The Case Of The Disappearing Pickle And The Continuing Agitation At The Pidgin Restaurant


A few days later a house was burned down…

If there’s one thing that can be agreed on since Vancouver radicals upped the ante with an arson in May- the city is in a bit of a pickle. There are individuals in the Downtown Eastside who’ve been radicalizing parts of the community for years. And, now, it’s got to the point where political extremists are running around with torches believing the city is all theirs.

What comes next in the progression from traffic blocking, to flaming torches, to arson is anybody’s guess…

Currently the most potent symbol of the fight against gentrification is the Pidgin restaurant. Pidgin is a mid-priced establishment built across the street from Pidgin park, a gathering place for many of the city’s poorest people.  Pidgin’s average priced dish is $12-$16, one of the lowest priced options is the “daily pickles” which costs $5.

Protesters have taken focus on the $5 pickles, sometimes inflating the price (as high as $8), and often misrepresenting the dish as a single pickle.  The (anarchist) Vancouver Media Co-Op encapsulated the pickle meme well with their picture gallery titled The Pickle Makes Us Strong.

As part of their campaign Pidgin protesters created a mascot they named “The People’s Pickle”. The pickle was left in the entrance of the Pidgin one rainy day last week. Five minutes later, when the protesters returned, they claimed the pickle was no longer there. The protesters cried foul play- an unconfirmed report indicates one or more protesters may have tried to enter the restaurant to recover the missing pickle.

Intentional or not, it seems like the pickle was a trap. Anyone who took the responsibility to move the pickle out of the way put themselves at risk of retaliation, a booby trap, or something worse. The People’s Pickle should have more rightly been called the Trojan Pickle. An unconfirmed source indicates the pickle was taken away by someone at the restaurant.

When Vancouver Police spokesman Randy Fincham was contacted about the missing pickle he initially responded saying it may be difficult to locate any records on the pickle unless I had a report number or the name of the officer involved. But after some clarification by email he was able to provide an answer.

The People’s Pickle is now in the custody of the Vancouver Police after being turned over to them by an unnamed party. According to Fincham, “Investigators are in the process of attempting to return the pickle to its lawful owner”. The mystery of the missing pickle is over, but there’s possibly more still to come of this story.

Anarchist pickle like mask!

Anarchist pickle like mask!

If it’s accurate that someone blocked the front door with the pickle this may be looked at the same way as Robyn Claire Pickell was charged (that name isn’t a typo) for trying to lock Pidgin’s front door shut with a chain. In both cases people could have got hurt if there was a fire. And, if one or more protesters tried to get into the back door, they could be charged for trespassing.

The VPD’s Fincham wasn’t able to provide details of any ongoing investigations. But, he was able to confirm ongoing problems with the Pidgin picket, saying: “There are demonstrators that continue to push the limits of what would be deemed a “peaceful protest”. Investigations into the actions of demonstrators at Pidgin Restaurant are ongoing.”

No spokesperson from the Pidgin restaurant was available to comment today.

Flaming torches in front of the Pidgin restaurant...

Flaming torches in front of the Pidgin restaurant…

The Pidgin protest has been ongoing for a few months and the only thing that’s been accomplished seems to be the wastage of countless hours of activist, police and government resources. The public has got quite tired with this protest, and the police are stuck having to investigate pickle capers. Meanwhile real people, with real problems, are being left without the help they so desperately need. That’s tragic.

The Pidgin protesters (and their supporters) should be real proud of themselves…

Adrian Dix, useful idiot for the DTES revolutionary crowd...

Adrian Dix with Sideshow Homeless Dave- useful idiots for the DTES revolutionaries…

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    • ntt1 on June 3, 2013 at 21:09
    • Reply

    What of the responsibility of David Vonn and Robert Eby who helped birth this beast? why are these facilitors of urban warfare given a free pass by the media ?

    1. They aren’t getting a free pass from me- lots more to come about the enablers…

    • The Hammer on June 4, 2013 at 08:36
    • Reply

    If you do not want to eat there, or you think it is overpriced then do not eat there. These people are no worse than evangelical missionaries pushing their beliefs on others.

    1. God hates pickles!

    • Babs on June 4, 2013 at 08:58
    • Reply

    Haha, had to laugh, I wondered where Laila Rashidie, one of the two idiots protesting at the Remembrance Day ceremony. Turns out, she joined the staff at the Special Olympics. I guess they are adding ‘leftist idiot’ to the ‘special’ list. When will Suraia Sahar get a job there too I wonder?

      1. She forgot to mention she was interrupting one of the most solemn ceremonies in the country- classy…

    1. They’re both a bit like the evil twins on the Simpsons- my guess is that, at least, Suraia is hanging around the Special Olympics offices a lot these days…

    • Matt on June 4, 2013 at 14:26
    • Reply

    The stupidity of these “protesters” knows NO BOUNDS. If they had one ounce of logic or intelligence, they’d be ashamed of themselves.

    1. I’m sure they have some logic somewhere- but an ounce is probably too much to expect from them. I’d say the most they’ve got is a gram or two…

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