COPE Executive Arrested For Theft, Assault & Mischief At Pidgin Restaurant Protest (feat. Kim Hearty)

Handcuff marks after Kim Hearty's arrest...

Handcuff marks after Kim Hearty’s arrest…

Yesterday I broke the story about The Case of the Disappearing Pickle– a fake pickle mascot that protesters left unattended at the door of the Pidgin restaurant. The pickle was taken by away by someone at the restaurant, yesterday the Vancouver Police confirmed that the pickle was being held in their custody. It turns out I was correct speculating there would be consequences-  one of the alleged pickle culprits was taken into custody on Monday morning.

Most of the reports in the media didn’t indicate the name of the person who was arrested- the VPD’s official statement was that they would not name the person who was arrested until the Crown Council had approved the charges. But, people on the side of the person arrested were not so discreet- they’ve now published that the arrestee was Kim Hearty, a member of the executive of the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE). The CBC has also reported this fact.

This is going to be very interesting…

COPE was founded in 1968 be a group of far-left activists, unionists and people from political parties including the NDP and the Communist Party of BC. The modern incarnation of COPE has brought together many of the most radical people connected to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside poverty industry. People on COPE’s board include Tristan Markle of The Mainlander, and Tim Louis- a man who thinks it’s okay for people to engage children in illegal activities.

Hearty’s biography on COPE’s webpage also indicates she’s a member of the notorious Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council- an organization led by the notorious Marxist bully Ivan Drury. Drury recently resigned from his position at the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) over the Pidgin protest after Vancity (and others) threatened to withdraw funding. Wendy Pederson also resigned from CCAP due to the scandal. Despite having resigned, it was reported by the Gastown Gazette that Drury and Pederson are still active participants in CCAP meetings.

Hearty is also an employee of the Portland Hotel Society. Curiously, the now deceased leader of PHS Jim Green was a COPE city councillor. Green was considered by many as being the godfather of the DTES poverty pimps.

Wendy Pederson published a media release about the arrest on her Facebook page this evening. The release states that the charges against Hearty are based on ‘false allegations’ and that the charges are ‘pathetic’ and ‘absurd’. And, just as I mentioned in my article yesterday, the press release inflates the price of Pidgin’s pickle plate to being $6 (it’s really $5). The release also makes a very ominous statement:

“As a response to the the VPD working with gentrifying businesses to criminalize protest and poverty, picketers are promising to not only continue the Pidgin Picket, but to expand it to other high-end restaurants that are opening in the neighbourhood.”

Of course, the charges weren’t made “to criminalize protest and poverty”, they were made because a small group of individuals (who don’t represent the DTES community at-large) have decided that they don’t like the presence of the Pidgin. Their protest has often crossed the line into criminality- this is the second arrest.

Postings on Facebook by people connected to the Pidgin protest indicate that during the arrest, the VPD also took custody and searched Hearty’s computer and mobile phone. This indicates the police are looking for evidence of communications with other activists, and discussions of criminal activity. If this is true, and the VPD found useful information, it’s possible other Pidgin protesters could be facing criminal prosecution.

DTES radicals have already begun to rally the troops to protest Hearty’s arrest. Notorious Twitter bully Rachel Goodine put out a post this evening calling for people to organize:

This woman is dangerous...

This woman is dangerous…

Very dangerous...

Very dangerous…

Fake hunger striker Homeless Dave (who has a home) has also joined in on the rallying, comparing the VPD’s arrest of Hearty to an incident where a DTES resident was run-over by a car today:


Homeless Dave’s posting is further evidence that we can’t trust what he (or his comrades) have been telling us. According to a report in the Vancouver Sun the car’s driver wasn’t speeding, wasn’t drinking, and the man who was hit by the car was jaywalking and not at a crosswalk. This sort of misrepresentation is exactly the problem with DTES activists, they throw out so many lies and misinformation that it’s impossible to believe anything coming out of their mouths.

