[UPDATED] Toronto Radical Socialists Use 420 Day As Backdrop For Fraudulent Pro-Venezuelan Propaganda!

UPDATE: The guy leading the chants in last weekend’s video (black hat, red jacket) shared a trailer and public address system with Sakura Saunders at last year’s May Day parade as they screamed out anti-capitalist chants. Follow this link for a video.

Sakura Saunds, Watermelon- Green on the outside, red on the inside (but red on the outside on May Day)

Sakura Saunders, Watermelon- Green on the outside, red on the inside (but red on the outside on May Day)


On Saturday Toronto celebrated 420 Day, one of the city’s most popular and faithfully attended events on the activist calendar. Unlike most of the events led by Toronto’s socialist obedience cults, 420 actually gets a big following- several thousand people came to Dundas Square to light-up joints and bongs together as the clock hit 4:20pm.

Outside of the hippies, the burners and the guy dressed-up as a bong, something strange happened. A small group of about 30-35 people from the socialist obedience cult community showed-up to celebrate the election of Nicolás Maduro, the new president of Venezuela. One guy even had a flag for the Communist Party of Canada. It was puzzling at first- why did they decided to show up to 420? Marijuana is still considered illegal in Venezuela.

The answer came to me today from a posting on one of Occupy Toronto’s Facebook pages: (FB is all that’s left of OT)


The link they provided is for the video I’ve posted at the top of this article. They’ve changed the YouTube description, it originally said “hundreds of Venezuelans, human rights activists…” and now it says “a large crowd of people, Venezuelans…” but, you get the point- they’re saying a giant crowd showed-up to support Venezuela that day.

The problem is that there weren’t that many Venezuela supporters there on Saturday- as I said, perhaps 30-35 people. That said, if you watch their video, it sure looks like there was a large crowd!

Now it makes sense! Showing up for 420 is a great way to make it look like you’ve got a big crowd- it’s all part of a grand deception! From the looks of the video (and the articles written about it in Spanish) the target for their propaganda was for people inside Venezuela. Anyone there who is watching the video is unlikely to realize the deception. Classy, and equally very creepy…

Here’s my video of the event

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    • Somanymoronstoolittletime on April 23, 2013 at 09:22
    • Reply

    Employing the same tactics they profess to fight against. Scums and liars.

    1. Indeed, there’s little shame among the people in the city’s obedience cults…

    • The Hammer on April 23, 2013 at 09:29
    • Reply

    Was Ichim there? He has been pimping the Venezuelan socialist movement a lot lately:

    1. No, Ichim wasn’t there on Saturday, but I expect he’ll be at May Day as he’s appearing in the promo video for it:

        • The Hammer on April 23, 2013 at 14:13
        • Reply

        Ah, I just noticed he has been running his own “Support the Bolivar Revolution in Venezuela” events locally. Probably too busy to have made it to that one.

        1. Ichim has been conspicuously absent from Toronto events this winter- hope I get a chance to catch up with him at May Day. Despite our (vast) differences we’ve seem to have found a way to talk respectfully to each other.

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