELLIGENCE, Raytheon”, Sunydale California, while he was posing to be a hippie living in an RV in New Mexico. He also posed to be a ‘Cheokee’ with long blond hair, and an American Indian Movement activist and ‘a champion of the People’. He ALSO claimed he worked with Anonymous (remember US INTELLIGENCE, Raytheon)…and WAS ALL OVER ME, my family and others I work with in the common goal of EXPOSING KEVIN ANNETT. He had his ‘insider buddies’ publish a report consisting of slander and lies about Greg Renouf, Heather Martin, myself and others. This was after a 6 month BLIZRIG of FBI/CIA all out attack on our family and home regarding yours truly KEVIN ANNETT. I know part of this kneejerk defensive offensive against us – decent, normal, caring citizens and human beings – has to do with exposing ANNETT’s family’s serious criminal dealings with the internationally illegal bulk water black market out of Vancouver, and partially because of who Kevin Annett really is. HE IS AN AGENT FOR THE DARK SIDE. I am here to validate that Greg Renouf is under serious surveillance and attack as well from the NEOCON FASCIST MARXIST Illuminists and New World Orderists, as much as my husband and I and other good people have been. Greg really threatens people on the wrong side of The Force.

    On a comic note, the Anonymous report claimed that I had been involved in a steamy romance with this loathsome creature for many years on end. My husband who is of far superior anatomy jokes that I most certainly brushed Kevin’s smelly body fur…for I have seen him in a towel, and nearly fell over dead. MY GOD THE BODY HAIR !! IT’S EVERYWHERE BUT ON THE TOP OF HIS HEAD !!!!!!!!! Oh, how revolting. When I called downstairs to my sons and husband tonight with the tired but bemused tone of “OH LORDY …..HE’S CLAIMING HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE POPE’s RESIGNATION FROM THAT BRUSSELS OFFICE”…I don’t think we laughed harder in our lives, even over the body fur jokes – and those are hard to beat. Seriously, we end up rolling on each other on the floor with this guy. When you can get past the filthy character he is, it’s the best comedy in the history of the modern world.

    I conceed that Greg is accurate in his apprisal of Idle No More, though there are differences in our life experience that have lead to differing perspectives regarding Idle No More. Rather that an either or stance, I see that Greg and I have an and both truth. He is an incredible journalist, really, and deserves a column with sophistocated print press for his discernment and ability to grasp the complexities of these highly complex political games played by the illusion of the right left hoaxary – and the very real agenda and threat coming in from the far left. That, my friends, is why Greg Renouf is such a threat.

    And to my dear old friend Kevin, who I know hangs on every word all of us write anywhere in the cyber universe, how steamy was that romance, eh?? Shall I finally fess up to Lori, and dear old Dad, then? And what is good old Penny going to do when her bubble is finally popped?? How can she argue with her beloved Anonymous? Oh the glory of it all !!! More fun ahead, and I am back after a much needed furlough from your bothersome existence. So hang in and hang tight buddy, for the heat is coming down – more than in our most steamy moments, and your wildest imaginings. OOOOOO……..

    • The Hammer on February 13, 2013 at 08:58
    • Reply

    The far left as been trying to hijack Anonymous for about 4 years now. It is a familiar pattern. They see anonymous fighting against corporatism and government censorship and the activistocracts automatically assume Anonymous is on board with a radical neo-Marxist agenda. So now we have the odd radical neo-Marxist running around, claiming to be a “Leader” with anonymous and making threats to bring down the government or some corporation through hacking. Nothing ever comes from their threats.

    Anonymous is just a leaderless collection of goofball hackers who hate big government (which would make them un-Marxist) and support freedom and free speech. They are pretty much Libertarian. They also spend most of their time posting funny pictures of cats, making fun of internet pedophiles and attacking groups or individuals who offend them. For example: They launched the biggest ever protest of the Church of Scientology and attacked a woman in Michigan who was being mean to a dying girl.

    After the protest of Scientology in Vancouver Anonymous sent public thanks to the Vancouver Police Deapartment for their help in explaining what was legal and illegal when protesting. Sound like something activistocrats would do?

    I would not worry too much about Anonymous coming after you.

    • The Hammer on February 13, 2013 at 09:02
    • Reply

    Oh god, I just saw that Curtis Nixon is commenting on that article lol

    You should ask him how his buddy Balch is doing

  2. Well Hammer maybe in your comfortable white zone, you do not deal with deadly governmental extermination policies. Are you the activistocrat you refer to ? I have buried far too many friends from the other race to harbor comfort or naivete – and have seen what surviving Martial Law for 3 years and death squads in America’s second largest armed conflict other that the Civil War has done to my husband – and his People, and have lived side by side for 20 years with said olicy aimed at me and my children. Perhaps you did not read well what I say above. US INTELLIGENCE RAYTHEON / ANONYMOUS. Unless you are on the receiving side of this very real extermination policy, or on the inside of the enemies’ Intelligence, I wouldn’t comment. I do however appreciate your appropriate disgust for Annett.

