How The Unions Are Using Anarchist Thugs To Muscle Porter Airlines (feat. Sid Ryan, Tony DePaulo & Ken Lewenza)

OCAP Anarchist Mark Brill supporting Sid Ryan...

OCAP Anarchist Mark Brill with Sid Ryan in the background…

There’s a labour dispute erupting at Porter Airlines. Porter staff who are responsible for refuelling the planes joined COPE (Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union) last August- since then, negotiations haven’t gone well.  Porter offered its staff a 25% increase in their minimum hourly wage from $12.50 to $14.50. On January 10th Porter refuellers walked off the job. Porter had trained other staff and managers how to refuel the plane- according to their press statement, their training was the equivalent of what they teach new-hires. No flights were delayed.

Back in the days when people trusted their union executives, and felt genuine solidarity for their fellow workers the solution to this problem would have been easy. All they’d have to do is make a call for workers to show up and barricade the airport. If not enough workers showed, or they felt the need to be particularly forceful, the union executives would call-in their friends in the Mafia.

Today, in modern Canada, things are quite different. First, the union’s rank & file aren’t so motivated to help their fellow workers- and they’re particularly reluctant to put themselves at risk of arrest if it doesn’t affect their own bottom line. Next, the Mafia have mostly outgrown this sort of work- they’re too busy fixing construction contracts and shipping drugs to do this kind of dirty work now. There was a period during the late 60’s to 80’s where the biker gangs could be called on- but they too are focussing their efforts on the drug trade.

So what’s a shit-disturber like the Ontario Federation of Labour’s Sid Ryan to do? According to reports, there are only 22 Porter employees involved in the collective agreement, that’s hardly enough to shut-down the airport. Sid Ryan, the Canadian Auto Workers ans CUPE have come up with a new solution- bring in the anarchists!

So, bring in the anarchists Sid did. In fact, the unions shipped them in on the CUPE 966’s big purple flying squad bus- they weren’t at all discreet about it. And, neither were the anarchists, one of them published a pretty damning article on Linchpin- a radical anarchist website. It’s unknown if they were trying to torpedo Sid Ryan and his union cohorts or not but they certainly seem to have done a good job at it.

CUPE 966 Flying Squad Bus

CUPE 966 Flying Squad Bus

The article explains how CUPE provided the transportation and how the action provided a unique opportunity for anarchists to build and solidify relationships with militant unions. The writer tries to paint a picture that the refuellers and COPE are militant and this makes for a perfect partnership. But if you read closely you’ll quickly see the hypocrisy:

“This time, with encouragement from the Porter workers, we fully blocked the only road into the airport causing serious disruption. The picket line was mostly anarchist and other militants, with workers wishing to avoid the legal ramification they might face, but cheering us on from the sidelines

The anarchists have taken the traditional labour role taken by the Mafia and biker gangs in the past- they’re simply criminal muscle to do the dirty work the rank and file don’t have the resolution to do themselves. The only real difference between what happens now and the tactics of the past is that the optics are different. In an increasingly transparent deception, anarchists use phrases like ‘social justice’ or ‘anti-fascist’ to cover the dark aspirations of their leaders.

Many unions hide behind a the same veil of cognitive dissonance . It’s not the rank & file- most of them would be seriously shocked and angered if they knew what’s happening with their money. It’s the Trotskyite and other pro-violence executives who are behind the problem- they all too often use union resources to promote their partisan political activities. In January Sid Ryan, who’s closely tied with the NDP, openly admitted this- saying that the labour movement will no longer have peace with Ontario Liberals.

At Thursday’s Rally Sid Ryan, Tony DePaulo of the Steelworker’s Union, and Ken Lewenza of the Canadian Auto Workers all made very passionate speeches, and all three yelled out complaints that the cops were doing their jobs- Ryan, in particular, has a history of angry tirades towards the police. But then, only moments later, Ryan and Lewenza  start getting into a pushing match with the police- screaming at them while trying to block a privately owned road.

