Kevin Annett Talks About Tax Evasion And Screwing-Over “Indians”

Let’s hope there will be justice for Kevin’s Victims…


I’m well-aware of how painful it is to listen to Kevin Annett tell his lies. So perhaps because I’m a masochist, or maybe I’m altruistic- but I listen to Kevin’s crap so that you don’t have to (but, please do if you can take the pain.) Anyhow, I was listening to Annett’s most recent radio show last night, and was it ever a doozy! In this episode he gets into a conversation about why people should stop paying taxes…

Kevin’s guest is a man named Andrew Patterson. Apparently, Patterson doesn’t pay his taxes- based on moral grounds. What grounds are those you ask? Well, if you listen to the show, one excuse Patterson gives is that anyone who reads Kevin’s books and watches his documentary will understand why there’s a moral imperative to stop paying taxes.

Does this man not understand that Kevin’s work is riddled with lies and dishonesty?

I beg of anyone who listened to this show to please, please, please don’t put yourself into the position of having to go to tax court over Kevin Annett’s lies. It won’t work out well for you- in fact, it is likely to work out very badly. Anyone who suggests you can stop paying your taxes and you will get away with it in this country is putting your well-being at risk.

That is, except, if you don’t have any assets. Both Patterson and Annett had a good laugh about this one- as it appears they don’t have any traceable assets. Their conversation is rather stomach turning.

Kevin asks Patterson if the Canadian Revenue Agency is at the point where they were ready to take his assets and his home. Patterson’s response is classic- “you don’t get sued if you don’t have any assets,” followed by some nefarious giggles.

Annett responds to him saying “Yeah, I’ve learned that!”, followed by some more Dr. Evil laughs. He then says “Despite all of the fears that I’ve made millions of dollars off homeless Indians, I don’t have any money.” He then follows-up quoting Phil Fontaine of the Assembly of First Nations saying “What’s the point of suing Annett, we can’t make any money off of him!” And, of course, it was followed with more of his Dr. Evil laughs.

First, Kevin, nobody imagines you have “taken millions of dollars off of homeless Indians.” Had you made millions of dollars, you would have run away by now- dont’ya think? But, evidence exists that you have taken 10’s of thousands of dollars from the wife of a residential school survivor. And, after, you treated her and her husband abusively.

Do you not see what it wrong with this?

Next, you take this money in other people’s names- Lori O’Rorke and your father Bill Annett are two of them. And, I believe they have assets- is it not horribly irresponsible to put them at risk this way? Regardless of how you frame it, they are involved in your deception, and are therefore liable.

And, your joke about how the Assembly of First Nations decided not to sue you says a whole lot about your character Kevin. That they were considering suing you makes it loud-and-clear that the indigenous people don’t want you to be touching their cause. And, the Dr. Evil chuckle you made afterwards says it all Kevin.

What sort of a sick puppy are you sir?

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    • Pte Hinsila Ska on September 5, 2012 at 17:47
    • Reply

    Unreal. How horrifying I fed this monster. If I had any idea………..If only I could be the bad guy they are claiming I am (Annett et al.)…

    1. Regardless, you helped stop him too – something to be proud of…

  1. if you are earning under 20K or don’t work, why would you bother paying taxes? You don’t make enough for them to take, without them robbing the roof over your head or the food from your mouth…..

    I don’t pay taxes. Mind you I do not work either. I refuse to, because this work situation is something where I’ve watched the wage bar reset and plummet relative to CPI.

    When you find yourself working for food and rent and barely even covering that, then screw it stop working, stop paying taxes, and stop participating in a society that is doing nothing but erode the conditions people once had before these ruthless elite globalists hijacked everything.

    Not feeding the parasite is a great idea, but there are other reasons that are not based on lies:
    Less money than debt therefore providing a system that mathematically ensures there are always losers.
    FIAT money that if you really examine it’s value is actually not worth a thing.
    Social engineered laws, charters and constitutions that contain barbed wording meant to do the exact opposite as said documents are titled for society.
    A bait-and-switch government, making promises it never intends on keeping just to maintain their imposition on you.
    Agenda 21 eco-slavery.

    Lots of reasons to kick this scummy system to the curb and as tough as it is staying happy and healthy this way the more of us that do this the sooner things will change.

      • Standing Water on September 5, 2012 at 19:09
      • Reply

      “All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.” –Aristotle
      “He who sells his labor for money puts himself in the rank of slaves.” –Cicero
      “Party until the world obeys.” –Meat Puppets

    • McLean on September 5, 2012 at 23:34
    • Reply

    I can’t agree. If you choose not to work, and choose not to pay taxes, don’t dare use my roads or doctors,or hospitals, or police, or emergency services. If you CAN’T work, no problem – we’ll take care of you with our taxes.

    • McLean on September 5, 2012 at 23:37
    • Reply

    I wonder how many times Annett has used MY taxes to cover his medical bills? or MY taxes to pay for his police or emergency services? Or MY taxes to pay for his travel on our roads? or bridges? or? or?

      • Joe Mama on April 17, 2013 at 16:52
      • Reply

      You seriously pay millions of dollars in taxes for all those services each year? Remarkable… thank you for single-handedly keeping the Canadian economy afloat!

      Oops, that’s right – YOUR taxes would really only amount to a few bucks when spread out! Wow, that’s a lot of moral authority you have to speak about the actions of others…

      Unless you specifically paid for the road outside my home fully – shut the fuck up with you idiotic bullshit.

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