The next few weeks are likely to be very dangerous times for the people of Vancouver. People in the activist community have been progressively increasing the criminality of their actions- it was only a couple of weeks ago that anti-gentrification ‘activists’ claimed to have burned down a house. What happens next is anybody’s guess.

As for COPE, it has become increasingly clear that the party’s executives have been openly promoting (and allegedly engaging in) criminal tactics. Vancouver’s problem isn’t the city is ‘criminalizing dissent’- the reality is that the dissenters have begun to engage in criminal activities. The people of Vancouver should pay close attention to how COPE reacts to the situation- if they continue to promote such criminality, it’s time for their party to be shut-down…

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  1. This so called ” homeless ” Dave sounds a great deal like Sakura Saunders and Dave Vasey, with a little of Doug Johnson Hatlem thrown in.

    1. Indeed- all are four of them are (inept) masters of deception…

  2. Homeless Dave has a home? A magical, crusading pickle? An organised protest against the improvement of property in the neighbourhood? Surely this is a work of fiction! Please say it is….

    1. In the DTES, facts can be as strange as fiction- that’s part of why I love writing about the poverty pimp’s antics…

      • The Hammer on June 5, 2013 at 12:13
      • Reply

      Maybe is is like the Shaky Lady in Toronto. 12 years ago the Sun exposed this pathetic homeless looking woman in downtown Toronto who was actually not homeless and was making a killing begging in the street.

      • The Hammer on June 5, 2013 at 12:13
      • Reply

      Article on the Shaky Lady

      1. Some friends of mine spent a couple nights in a campground in Berlin that had a large Roma population. In the morning they all headed out to the streets, dressed in shabby clothes after putting dirt on their faces. When they got home in the evening they’d clean up, put on nice (expensive brand name) clothes and party all night.

        People in Europe have been experiencing this problem for years. The shaky lady is from Slovakia, this is very common there…

          • The Hammer on June 5, 2013 at 13:22
          • Reply

          My grandmother is from Slovakia. Moved here in ’36. I am well aware of the opinion of Slovaks with regards to the Roma :). She was fine with all other ethnic minorities in the area — Jews, Poles, Austrians and even the old Hungarian overlords. The Roma she did not have a good opinion of.

    • DTES Resident on June 5, 2013 at 16:00
    • Reply

    I would be surprised to discover that that car was going the speed limit when it hit the (obviously illegally crossing) man.
    The speed limit is 30, which gives PLENTY of time to stop, but I never see cars actually going that slow. Driving that slow may actually be more dangerous for the drivers since it is significantly slower than the speed of traffic. The speed limit needs more enforcement, a sign just simply is not enough to protect pedestrians in that neighbourhood.

    1. That’s fair, there is a possibility that the car was speeding. That said, the man who was killed was getting on in the years – I know people who wouldn’t survive a 30kmph hit.

      Regardless, the police said there was no error on the part of the driver – and Homeless Dave has a habit of bending the truth (e.g. He has a home). This is just one more example.

      As for the problem with people being hit by cars, it’s an issue that needs to be attended to on both the side of the drivers, and the side of the jaywalkers. Obviously, people on welfare aren’t going to be able to pay big fines- but, something has to be done to stop people from crossing too.

      Activists who want to run awareness campaigns about the problem should focus their energies on getting people to break their jaywalking habits- think about how many lives could be saved that way. The problem is that DTES ‘activists’ (the people who go home to their condos every night) are much more focussed on using this problem to ‘destabilize’ the government than to help the people who need it.

      If they really cared, they wouldn’t be wasting all of the activist, police and city resources on the problem. If the cops watching/investigating the Pidgin were instead spending their time helping the vulnerable it would be a much better world.

      • The Hammer on June 6, 2013 at 09:06
      • Reply

      As a resident you could suggest to the city they install speed humps. My city uses them in a lot of areas where they some extra help keeping speed low:

      They can even get temporary speed humps to try out. See what kind of impact the speed humps make before investing in placing them in permanently.

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