    Since Greg has taken up for Indigenous People because of Annett it does put him in a category you can hardly understand. When you cross my path, please stick to subjects you are qualified to discuss. Of course you have never given my humanity or voice respect before, so I hardly expect you to start now. However, I will refrain from being polite any more because you have worn thin my patience. I will keep polite enough so that we can reach one common goal – to expose the lowly criminal and creep Annett.

      • The Hammer on February 13, 2013 at 15:21
      • Reply

      Relax, I was not responding to your post. Only to the article above.

  3. Kevin is a little man in the perview of the Vatican. He is only a fly in the ointment, and I seriously doubt anyone would give credence to his claims that HE is responsible for the Popes resignation. Only his most rabid followers would choose to believe anything and everything he says. Its a sad testiment to the gullibility of the public.

  4. Hammer, do tell me then – indulge me – do you consider yourself a liberal or a conservative ? A good simple one sentence answer is suffice.

    • The Hammer on February 14, 2013 at 21:09
    • Reply

    Neither. I will not be pigeonholed into one of those camps. If anything I am a Libertarian. Something most do not understated. I am neither left nor right. I am top of the diamond for those who understand.

    1. PHEW !! For a minute there you had me thinking you were an “un-Marxist”. Such a relief to know you understand collectivism.

    • CaligulaJones on February 15, 2013 at 12:58
    • Reply

    Back in the day, I would regularly read John “Dr. Dawg” Baglow, as he appeared to be one of the very, very few in the left with intelligence, wit and the willingness to at least look at your side of the argument.

    Then, he started into things like native graves and such. I merely asked for proof, and finding none, stopped reading him. Why bother?

    • Bob Hawthorn on February 16, 2013 at 15:26
    • Reply

    well i dont know who this kevin annett fellow is, i just came across him and have begun to search a little more, thats how i got here.

    if what you claim in your writing is true about all the slander he has done , i have yet to fine any law suites against the guy for it. if what he says is truly slander there should be at least one legitimate law suite on file and a successful one at that against him

    1. I believe Annett gives use the answer in this article where he brags that nobody will sue him because he doesn’t have any (declared) money)…


        • Seriously? on February 20, 2013 at 09:31
        • Reply

        litigation is only as effective as your ability to collect. If a person has nothing you can take then they have nothing they are afraid of losing. That makes them immune to tort law. You could possibly seek injunctive relief and when broken try for a contempt charge that involves jail time. Activists who attempt to get arrested and jailed won’t be phased by that either.

    • The Hammer on February 16, 2013 at 15:33
    • Reply

    Oh snap. OCAP and No One is Illegal will be presenting workshops at Toronto schools all endorsed by (And possible paid for) the Toronto District School Board.

    • The Hammer on February 18, 2013 at 14:19
    • Reply


    We can expect Kevin Annett to come out and try to dispute the above shortly.

    1. Yeah, he’s going to have to- isn’t he? Let me see if I can beat him to the punch…

    • Jamie on February 18, 2013 at 20:08
    • Reply

    The ITCCS is planning public occupations of Catholic churches commencing Sunday, March 24, 2013.

    1. Oh god, Kevin’s done this spiel so many times that it’s getting kind of old. The last time he called for an occupation of the churches nobody showed-up. Let’s hope it’s the same this time.

    • Richard on March 16, 2013 at 16:28
    • Reply

    So I assume it was the magical tornado that Annett conjured that eventually put something in the Pope’s head to make him resign?

    I’m surprised the idiots at rabble.ca didn’t do a feature on that.

    1. If you missed it, Annett now has a fake priest serving “arrest warrants” to RCMP offices in BC. It’s scary, sooner or later someone may get hurt.


    • Jamie on March 16, 2013 at 19:51
    • Reply

    Surprised he didn’t take credit for that lightning-strike on resignation day.

    1. Yeah, I was waiting for that too. Perhaps he knew how seriously he’d be ridiculed if he pulled a stunt like that again…

        • Leslee on July 15, 2013 at 13:14
        • Reply

        I’ve seen other commentaries where Kevin did exactly that: He claims he is solely responsible for the resignation and for the lightening striking the vatican. I have been researching Kevin for the past 3 weeks and had no idea he was still so much in the public eye. I knew about him in the 90’s about his sorry work record with the United Church and ultimately his delisting. When it came to real ministering, Kevin would run after his failure in Manitoba, Toronto and Port Alberni. Now I see he’s doing the same thing. And has spread globally. I am shocked that people are still funding this man and his con games.

        1. Yeah, it simply blows my mind that Annett is still out there doing his crap and people are still supporting him. Some are simply sheep, but there are many people who are using his ‘stories’ to cause division and further political agendas. If you need any help finding information on Annett, or you find something interesting and new, I’d be very happy to talk sometime.

          You may also want to check out Heather Martin’s website, it’s full of great research:


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