An event like this is the perfect melange for the anarchists and militant unions. The union execs get to look like they did their jobs filling the crowd with angry people, the rank & file get to (cowardly) outsource arrestable rabble-rousing, and the anarchists get a chance to get into street battles with the police. It’s win-win for everyone except for the lawful public.

This isn’t the first time Ryan’s pulled anarchists into increasing the size and veracity of his crowds. The same thing happened last month at the OFL’s protest against the Ontario Liberal convention when Mark Brill and the bullies at OCAP showed-up. And, last year, Ryan got the organizers of Occupy Toronto to trick anarchists and homeless protesters to travel to Ottawa and act as the backdrop to one of his rallies.

As a person close to the Occupy Toronto activistocrats recently told me, the hijacking of Occupy did a lot of good for Ryan- all of the attention Occupy brought helped him get re-elected. The unions used the Anarchists at Occupy as they are using them now- all it takes is a bus ride, and perhaps a warm meal, and they’re as good as bought.

It will be curious to see the anarchist’s reaction when they start realizing that union executives are using them to improve the lives of the middle-class. The irony of this is delicious- let’s hope for the union exec’s sake that the anarchists don’t get to angry with them when they figure it out…

Here’s a video of the union execs making fools out of themselves- have a look, it’s good for a laugh!


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  1. Meow Greg, GREAT article . Would you object if I linked this one to one I am working on along the same lines? I think it could make a great tie in for what i have in mind.

    1. Thank you! And, of course, you can re-publish anything I write! :)

  2. Well, never let it be aid the slippery Sid is a class act. Far from it. Did you also notice that fast Freddie Haun was there as well ?

    • The Hammer on March 4, 2013 at 08:22
    • Reply

    The anarchists are mindless sheep following their masters. As pointed out before these anarchists groups are cults. They also have a lot of turnover. Many of them are students who eventually grow up, cut their hair and run like hell to join the establishment shortly after they graduate and their parents stop subsidizing them. Others fall into a spiral of drug abuse and crime eventually getting out of the movement. While others just grow up, get a job and do not have time to get arrested.

    • The Hammer on March 4, 2013 at 11:07
    • Reply

    Sid Ryan acting like, well, Sid Ryan in war of words on twitter

    • Mark Brill Victim on March 4, 2013 at 11:22
    • Reply

    You forgot to follow the money.

    The unions fund OCAP.

    OCAP pays its 3 organizers John Clarke, Mark Brill (who is supposed to be on government benefits but is he declaring his extra income or is it under-the-table) and Liisa Schofield.

    The paid OCAP organizers after whipping them up bring to the protests, the anarchists, the poor and psychiatric patients who often get arrested, go through countless court dates and sometimes go to jail, so the OCAP organizers can get their pay.

    • brotherwolf1 on March 4, 2013 at 12:53
    • Reply

    Hammer, entering into an intelligent conversation with slippery Sid is about as realistic as you and I getting a call from NASA in the next five seconds to let us know we been selected to become astronauts to fly the next space mission. ….. just ain’t gonna happen. On the plus side , however, slippery Sid is entertaining with his diatribe of meaningless melange .

    1. I know, I tried to have a conversation with Sid and all I got was pottymouth…

    • The Hammer on March 4, 2013 at 13:23
    • Reply

    LOL, no way NASA would do that with my eye condition. And Sid does not have conversations. He just talks/screams at people.

    1. Yes, I’ve watched him in action. Sid has a dirty mouth too- last time I talked with him he told me to fuck off. Classy guy…

    • Georgian on March 4, 2013 at 14:42
    • Reply

    Brill and other OCAP’ers have either infiltrated or been accepted with open arms into “The Communist Party of Canada” (revisionists). Some OCAP radicals, such as Catherine Holliday, have run for the party in Toronto-Centre. Should not to be confused with CPC-Marxist-Leninist, a party that the anarchists, IS, other Trots, NDP’ers, most unions have no tolerance for.

    • Georgian on March 4, 2013 at 15:13
    • Reply

    Looking at picture of Brill. His cigarette pose has a sort of SS general attitude to it. If he got the hair and uniform together…which he won’t…he could have that scary/ugly/chiq look

      • BP on March 5, 2013 at 12:37
      • Reply

      I asked a young friend about an OCAP meeting I was interested in checking out because I thought he was still a member and he stongly warned me against those people.

      They ask all new members to go through a formal interview process and Brill was using the info he had given them against him to try to force him into a relationship he had absolutely no interest in with someone also 3 times his age.

      When I asked him if he had heard of other cases, he said nothing of a personal sort with Brill trying to date anybody else, but that he had run into another ex-OCAP member who they tried to use the interview info against them to either get this other person to stay with OCAP or to become a `monthly supporter’ by allowing them to take a certain amount directly out of his bank account every month!

      What a bunch of crackpots!

      1. Wow, your story sounds like the Scientologists and how they record info on people during their “audits”. It seems to me that OCAP is somewhere between the Scientologists and the Westborough Baptis Church…

    1. I’m sure he wishes he was born early enough to participate. Sieg heil Sid Ryan!

    • Reader on March 4, 2013 at 15:14
    • Reply

    It seems even his postie co-workers could not stand little-rich-boy Mark Brill, but they had to take his abuse because of his union connections according to

    1. I’m not sure how anyone could stand Brill- he comes across as quite the asshole…

        • A call for decency on March 6, 2013 at 16:01
        • Reply

        Mark Brill’s been the victim of a lot of bullying. “Reader”‘s link is unbelievably mean-spirited, particularly since it brings in Brill’s family. Looking online I see someone has been impersonating Brill’s father and signing internet petitions with rude and nasty sexual comments and I’ve heard that someone has actually put up nasty and libellous posters in Mark’s neighbourhood targetting him. It also looks to me like several of the people commenting are just one person – I wouldn’t be surprised if “The Reader”, “Georgian”, “BP”, and “Mark Brill Victim” are all the same person just like “Undercoverkity” and “brotherwolf1” are the same person. Greg, if you want to be taken seriously you should’t let your comments page be abused like this by nasty, vindictive people.

        1. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve checked your presumption and can confirm that these are all different people posting from different places. Three of them posted from separate parts of the GTA at just about the same time, it would have been physically impossible.

          I’ve been bullied, personally, by Mark- I’ve got some video of that I’ll probably share sometime. From my experience with Mark, and the rest of the people at OCAP, it seems that bullying is a part of their fabric. It seems to me that a lot of people have been hurt by these people- personally, I think the word needs to get out…

        2. A call for decency, your comment is well taken, however unless you have experienced Brills hate filled actions , you are, with respect, not in a position to speak, Frankly, and i can only speak for myself here, i am being very kind and polite by ONLY calling him an asshole and a scum bag It seems he dish it out but is too weak to take it . Too bad. If he wants to be treated with respect, maybe he should think about the way HE treats others first.

          1. Indeed- I couldn’t put it better…

          • An Observer of Brills Lies and Threats on March 7, 2013 at 11:47
          • Reply

          This couldn’t be the same person from the OCAP office who befriended a woman hooked up to a chemotherapy pump who laughed about all the secrets he convinced her to spill out to him and how he was using that information against her is it?

          This couldn’t be the same Mark Brill who tormented that same harmless woman as she lay dying in a bed at Princess Margaret Hospital?

          This couldn’t be some compulsive liar who relishes and boasts about all the lies and rumors he starts against so many people who is now calling for “decency” could it?

          1. That sure sounds like the same Mark Brill to me!

          • Georgian on March 7, 2013 at 12:23
          • Reply

          “Call for decency” gets into the same kind of conspiracy bullying he contends he abhors. So I guess out of that sense of “decency”, I conclude I can do the same. My guess is that “Call for decency” is the bully featured over the past month or so in Greg’s columns who regularly assumes multiple internet identities to magnify pushing his considerable weight around and who is a very close friend of Brill’s. “Call for decency” just wants this all to stop, ignoring the fact that he himself is a relentless bully who never knows when to stop. Like “Call for decency”, Brill has made himself a very public figure and will make false accusations of “Police Informant” at a drop of his headphones in an effort to generate a mob action against innocent individuals. If I’m right about the identity of “Call for decency” I can’t imagine a more more mean-spirited, nasty, vindictive person. This “Call for decency” is just another cynical, desperate tactic aimed at trying to get the focus off an associated collection of scum. Yes, “Call for decency”, most of the people you scum victimize will run off and hide, but not all and not forever.

          1. It’s funny how you mentioned false allegations. I’m at the OCAP protest right now and guess what they were calling me? Yep, they called me a cop.

            Old habits die hard…

              • Georgian on March 7, 2013 at 23:33
              • Reply

              Well, of course. It couldn’t be that you have seen through their deceit and want to document it for your own amusement and for others to see. They think you must be paid by a large organization to be there. Why? It’s because THEY’RE paid by a large organization to be there. They cannot understand why anyone would come out if they weren’t being paid. It’s all about the money for them. If that dried up, they’d scatter to the four winds. Unfortunately, there’s always money to be distributed to them. They obviously serve an important purpose for a shadowy group (that visitors to your site learn more about every day) that can deny responsibility when it all goes too far.

              1. Indeed- most of the drones who follow OCAP are so lost in the propaganda that they just don’t get it. But, personally, I think that John Clarke is just downright scared that he’s being exposed- he doesn’t want the world to see what a fraud he is. The public service unions must be proud of their investment…

    • The Hammer on March 5, 2013 at 11:04
    • Reply

    Another men’s rights speaker coming to U of T. Laxer is rallying up his crew to suppress free speech:

    1. I know- how sad. There’s some good analysis of this on Eye On A Crazy World, looking at the hypocrisy of their trying to both block people from speaking at the university while they’re holding their Israeli Apartheid meetings on campus….

    • The Hammer on March 6, 2013 at 13:29
    • Reply

    Another OCAP protest tomorrow night. Be careful. If you show up they might call city hall security to throw you out again lol

    1. I’ll be there. There’s also a men’s rights movement meeting at the UofT- it should be one hell of a day!

    • CaligulaJones on March 6, 2013 at 16:02
    • Reply

    Heh. During the OPSEU strike a few years ago, United Steelworkers, complete in hard hats, blocked access to the tunnel to Queen’s Park. Yes, it did remind me of SA stormtroopers, and yes, I just went there. It was pure intimidation, something that your average OPSEU clerk just doesn’t exude…

    1. Very interesting- I think it’s time for me to dig into the newspaper archives and and see if I can find any pictures…

    • CaligulaJones on March 7, 2013 at 12:51
    • Reply

    There was definitely video, probably from CITY, if I recall correctly. Its a very tight fit in that tunnel, so it didn’t take many of them to plug it up.

    BTW, I was at an offsite government office at the time, and a friend and I used the maintenance elevator to get in past the idiots blocking the other elevators. “OPSEU”, said the sole goon standing in front of us. “Gesundheit”, said I, elbowing him out of the way…

    1. Indeed, OPSEU appears to be like a disease. Their support for using martial arts equipment on autistic school children was evident of that sickness…

    2. Does anyone know this guy’s name? He put a lot of effort into harassing me today and I’d like to make sure he gets some credit for that…

      OCAP Guy who harassed me...

    • Reader on March 7, 2013 at 19:43
    • Reply

    That is Beric German who is a long time employee of city funded Street Health but he is not presentaly an OCAP member like his fellow radical Street Health employees Gatean Heroux and Danielle Koyama.

    He is an old-style old-tyme fire and brimstone type Marxist, but generally hangs with Cathy Crowe and Michael Shapcott preferring those who strive for political power and public office.

    See to confirm his picture.

    1. Thank you – that was very helpful. It was a hell of a protest today, someone came up to me with a knife. Luckily, undercoverkity warned me and I had time to get away.

      Will write a full report on the day soon…

    2. Does anyone by chance know who this guy is? Tired of calling him the “Hitler Moustache Guy”. I caught him trying to block UndercoverKity from taking pictures at an anti-Israel march, and then on Thursday at Metro Hall…

      Hitler Moustache Guy...

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